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10th Oct 2011, 22:48
I'm quite suprised this hasn't cropped up yet.

Over the past few months El Hierro has been rumbling away, with low level temors of such frequency they were termed a swarm.

It seems its all coming to a head at the moment with an undersea eruption.

Official reports: El Hierro earthquake 2011 | Canaries News (http://www.canariesnews.com/2011/09/28/el-hierro-earthquakes-update/)

Many other watchers are disputing the official findings. Might be worth a watch.

Lon More
10th Oct 2011, 22:55
If you'er on the East Coast of the USA it might be worth moving a few miles inland, like Chicago,

edited for senior moment. thanks Bushfivva

11th Oct 2011, 00:29
In case the tsunami goes the long way around?

Edit: Awww, Mr More de-witted me.

11th Oct 2011, 00:48
Interesting stuff. Although a long way from The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, volcanic activity in the Canaries is far from over.

galaxy flyer
11th Oct 2011, 02:18
I just got back from Gran Canaria, only thing shakin' there was the sangria! But, earthquake was news. Great place, the islands are.


11th Oct 2011, 08:40
I thought this was about Naaarich city, translates to Norwich city

tony draper
11th Oct 2011, 09:37
Interestingly those island are not named after a wee yellow singing bird but after canines,ie dogs,as there was already a Isle of Dogs we gave it the posh latin title,hmm or it might be greek.
When you own three quarters of the world like we once did you get to name places.

Effluent Man
11th Oct 2011, 14:59
Yes I thought it was about my beloved team.We're not trembling about anyone this season.Cant vouch for Delia's hands though.

11th Oct 2011, 15:33
La Restinga has been ordered to evacuate.

El Gobierno de Canarias evacúa La Restinga y activa el semáforo rojo | Diario de Avisos (http://www.diariodeavisos.com/2011/10/11/actualidad/el-gobierno-de-canarias-evacua-la-restinga)

11th Oct 2011, 19:53
and for those that don't read spanish...
Canary Islands residents evacuated amid fears of seabed volcano eruption | World news | guardian.co.uk (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/oct/11/canary-islands-volcano?newsfeed=true)

11th Oct 2011, 20:40
Regional government safety chief Juan Manuel Santana told reporters on Tuesday that raising the alert level from yellow to red – the second and third steps of a four-step system – was also a preventative measure.

I'm guessing that "Green" is the lowest alert level, so what colour do they use for the most serious level? Brown?