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10th Oct 2011, 17:59
I'm having a few issues in the hold. I try to be a bit wide and long in the hold, but this means I need to stop the turn. Usually I'm not that wide, so I stop the turn with 60 degrees to go.

However, when do I start the turn again? Is it as soon as the needle starts to move again, or is it within 5 degrees of the inbound QDM or something different, like it being on the inbound QDM?


10th Oct 2011, 19:50
If you're going to be a bit wide and long in the hold best keep your eyes open because you might be infringing other holds/routes.

10th Oct 2011, 20:39
If you are holding at 60 to go of your inbound QDM bear in mind that holding at 60 to go with wings level there will be no dip on the ADF.

Therefore if for instance in a right hand hold and your inbound QDM need to be say 260. Then whilst waiting at 200 you should be waiting for 250(wings level). And ofcourse if your turning and you are at 200 and you see 260 then carry on your turn.

Hope this helps.

10th Oct 2011, 21:17
Be aware that the ideal ADF needle position will be different to the ideal VOR needle position at any point during the inbound turn if the wings are banked.

If the wings are level, as they would be when you stop the turn with 60 degrees to go, the ideal ADF and VOR needle position is the same due to the absence of ADF dip. I was taught that with 60 degrees to go in a wings-level condition the needle (whichever) should be 10 degrees 'above' the inbound QDM.

Therefore if you're wide and you stop the turn with 60 degrees to go you should be back in the turn by the time that the needle is only ten degrees 'above' the inbound QDM. Were you banked with 60 degrees to go the needle should be 'on' the inbound QDM.

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