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10th Oct 2011, 14:01
Not sure if this has been mentioned already. Seems the chap means business!

Every Town in England needs a Council Chief like this.

A maverick mayor was elected after promising to slash council spending, clear the streets of yobs and ditch politically correct services is the torchbearer for how towns should be run.

On his first morning as Mayor of Doncaster in South Yorkshire , Peter Davies cut his salary from £73,000 to £30,000 then closed the councilís newspaper for "peddling politics on the rates".

Now three weeks into his job, Mr Davies is pressing ahead with plans he hopes will see the number of town councillors cut from 63 to just 21, saving taxpayers £800,000.
Mr Davies said: "If 100 senators can run the United States of America , I canít see how 63 councillors are needed to run Doncaster "..

He has withdrawn Doncaster from the Local Government Association and the Local Government Information Unit, saving another £200,000. Mr Davies said, "They are just talking shops".

" Doncaster is in for some serious untwinning. We are twinned with probably nine other cities around the world and they are just for people to fly off and have a binge at the councilís expense".

The mayorís chauffeur-driven car has also been axed by Mr Davies and the driver given another job. Mr Davies, born and bred in Doncaster, swept to power in the May election with 24,244 votes as a candidate for the English Democrats, a party that wants tight immigration curbs, an English Parliament and a law forcing every public building to fly the flag of St. George.

He has promised to end council funding for Doncaster ís International Womenís Day, Black History Month and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month.
He said, "Politicians have got completely out of touch with what people want.

"We need to cut costs. I want to pass on some savings I make in reduced taxes and use the rest for things we really need, like improved childrenís services".

Mr Davies has received messages from well wishers across the country and abroad as news of his no-nonsense approach spreads.

tony draper
10th Oct 2011, 14:14
Cant see the chap lasting long,the fluffist secret police will plant some kiddy porn on his laptop or summat.

10th Oct 2011, 14:24
But his light will shine bright for a little while, Tony.


10th Oct 2011, 14:26
I think I agree with you Cap'n Drapes. He won't last long.

Pity really.

10th Oct 2011, 14:32
He would certainly get my vote.

10th Oct 2011, 14:35
Agree with everything the guy says!

My local village is twinned with 5 other villages in Russia, Germany, France, Holland and Italy. And guess what? Yes, you got it. Every year Local Councillors have to visit them to make sure the relationship is 'maintained'. But who the heck else is going to visit some out of the way village in Novosibirsk???:ugh::ugh:

Ancient Observer
10th Oct 2011, 14:55
Doncaster used to be a very corrupt local authority.

Not corrupt in the sense of bribes and so on, but corrupt in a political sense. it was an NUM authority, and whatever the NUM wanted, they got. If you wanted new streetlights/council house windows, road re-surfacing or whatever, and you lived in an NUM street, you got it. However, if you lived where T & G folk, or AEU folk lived, you did not.
All the fancy fluffist stuff came along with the Trots and Pinkoes that ran the Authority.
Its about time someone got rid of all that stuff.
I bet they've still got a Deputy Director of Global Diversity, AND "The Office" of the deputy Director of Global Diversity.

His problem will be in finding redeployment jobs for Diversity Directors........... Huggy Fluffy bin-person??

10th Oct 2011, 15:02
Doncaster has featured regularly in Private Eye's "Rotten Boroughs" column. This bloke looks like a breath of fresh air, although I'm not sure I'd agree with all of his views.

10th Oct 2011, 15:32
The English Democrats have had my vote at local and national level for several years now.

Shame that they don't get a lot more publicity and backing.

10th Oct 2011, 15:35
Let's face it, they're a bit too far to the Right for most sane people.

10th Oct 2011, 18:17
The term "Loony Left" was well deserved, a cult totally removed from reality. Lets see if the Loony Right make a better fist of it. It couldn't be any worse, could it?

10th Oct 2011, 18:23
Agree with above http://www.imgquick.com/images/43.gif

10th Oct 2011, 18:25
I thought he was elected in May 2009! Since then Doncaster is still a shit hole, he's faced a vote of no confidence and was disciplined last year for failing to declare stuff! End of the day he's like most politicians!

10th Oct 2011, 18:54
he's faced a vote of no confidence and was disciplined last year for failing to declare stuff! End of the day he's like most politicians!

So was that him genuinely, knowingly trying to cheat, or was he set up for a fall by all the non-job holders he had promised to get rid of?

10th Oct 2011, 19:06
he's doing his job so well the LibDumb/Tory coalition gummint sent a "hit squad" up there to overrule him last year...........

Must be doing something right to pee everyone off.

10th Oct 2011, 19:35
Maybe he wasn't aware of the rules (but he had been a councillor for quite a few years for UKIP), and hats off to him for the salary cut. He has trimmed some fat. The most disappointing thing is the promise to sort out Children's Services in Doncaster; he seems to be concentrating on soundbites and quietly dropped that promise. A (much needed) review commenced earlier in the year but that is HMG led because they have been so bad.

10th Oct 2011, 22:20
Since then Doncaster is still a shit hole

But is it a cheaper one?

I agree with most of what he says, but the bit about flying the flag worries me slightly. We don't need overt chauvinism and jingoism - we leave that to the eternal enemy.

We know we're great! ;)

11th Oct 2011, 01:45
But who the heck else is going to visit some out of the way village in Novosibirsk???

A common stopover for sick passengers on the Asia run isn't it? Otherwise hard to get to.

Krystal n chips
11th Oct 2011, 06:41
Doncaster.....neatly summmated in one clip.....:E

NXEC HST races through Doncaster - YouTube

11th Oct 2011, 07:12
I had a girlfriend once who was from Doncaster. She never went back. I think that says a lot (about Doncaster, not about me!)

We did go there once to see her parents, I remember absolutely nothing about the place at all. That says a lot too!

On my occasional trips to and from Tyneside and Edinburgh the trains whizz through Doncaster. Yup, must be a dump.

Maybe they should get this guy to run somewhere like Reading or Crawley or Swindon.

11th Oct 2011, 07:20
"The one thing to be said about the Taliban is that they do have an ordered society of some sort and that they don't have hundreds of cases of children under threat of abuse from violent parents, as we have in Doncaster."
óPeter Davies, September 2009

Charming Man.

DX Wombat
11th Oct 2011, 15:36
Charming Man. Obviously living in a world of his own which bears no relation to the real one. :*

11th Oct 2011, 19:31
They strap explosives on them and send them walkabout.

11th Oct 2011, 20:51
kind of like a bigger version of buckeroo !

11th Oct 2011, 22:00
What every town in England really needs is a mayor like this guy:

The Punisher - TIME (http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,265480-2,00.html)