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Airborne Aircrew
9th Oct 2011, 23:00
I shed it for a great man. A leader and an icon the the game of American Football, Al Davis - Owner of the Oakland Raiders.

In recent, (losing), years I'll admit to suggesting that Al should die so the Raiders could move past his "luxury box meddling"... I said it for the same reasons he meddled. Because I want the Raiders to be the very best. Love him, as many did, or hate him, as an equal number did, Al Davis made the National Football League what it is today. He was a man that fu**ed with everyone but paid the hospital bills of infrequent acquaintances.

Few have loved the game as much as Al Davis, none will have the effect he did on it.

Just win baby...

Al Davis and The Raiders - YouTube

9th Oct 2011, 23:24
But feel free to keep the Raiders in Oakland.

Airborne Aircrew
10th Oct 2011, 12:58
It's where they belong... :ok: