View Full Version : Nice but sad.

9th Oct 2011, 22:49
Very nicely made video...but sad to watch with it.

Abandoned Airplanes and Warbirds - YouTube

Best viewed in full HD on direct on youtube.


Noah Zark.
10th Oct 2011, 13:12
A brilliantly shot video, and agreed, quite sad. I wonder what it is in our psyche that falls prey to this aeronautical melancholy when confronted by such scenes?
They're only bloody aeroplanes! (Aren't they?)

10th Oct 2011, 16:04
Never ceases to amaze me at the amount of perfectly good scrap
metal the Cousins leave lying around the place.
My mate & I cut up a couple of Constellations many years ago.
The scrap metal, even after going through the "Scrappie's" hands,
made a small fortune.
But the Yanks don't seem to care about the value of the stuff.
More money than sense perhaps?