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8th Oct 2011, 01:28
Smart Labrador.

What a Dog does when its cold (Original silvanoson) - YouTube

8th Oct 2011, 01:52
wish mine was that clever.........


8th Oct 2011, 11:24
Our old collie would gently steam by the fire until she started to smoulder. The smell of singeing fur would prompt her to plonk herself behind the settee for ten minutes until further broiling was required.

Daft bugger.

DX Wombat
8th Oct 2011, 12:02
Dilys in the tin tent:

8th Oct 2011, 12:07
It is dog's life!

Mine pushes the bedroom door open, ignores my dire imprecations and Alpha male status and jumps on the foot of the bed, snuffles and goes to sleep! :\


tony draper
8th Oct 2011, 12:16
Waddya mean get down.:rolleyes:

8th Oct 2011, 12:31
Ours (dachs, lab) just stare you down (if you express your opinion about sleeping on your bed) or look so pathetic (German shepherd) you'll feel sooo ashamed of your cruel desire of him getting lost at once.
Which remarkably hardens your heart in the long run, actually.

8th Oct 2011, 12:36
Years ago we had to take our chocolate Lab to the vet as it had bad patches on its shoulders. After a bit of head scratching, he asked if we had an AGA oven. We did have a Rayburn, which turned out to be the reason. Putting a guard round it to stop the dog leaning against it while we were out cured the problem.

8th Oct 2011, 12:36
Our hounds used to love lying in front of the fire, until
Thomas, the big black mean cat, arrived.
Then it was a scramble to get out of the way, or get clawed.

We should have called that damn cat Claude!!!
He had attitude.

8th Oct 2011, 13:09
I loked doggys had one as a kid and he is died so no dogs. your great probes never give shit to me and you great1111

8th Oct 2011, 13:24
Our two dogs used to climb over/round each other for front position by the fire then, the front one would shuffle back when it got too warm, whereupon the back one would climb over/round the other for front row position - and so on . . .

8th Oct 2011, 16:03
Looks like Slasher's gone native.

Thing is, native of where?

9th Oct 2011, 08:38
For 'native' substitute very, very pissed!

Lon More
9th Oct 2011, 09:43
warm it up in a wok ....

.....works for millions of Chinese:E


9th Oct 2011, 11:09
Gosh, Lon the Sarcast with your harsh facts of life!

Although we had an intellectually interesting (no practical need nor consequences, that is) dilemma once: would you sacrifice your pet-pig if your grandma needed an organ?

9th Oct 2011, 11:13
Looks like Slasher's gone native.

Finally tracked down this post I made when I was drunk last
night so I'll delete it. I think I've removed the rest from other

I'm sorry I wrote all that gibberish but I was pissed as a newt
and it all made perfect sense to me at the time. I'm sure KAG
wouldn't approve.

9th Oct 2011, 11:19
I'm sure KAG
wouldn't approve
I am sure he wouldn't! ;)

One whimsical thought for the day. Why is that newts have the fun of getting pissed while only dogs get sick?