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5th Oct 2011, 21:58
I have had a problem with a well known mortgage supplier which was UK but now furrin.

they took two months worth of mortgage out in one go this month, one called immediately and to give them credit two payments were refunded.

Then two more payments were refunded one week later - at the moment I am up by two payments.

All well and good but had I not had the money in the first place one would have been screwed, also should I alert them to the over refund????

My bank account is feeling seasick with the yo-yoing of funds.

Comments appreciated.

Standard Noise
6th Oct 2011, 09:47
Unless said lumbering giant sends a letter saying 'Dear Mr Candoo, we are very sorry for the mistake, here is a little something for your trouble.......' then let them know and get them to take it back. Or at the very least, don't spend it (even if you don't tell them), cos it's not yours. It's much like going to the ATM and it gives you 20s instead of 10s or your bank deposits 50 trillion sovs into your account by mistake, it isn't yours and spending it is apparently against the law.

6th Oct 2011, 10:20
If you inform them what's happened and they still do nothing about it you're in the clear, otherwise don't spend it!

6th Oct 2011, 10:25
Do nothing. They may realise their error and deduct it again. They probably won't. When they ask you for it back, tell them you'll look into it. A week later, ask them for proof that they've overpaid you, and when they provide it, repay it, as you are legally obliged to do, but make them sweat for it.

I am sitting on several thousand pounds of money which isn't mine, under similar circumstances. I'm told that as long as I don't spend it or 'treat it as if it were mine' I'm legally in the clear.

6th Oct 2011, 11:12
Withdraw EVERYTHING!!!! In CASH, And Emigrate, ASAP!!!

That's Aussie Rules I think??

6th Oct 2011, 11:27
Snaffled - got a letter this morning saying that another mortgage payment will be taken in 10 days time. Apparently they have IT issues (who doesn't?)

Still by my reckoning I will have paid no mortgage for October!!!!!

I do not want a non-payment of mortgage on my credit record so I guess will have to call them and clarify.

Would like to adopt Aussie rules though!

6th Oct 2011, 11:31
What's a mortgage???

6th Oct 2011, 19:17
A certain large building society that make a big song and dance about being a mutual screwed up big time with my mortgage payments. Having adjusted my monthly payment down they changed the direct debit omitting the decimal point so they tried to take 38 grand the next month.

Once they admitted their mistake (apparently as they are a mutual they do not make them) I changed my payments to standing order to prevent them doing it again.

6th Oct 2011, 19:33
What's a mortgage???

What I paid off early, last year. :ok:

6th Oct 2011, 20:41
What I paid off in 1996, 11 years after taking it out at 15% interest - rates dropped a LOT!

6th Oct 2011, 23:40
I do not want a non-payment of mortgage on my credit record so I guess will have to call them and clarify.

They can't put a non-payment against you as you have not failed to pay and they would have a problem about proving it as well.

If a bank tries to take a DD and it fails they will normally attempt to take it again within 14 days by which time you should have received a letter from your bank and from them as well. Most bank will not flag up non payment provided payment goes through in same calendar month.

30th Oct 2011, 15:30
Well after all that it took 9 payments backwards and forwards to resolve for one mortgage payment.

The amounts were all the same and I had 5 out and 4 in!

Am I propping up the Spanish economy in the short term?

30th Oct 2011, 16:48
Mrs PZU went to withdraw cash from an ATM by a local supermarket

Found 100, Supermarket closed & ATM owners not our bank - next day handed cash in at Police Station (earliest ooportunity as they also close overnight)

Three months later PC Plod (should really say PC Nice Plod) called, please collect YOUR 100 as no one has claimed it!!! :ok:

PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)

Sir George Cayley
30th Oct 2011, 17:51
Under UK law the phrase 'intention to permanently deprive' seems germane.

If you did, and get found out, the relatively small amount in exchange for perhaps a crinimal record might not seem worth it.

Naughty boy :=


30th Oct 2011, 18:23
The difference between a mortgage account and an ATM (that overpays) is that your mortgage account will be 'accounted', so if you are several payments short it will register and you will have a shortfall - unless, of course, the 'bank' refunded your overpayments from a different account.

Many years ago (about 40) I was 'crippled' (financially) when the bank started taking double mortgage payments from my account. To be fair, they squared things up as soon as I complained.

Standard Noise
30th Oct 2011, 21:34
Am I propping up the Spanish economy in the short term?
Now there's a scary thought! At least I know I'm not, cos when they inherited me, I came over on a guaranteed 0.74% above base rate for the life of the mortgage.