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Devlin Carnet
29th Sep 2011, 18:33
I have just taken ownership of an old, (I'm saying that because it is battered), Fender guitar amp pedal.
It has 3 buttons, Channel, boost and reverb, the thing is though, it has only 1 jack socket, (No line in line out).
Is it for a specific model of amp. and therefore no use to me, or am I missing something?

29th Sep 2011, 18:50
Black with sloping aluminium sides? Any chance of a pic?

tony draper
29th Sep 2011, 18:57
Doesn't sound like a guitar effects pedal as such ie wah wah or phase shifter with stand alone inbuilt sound processing,sounds more like as you say a control panel for a specific amp.

29th Sep 2011, 19:00
It'll be a footswitch. Not sure how interchangeable they are between models, but I doubt it'll damage a Fender amp if it's plugged into the wrong one. They work in milliamps.

tony draper
29th Sep 2011, 19:03
Summat like this?
Fender 4-Switch Footpedal for Mustang III, IV & V Amps (http://www.rockingrooster.co.uk/product_info.php?PID=4328)

29th Sep 2011, 19:13
Or this maybe?

Devlin Carnet
29th Sep 2011, 21:00
Yes that's it, But with channel, reverb and boost. and much more battered, which I think suggests age, but could just be neglect.
So pretty much useless without the correct amp then?

29th Sep 2011, 21:06
AFAIK you won't damage an amp by using the wrong footswitch, more likely it won't work properly, but there's not much to them, a few switches, lights, diodes etc. You could try opening it up, get a part no. and go from there.

FenderŪ Products (http://www.fender.com/en-GB/products/search.php/?partno=0994055000)

Devlin Carnet
29th Sep 2011, 21:31
Thing is though, as I said, it has only 1 jack socket, so presumably will need to plug into a specific amp, it isn't as other pedals I have which have input / output,
Its a shame really, I would like to have used it. :*

29th Sep 2011, 21:39
It's designed specifically to allow you to switch between channels and effects in the Fender amp. Commonly, as on my Fender 212r, there is a clean channel and a gain channel. I set the amp up so that the gain channel is slightly louder than the clean and when it gets round to solo time, switch onto it for that little boost in volume that cuts through the band to emphasise the solo, then get back in my box once all ladies the knickers are damp.

Well it is rock & roll. But your effects rack/pedal board etc should be seen as a seperate loop, keeping it simple. Effects over here, amp & toys over there.

Edit to say if your amp only has one input, then you're trying to do it on the sly. Buy a proper amp ya cheap bastard.:)