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Just a spotter
28th Sep 2011, 11:32
Just caught the end of this on the tele last night, so had bit of a search for it.


They've even posted a 'making of ....' clip



Howard Hughes
28th Sep 2011, 11:45
Great ad!:ok:

28th Sep 2011, 11:55
Well, who else thinks that cringe-making voice over is Jeremy Clarkson? ;)

tony draper
28th Sep 2011, 12:23
Nah.dont sound like Jeremy to me,I'm usually pretty good recognising voices.:)

28th Sep 2011, 12:43
Deffo not Clarkson. Well made advert! Some great images. Could be worthy of a 1/2 hr prog in its own right.

28th Sep 2011, 13:42
Isn't the voice over man the same bloke that does the Wickes adverts?

28th Sep 2011, 13:46
Certainly NOT Clarkson.

Great advert though. Magical stuff.

Voiceover? Alexander Armstrong?

28th Sep 2011, 13:51
A bunch of computer generated aircraft? Given BA was formed by merging BOAC and BEA, it never flew any of the old aircraft depicted (yes, the old British Airways Ltd (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Airways_Ltd.) did, but that was TWO mergers before BA) so it isn't even honest...

The 747-400 is actually a Virgin one, with a BA paintscheme photshopped over it, and perhaps the nicest aircraft there, the Concord(e), was scrapped by BA even though Virgin offered to keep it operating ...

... and "To fly, To serve" ... Really? :yuk:

easyJet's response:


:D:D ;)

28th Sep 2011, 13:55
Gosh! We are a grump today Checkboard.

It's still a great ad though.

28th Sep 2011, 13:57
Bah! Hurumph! :hmm:


Uncle Fred
28th Sep 2011, 14:32
Great advert although I have to laugh at the point about "landing where there were no lights..."

Well....if it is daytime I do not need them! Plus, if it is inclement weather "follow the greens" is always a welcome phrase at LHR as opposed to banging into something as they did on occassion in yesteryear at areodromes around the world.

28th Sep 2011, 15:50
This has been discussed on the Passengers and SLF Forum. The general opinion was a lack of being impressed. Not helped by the number of people who have not had much service from BA but a lot of hassle.

28th Sep 2011, 16:00
Waste of Ad money. As a SLF I'm interested in service not history

28th Sep 2011, 16:06
Guesses around the web regarding the identity of the ad's voice-over so far have included Andy Serkis, Jack Davenport, Alexander Armstrong, and 'that bloke from the Wickes ads'.

Me, I still favour Jezza, in maximum oleaginous mode and with sotto voce.
But then, what would I know about the world of celeb luvviedom? :oh:

28th Sep 2011, 16:18
As an observer I wonder why there isn't a little more pride. There is a wonderful history with British Airways. Granted, it's had it''s bad times, and who hasn't, but it's a part of your history.

We have American Airlines, but it is not tied to the soul of America. British Airways seems to be, well, British, and will forever be representative of you, and quite certainly more positive than the few occasional negatives.

We all have our flaws but hopefully our strengths outweigh them.

I guess I am saying this is something to be proud of and I don't understand why some are not.

What do I know though? We don't have a history over here yet.

28th Sep 2011, 16:57
My take on this advert.

Simply quite fabulous.

But that's the pilot's part of my soul speaking.

Krystal n chips
28th Sep 2011, 16:57
Given that people fall into two camps..those who like BA....:uhoh: and those who are realistic and don't...I have to say the advert summates the organisation perfectly....sanctimonious, condescending and patronising......a nationwide allocation of sick bags should be instigated forthwith for use when it is aired. Very similar to a certain M & S advert actually.

Guess which camp one falls into....and to the chagrin no doubt of many, not liking BA is not on the Statute Book....as yet !.

28th Sep 2011, 17:02
Guess which camp one falls into....

Your comments were somewhat ambiguous. Perhaps a clue is in order. :p

28th Sep 2011, 17:34
Given that people fall into two camps..those who like BA....http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/worry.gif and those who are realistic and don't...

Cute ... :}

What's to like or hate, unless you work there or were a passenger :confused:

now nostalgia, that's another thing

I remember standing outside the hangers at LHR when they first opened the doors to back out that newly painted tail of theirs. There was some fake wretching

28th Sep 2011, 18:38
BA is rotten, poor service, shade of it's former self, yadda, yadda, yadda. Go moan about BA somewhere else.

Whatever bleating anyone wants to do about BA, you have to admit the ad itself as a standalone piece of work is quite impressive, both from an artistic as well as a technological standpoint.

One rather enjoyed it, quite frankly.

Lafyar Cokov
28th Sep 2011, 18:53
Its a shame in the history of BA bit, they missed illegally putting Laker out of business, the price fixing scandal and libel against Branson and Virgin.... ho hum, to fly....to cherry pick....

28th Sep 2011, 19:35
I always use BA where I can. My take is that the people dealing with the paying customers are, in general very, very good - above average for the airline industry. Especially if you compare them with any US airline. The management that cripple them are absolute cr*p, and should most of them, be hung, drawn and quartered in public.

And the advert comes from the cr*p side of the management.

28th Sep 2011, 19:48
Come come Capt Checkers, it was not BA who scrapped Concorde, it was Airbus consortium that decided it could no longer maintain the aircraft. Even though Virgin wanted to keep it flying under their colours there was no way that was going to happen because there was no way to continue the airworthiness certificate.

I'm with Radeng, I always fly BA when possible because those guys and gals in the cabin are among the best in Europe, and pver the Atlantic there is no comparison. Going to Asia there are better..... I have flown most airlines from BA to Swiss, with Ryanair :yuk: and easyJet amongst them and getting on a BA plane is like coming home to a nice warm fire and a glass of single malt. Yes, some people have had problems with them, many such as myself have never had a problem. Can anyone say that there is not single airline in the world where some passengers have not had a problem? no, thought not.

The ad is great and focuses on the history of the airline from where it started to where it is today. To those who complain about Concorde being in it even though it doesnt fly any more, well neither does the VC10, or Britannia's or most of the others in the advert, but no one mentions them do they?

28th Sep 2011, 19:51
(slightly offtopic, responding to Pitts2112) I've been working in the UK for the last two weeks and have - for the first time - had the chance to fly on BA.
Perhaps as an employer they're a bit rubbish, but as a passenger I think they're superb. I normally fly on KLM or SAS and compared to both of those airlines BA is a breath of fresh air. The aircraft are clean, the food/drink is free, the cabin staff are helpful and the flight crew seem professional + friendly.
KLM cabins and staff were so depressing they made me want to kill myself, SAS staff are so infuriatingly inflexible that I want to kill everyone else. BA managed to get me home (despite my unusual baggage requirements) in one piece and with a smile on my face.
As SLF that's all I ask for - so they've definitely stolen a customer from their competition.

28th Sep 2011, 20:10
and perhaps the nicest aircraft there, the Concord(e), was scrapped by BA even though Virgin offered to keep it operating ...

Oh dear!:ugh:

Bet you believe the stories in the newspapers too.

I hate the ad by the way, patronising codswallop. :yuk:

28th Sep 2011, 20:11
SWMBO thinks it could be Jack Davenport (voice over) -
but I think we should be told

28th Sep 2011, 20:25
"That man from the Wickes advert" is Timothy Spall - definitely not him. Not Clarkson or Armstrong either I reckon, but I dont know any of the others so I wouldn't know about them.

I love the ad, and don't know enough about the history of BA and its predecessors to nitpick. Mind you, show a GWR loco from 1939 supposedly pulling a train in Scotland in 1925 and watch me get into full anorak ranting mode :8

Proof Reader
28th Sep 2011, 22:13
Don't think the voice over Wickes man is Timothy Spall. It is the man who was in The Bill and now in Missing Persons.

Couldn't care less about the pros and cons of BA. I think the advert is wonderful, very well done and with my favourite aeroplanes

28th Sep 2011, 22:36
The Wickes advert man also does the equally nauseating British Gas, "Looking After Your World" ads, neither of which sound like Timothy Spall.

28th Sep 2011, 23:17
Ralph Ineson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Ineson)

Nick Miles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Miles)

28th Sep 2011, 23:39
I thought the voice over to be a bit irritating, but.....

Overall the ad made me feel rather proud of BA.

I liked the angle that they were really a bit proud about their pilots (and hosties) and their heritage, especially the old aircraft.

From a business point of view, I think they got this 100% right. Pax aren't interested in how good the management are (thank goodness) but they are highly interested in how good the pilots (and hosties) are.

For better or worse, BA pilots are viewed as top notch by the public, and this add draws on that well of public trust.

Maybe a payrise commeth?:rolleyes:

29th Sep 2011, 09:13
ZOOKER, Wickes ad is definitely Timothy Spall

"Timothy Spall" - search - search results from Brand Republic (http://www.brandrepublic.com/search/articles/phrase/%22Timothy%2520Spall%22/)

(1st entry on page 1)

Haven't seen the British gas one so cant comment on that.

29th Sep 2011, 12:57
The main part of the ad was great. The final CGI scene was utterly naff and misplaced.

BA are one of the best, but unfortunately one can get better service for half the cost with Qatar.

Proof Reader
29th Sep 2011, 19:43
I swear Mark Wingett (Jim Carver of The Bill) is the voice over. However, still couldn't care less. Lovely planes.

29th Sep 2011, 20:42
What Conny said....

"But that's the pilot's part of my soul speaking."

Well done, good ad!!! :D

29th Sep 2011, 22:14
Not Timothy Spall.

Al Gregg - Voice Over (http://www.algregg.org/voiceover.htm) ?


Listen here:- Short story: Mikey's Birthday by Paul Chappell (http://www.shortstoryradio.com/shortstory/mikeysbirthday.htm)

From here:- Short story narrator Al Greg (http://www.shortstoryradio.com/narrators/al_gregg.htm)


29th Sep 2011, 23:01
Waste of Ad money. As a SLF I'm interested in service not history

You'd be interested in Southwest's ad then!


30th Sep 2011, 01:18
Re. the service of BA - we stopped using them years ago for reasons best illustrated by a recnt trip to nevada. IIRC, BA wanted nearly 6k to fly 3 of us from Gatwick to LV.... virgin flew us in Premium Economy (having experienced that I am now NEVER flying "cattle class" on a long haul again!!!!) for just over 4.5k

not to mention that the Virgin goodybags are always better :)

30th Sep 2011, 06:13
The peole who flew Imperial are dead.

Likewise, Bea and Boac's passengers are now mostly pensioners with reduced incomes.

Who is this advert aimed at?

The world is a different place now and still BA hark back to the past that few remember.

For the past 10 yars, European youth have grown up with Easyjet, not BA. These passengers are airlines future source of income. BA need to attract them over and their advert does the exact opposite. Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey and Sussex are not as rich as they used to be!

30th Sep 2011, 11:15
You're right Craggen.....but you can't tell me that deep inside you are not stirred somewhat by that nostalgia?? That imagery?? The way the scenes fold from one era into the next?? BA might well be as f%&ked as QF is nowadays, yet I would argue that this is a great ad as well...

Agh!, can't find it right now!!!

Let me get back to you......

30th Sep 2011, 11:20
Oh, here's one!, remember those gawd awful uniforms?

Spirit of Australia Qantas ad, circa 1983 - YouTube

CSMs :p in ochre orange..........Uh yeah...and the girls uniforms.....

30th Sep 2011, 11:32
This was good Ad too

You Should See Us Now Australian Airlines Ad - YouTube

Good stuff eh?

TAA Ad 1985 - YouTube

Remember that uniform colour at 41 sec?? Ewwgh!!

But I still cannot find that Iconic footage from the tail plane of the '72....:confused:

30th Sep 2011, 11:37
And from WAY back in Oz Airline Adverts :{

TAA - TV commercial - YouTube


30th Sep 2011, 11:43
Next Thursday's Watchdog on BBC1 at 8 pm (UK time) has a feature about BA and their customer service and how it matches up to the hype.

I have to say that based on my last experience with BA, a few weeks ago, they have improved their attitude and T5 makes a positive difference to the experience. That said, it's still a carrier I prefer to avoid because of their arrogant and overbearing attitude to customers and the travel industry.

30th Sep 2011, 13:43
And from WAY back in Oz Airline Adverts :{

As an ex TAA driver meself I recall that one clearly Flieg!

To balance the books here is the Ansett one. Me mum liked it
a lot even though her and the old man were dead against me
learning to fly at the time.


30th Sep 2011, 13:52
Good old Nostalgia stuff!!
Used to actually LIKE the 727 at the time.

How times have changed.

That swan could do with a wash!!!