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Loose rivets
26th Sep 2011, 23:41
Talking to my mate Dublin and want to show him that cartoon animation of the inept spaceship pilot under check

Any leads?

26th Sep 2011, 23:47
Slow start, comes in about +20secs.

Animated Short Film[Pixar]Lifted[2006] - YouTube (http://youtu.be/gQYQOzSMsRQ)

Loose rivets
27th Sep 2011, 00:08
Thanks very much for that. I'll watch it with me mate across the water. He knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of a check ride.

27th Sep 2011, 11:00
Rivets, was it you who posted the hilarious lawnmower story- need to find it!


Loose rivets
15th Oct 2011, 01:14
Ooo , , , just seen this. Give me a clue