View Full Version : Radical step in the Middle East: regrets ?

Mr Optimistic
25th Sep 2011, 16:16
See the Saudi's are going to given women the vote. While I generally applaud radical ideas I think they should know that we did this a few years back and the jury's still out as to whether it was a good idea.

25th Sep 2011, 16:21
I'm fine with the plan, believe it's a good idea, but I thinks those guys are trying to keep their jobs is why they done it.

25th Sep 2011, 20:11
Women will still be prohibited from working (or travelling) without permission of a male relative and will not be permitted to drive vehicles.

(Does the no-driving rule apply to non-Saudi female visitors or residents?)

25th Sep 2011, 22:18
Re Saudi in the UN, I reckon King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia must read PPruNE. Just seen him on the news addressing the Saudi parliament and announcing that women are to be given the vote in four years time. Steady on your majesty, it's only six years since men in your kingdom got the vote - why this unseemly haste?

25th Sep 2011, 22:42
(Does the no-driving rule apply to non-Saudi female visitors or residents?)

Last I heard from someone living there, it applies to all females, regardless of origin.

Captain Sand Dune
25th Sep 2011, 22:58
Hmmmm. When I left the "Magic Kingdom" in 2003, women were going to be allowed to drive too.
Note that the good King stated that women are to given the vote "in four years". Don't be surprised if that doesn't happen as well.
The Wahabi nutters that run the place will fight this tooth and nail.

26th Sep 2011, 00:40
Here's a prediction: the devil will be in the detail.

For example, any woman wishing to vote may be required to have an ID card (or a new, special ID card that's almost impossible to get) before they can vote, or alternatively, they may have to have a male member of the family with then when they vote, thereby ensuring that their 'vote' goes the right way.

It's all smoke and mirrors in the Magic Kingdom and always has been.

Mr Optimistic
26th Sep 2011, 00:53
I would council caution.

For example, in my own domestic economy, I returned home the other night to find the wife and daughter installed next to the fire which was all stacked up with logs. Imagine my surprise - we have not even had a frost yet - I explained that logs don't grow on trees and on my remonstration that an extra pullover (coats would be accepable) would be appropriate all I got in return was insolent laughter.

Considering the environmental aspirations of the wife ( in her country walking group she is renouned for her wind), it was disappointing that they resorted to a crude and inappropriate arithmetic and asserted that their two votes against my one meant that the fire could stay lit. They call themselves 'green'!.

No doubt they are now installed next to the hearth discussing the finer points of social justice and democracy, but it is me who is outside cutting the grass and stacking the logs.

Lex Talionis
26th Sep 2011, 00:56
Once tried to drive from Bahrain to Saudi with several of the crew including some of the cabin crew (girls) and were told we could not because the girls were not relatives or some thing like that and they were not driving although they were dressed appropriately.
We got as far as the island midway between Bahrain and Saudi where the immigration and customs were.

"It's all smoke and mirrors in the Magic Kingdom and always has been."
Sounds like the middle east all over.