View Full Version : RTR(A) renewal on the basis of type rating training hours??

24th Sep 2011, 18:14
as the title reads.......is it possible to renew RTR(A) on the basis of type rating , like 30 hrs in a flight simulator?

anybody has done that..or is that possible??

any ideas folks??

24th Sep 2011, 18:19
the requirement is 30 hours on an a/c not sim...

24th Sep 2011, 18:30
30 Hours of flying in the preceding three years.

So I am assuming it has to be an Aircraft

24th Sep 2011, 19:11
yes you guys are right but there is a clause in the below mentioned link

if you read carefully clause 5(iii) theres a sentence " by re examination or otherwise that he still possess all the eligibilities required for issue or renewal of such licences"

now i don't understand the meaning of the word" otherwise " in that sentence

does that otherwise mean " any other way or means to prove your proficiency"

which in this case is training on a SIM


Johny Boy
24th Sep 2011, 20:55
They have stopped accepting SIM/LOFT/Suppy hours for 30 hour required for renewal...

SK GUPTA ,the person who visits reception for WPC RTR on Wed/Friday has stopped accepting those hours.All he and WPC want's is 30 hours on aircraft...they will not entertain if hours is on SIM or during Suppy's.

11th Oct 2012, 10:20
I have RTR (A) which is expiring in April 2013. I wanted to know do i have to give Part 1 again as i have not flown 30 Hrs in last 3 YRS. Can somebody plz advice what the procedure is as the WPC circular is very confusing. Thanks

11th Oct 2012, 14:02
If you have Indian RTR(A) which is valid for 5yrs, then for renewal there 3 options:

1. 30 hrs with in last 3 yrs

2. 3 months experience on ground radio staion

3. appear for part 1 only

11th Oct 2012, 18:57
Does that mean that i will get my RTR(A) renewed if i appear for part 1 without the rest of the requirements?..

12th Oct 2012, 06:48
Indian RTR (A) which is valid for 5yrs can be renewed by either option 1 or 2 or 3...
I had cleared RTR(A) examination (part 1 and 2 both) back in 2008. The license is valid for 5yrs.
I enquired about the renewal procedure... and they gave me this answer
I'm not sure whether the same rule is applicable for RTR(P) i.e. convert via foreign FRTOL


14th Oct 2012, 20:46
Thanks a ton Buddy!!!:O Appreciate your help and advice..

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