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20th Sep 2011, 18:39
Berlin forest boy adapts quickly to city life - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/germany/8777302/Berlin-forest-boy-adapts-quickly-to-city-life.html)

What does the panel think about this fellow ? My instinct (and prejudice :E) says that all is not what it seems, especially in the respect that if he has been living in the forest(s) for the last 5 years he would be pretty clued up on survival in the wild and yet he seems to display relatively normal teenage characteristics and a seeming lack of sense of direction or memory of where he might have lived with his father. He might well be genuine and be suffering from amnesia, but tis strange that he walked all the way to the centre of a huge city straight to the town hall, especially as he purportedly speaks only english and lived like Tarzan......:hmm:


20th Sep 2011, 19:24
.....called "the Story of Kaspar Hauser" from 1828. (the story, not my childhood).
It took place in Nuremberg. Nobody could work out how old he was (he MAY have been born in 1812) but he died in mysterious circumstances in 1833.
It appeared that he'd been kept confined and not allowed to walk about as his feet and legs were deformed.
He was looked after by a captain of dragoons as the lad was clutching a letter addressed to him, until he was moved on to further "carers" (including an English peer Lord Stanhope who soon lost interest).
The tale touched me as a child and having just re-read it it still does.

The Ancient Mariner
PS I've just seen that the Grauniad made this same comparison yesterday.

tony draper
20th Sep 2011, 20:24
They made a movie of the Kaspar Hauser story,twer on the telly a couple of years back.

20th Sep 2011, 20:30
"Story of Kaspar Hauser" T'was made into a good movie by Wener Herzog.

Methinks here's a kid who (saw that movie / read that book) and is trying to pull a con. Time will tell.

20th Sep 2011, 20:51
I agree with not all is what it seems.
However, only time will tell.


20th Sep 2011, 21:00
...or the TV prog.
My version came from a book given to me by the district nurse who brought me into the world, for Christmas 1949.
It's described as "A Pilot Omnibus for children" edited by Margarhanita Laski.
It introduced me to great literature and aroused a curiosity about the world and people that has never left me.

Thankyou Nurse Kyle (with whom I never argued).

The Ancient Mariner

20th Sep 2011, 21:05
kept confined and not allowed to walk about
AM, is that not SOP up your way? :E

tony draper
20th Sep 2011, 21:07
There were other rare cases of what were called feral children in the past,of course we have thousands of the little bastards these days.

Sir George Cayley
20th Sep 2011, 21:28
Kaspar Hauser was the subject of an anthropological experiment. The premise was, could a baby learn to speak if it never heard anyone else?

Preposterous by our modern standards, but entirely understandable for the times. Somehow the child escaped or was let go and arrived in the public eye.

The Berlin Boy has a past and modern investigative techniques may reveal a truth. What ever that truth may be can only be amazing.


20th Sep 2011, 21:55
Well his hairstyle is classic saucepan/bowl over the head and lop what sticks out off :} One might have had this hairstyle when one was younger and before I became an international style icon ;) He's old enough to remember where they came from before he was in Germany. Possibly an ex-army (UK) family that fell through the gaps, or ex-US services if his accent is from across the pond, as there were and still are thousands of such people in the land.


20th Sep 2011, 23:45
Some more details, but it all seems very contradictory to me....:hmm:

German forest boy's first words: 'I'm all alone in the world, please help me' - Europe, World News - Independent.ie (http://www.independent.ie/world-news/europe/german-forest-boys-first-words-im-all-alone-in-the-world-please-help-me-2881289.html)


21st Sep 2011, 05:44
Quite strange they can't produce a decent piccie of him.

The authorities first said "help us identify him", then went on to say "publishing a picture may infringe his human rights". :ugh:

21st Sep 2011, 14:01
Kasper Hauser - timewarp AND bleed-through from parallel universe...how unlucky can you get ? Met him in the officers club in Eberstadt (a.k.a. The Rainbow Club) in 1978 - had managed to learn a few words of English by then. Nice guy, had no idea what was in store for him. Thought Chubby Checker was god. RIP.

25th Sep 2011, 02:28
Has anyone seen chuks lately?