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20th Sep 2011, 00:15
Hello everyone. I have used this forum soooo many times for just simple research on courses and things and it is great!... but I've never joined. For the qu's i'm about to ask it is specific to me and as im new im sorry if they've been answered but this seems the best way to get them directly off my chest.

Anyway I have been selected for CTC and will start in december. A career in becoming a pro pilot has been my long term goal. Now I can be the perfect pessimist and need to iron out my worries to succeed. Firstly, I am reading through my ppl sylabus (as i already hold a ppl, 2 of the 7 ground exams i failed first time only) mainly manuals by trevor thom. i completed each exam about a year ago and simply reading through them again still presents some difficulties with grasping concepts like altimetry and air density affecting performance in air nav and remembering all the vmc, vfr and ppl weather priviliges. (up to 30% in total of the sylabus i'd say)... making notes helps. With this method of learning and finding some bits difficult, just reading, how does anyone think i might fair with the ATPL theory full time and if anyone has CTC xperience, could you share your knowledge?

I have Geography, English and P.E A-levels, D,B,B only physics and maths at GCSE A grade and mental maths is i'd say above average and I passed the assessments. I read a doc that has important atpl formulas on it (won't post the link cos of t and c's) but it was 'important atpl formulas' and some knowledge. Initial thoughts... :mad::mad:. Can anyone shed any light on insider information? Or what they thought was the hardest part so i could look it up and get some background info.

Finally, thanks for your patience, if anybody has been on this course and had similar fears with similar grades or whatever, what part (study, camoraderie, groundschool itself etc) was the key to acheivement?

I think ive nailed the points, I never know I could be a genius or a miracle man at this... I wish... but we shall see.
Thanks and regards

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