View Full Version : Aussies beat the Poms again

19th Sep 2011, 20:29
They've done it again....

I have to report that in Myers store in Toowoomba Queensland, Christmas decorations were on sale yesterday. Three months before the 'big day'.

Enough is enough. I'm going home. At least Sainsbury's have the decency to wait until November 1st before they start.

tony draper
19th Sep 2011, 20:36
Neither are ours, every bloody thing is made in China now,we probably haven't got a workforce with enough skills to make Christmas Decorations now.

tony draper
19th Sep 2011, 20:38
My post should have followed yours Mr Seldom,it dont make a pick of sense where it is.
This is getting daft.

19th Sep 2011, 20:42
Like a lot of your sports stars bet most of them "decs" do not originate from Oz :p

19th Sep 2011, 20:58
Our local M&S has been selling christmas fare for couple of weeks so my wife informs me - no source of delight to her, they've removed their bakewell tarts from sale to make room for christmas puds:ugh::yuk:


19th Sep 2011, 22:08
Apologies for posting but I thought their was some RWC 2011 connection and was surprised the OP thought it worth mentioning...:ok:

20th Sep 2011, 06:47
Our local Sainsburys started selling mince pies last week: sell by date, October 22nd...

20th Sep 2011, 07:18
Enough is enough. I'm going home

Thank Christ........another whinging pom leaving.......don't let the door of the departure lounge hit you in the arse. :ok:

20th Sep 2011, 08:18
After 5 years on Oz I still can't get used to the idea of the shops being full of Xmas stuff whilst everyone is dressed for summer and the temperature outside is like a blast furnace.

Nervous SLF
20th Sep 2011, 09:06
Not about Christmas stuff but last Sept in the UK an ASDA store near Melton Mowbray had hot cross buns on sale, 6 / 7 months before Easter in 2011

20th Sep 2011, 09:38
You have been able to buy hot cross buns all year round in Oz for at least the last ten years, the UK is just catching up and selling them as well. Oz one's taste better though..Christmas cards have been on sale in the UK for months.
Although i suppose the next challenge will be to stop the jobsworths from making a rule that Christmas cards are banned and happy holiday cards will replace them.........That probably goes for Oz as well as the UK.
A few years ago all of our UK family went to Melbourne to join the OZ family for a full family Christmas. Christmas just seemed to creep up on my grand children who were from the UK, they didn't have the excitement they had in the UK. We put it down to the light nights because they hardly ever saw Christmas decorations before they went to bed and because it was summer.

tony draper
20th Sep 2011, 09:58
You can buy hot cross buns all year round in these parts which is good as one is fond of hotcross buns.

20th Sep 2011, 10:30
Hot cross buns SHOULD be available all year round.
I love them too!!

Delicious with a bit of Cheshire cheese on them!!! MMMMMM!!!!