View Full Version : UPS wheels-up landing, or fly-by?

19th Sep 2011, 16:41
Can someone tell me what the heck is going on in this photograph, please? The 747 looks pretty neat. Cheers.

2011 year-end holiday schedule for North American Air Freight | UPS Compass Shipping Advice Articles (http://bit.ly/rl5vn7)

19th Sep 2011, 17:24

DX Wombat
19th Sep 2011, 17:35
How about taking off or a bit of promotional photoshopping?
Time stamp fairy has come out to play again. :rolleyes:

19th Sep 2011, 17:57
Wheels up AND flapless - going to be an interesting landing CouldaShoulda. Photoshop I think.

Noah Zark.
19th Sep 2011, 18:05
No flaps deployed, so if it's not fotershop, simply having a wazz round, I suggest.

19th Sep 2011, 18:18
Why not a fly past? This wasn't a photoshop.:=


Look at this video for a 747 shortfield t/o.

Boeing 747-400 takeoff crazy - YouTube (http://youtu.be/Uei_wuV8n1U)

9th Feb 2012, 12:28
It wasn't a photoshop. The CP did it in SDF (that's the local theme park in the background) when the -400s first came to UPS. That picture is taken from a vid:

UPS 747-400f - YouTube