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Noddy Staltern
4th Nov 2001, 14:35
Does anybody currently going through the JAA system know what this is? I have an application form asking me when I last did one - I have never heard of it (I have a UK ATPL).

Thanks, NS

4th Nov 2001, 18:43
JAA FCL is the acronym for 'Flight Crew Licensing'. It is the name of the section of the JARs that contain the regulations pertaining to training and licenses.

It is not a course in itself, it is the term used to describe the whole licensing system. It could be said however that any course towards a JAR license or rating is a 'JAA FCL' course.


Noddy Staltern
4th Nov 2001, 22:47

Thanks for your reply, but I suspect there may be another meaning. A form I have to fill in asks for the "Date of Last..." CRM, Fire Fighting, Dangerous Goods and JAA FCL Course. I can give dates for the first 3, but don't understand the last one. I am aware of your definition of the abbreviation 'FCL', but it does not seem to be the correct definition in this context. Are there any other ideas?

4th Nov 2001, 22:52
I've no idea then, sorry

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