View Full Version : Can a leopard change its spots?

18th Sep 2011, 16:13
Apparently it can:

BBC News - Martin McGuinness would meet Queen as president (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14958873)

I don't trust him, but maybe I am biased.

18th Sep 2011, 16:50
Can a Leopard change it's spots?

No, but it can wear stripey pajamas I think.

18th Sep 2011, 16:51
If he does get the job it will be one of a few instances in the world (in recent history) where one man's terrorist who is another man's freedom fighter goes on to high office. Allegedly he has been involved in the demise of persons, as have others who had the sanction of an official sovereign government. When viewed from a distance who is right, who is wrong ? A matter of one's position and political leaning deciding the conundrum. It's a strange old world.


18th Sep 2011, 16:57
I think that you are on the money Arthur. I know his cousin and his cousin doesn't trust him.

18th Sep 2011, 17:03
And of course, as HM has just visited Eire - for the first time - and is cutting back on her calendar, he's unlikely to have to put his money where his mouth is.

Typical (of any polly to be fair) to make a grand offer he probably won't have to fulfil. Don't think he'll get the job anyway ......

18th Sep 2011, 17:36
It cannot change its shorts, I hear...

18th Sep 2011, 18:55
A relative of mine, long-retired, ex intelligence, who has had occasion to read the dossiers on the gentleman in question - and, for that matter, his bearded friend - nearly had a heart attack on hearing the news last week.

The US Attorney's Office has served subpoenas on the American Boston College, seeking access to tapes and transcripts of statements by loyalists and nationalists regarding the murder of alleged informant Jean McConville by the IRA in 1972. This murder was authorised from the very top, and all the denials of aspiring politicians today that they were never involved in the IRA doesn't change their history of involvement in this and related murders.

18th Sep 2011, 18:56
He might want to meet the Queen, but would the Queen (niece by marriage to Lord Louis Mountbatten) want to meet him?

18th Sep 2011, 20:01
How a person, slammed up for six months for havimg a car full of explosives by a Irish court can run for president of that country defies description.

Just a spotter
18th Sep 2011, 20:24
Well, the writing of current Constitution was overseen in the 1930's by elected representatives, many of whom would have been active in the 1920's War of Independence and subsequent Civil War. However, under Article 12 of the Constitution, a President may be impeached (And don't forget that in 1970 a man who was to go on to be Prime Minister (Taoiseach), Charles Haughey was implicated and tried for gun-running while a server Minister).

Should Mr. McGuinness become Uachtarán na h'Éireann (President of Ireland), he would be Head of State of a country that the organisation he was suspected of being a senior member of was sworn to destroy (Yes, the IRA were pledged to overthrow the Irish state too). He would also become Commander In Chief of the Irish Defence Forces, an institution which his alleged former colleagues did/do not recognise as the legitimise armed forces of the Irish nation.


Green Knight
18th Sep 2011, 20:44
These types have never been to bright when it comes to logic, may be one of the problems, I think a reasonably wise man once said, "young men decide the way to win the war, old men decide how to win the peace." Its a pitty that if the war lasts long enough then they can be one and the same and have no sence of either.

18th Sep 2011, 20:45
A liar and a hypocrite of the highest order.

Perfect credentials for a politician.

18th Sep 2011, 23:27
Not sure why HM would be that bothered as she has met Nelson Mandela and lots of other commonwealth leaders with even dodgier backgrounds......

Course HM has met US Presidents as well, seems to be that they view thumbing their noses at international law and attacking other nations as part of their job spec.