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17th Sep 2011, 12:56
Hi people,

I was wondering if any of you have information regarding the future of the Red Bull Air Race. The company has taken a years break in order to restructure, however, there has been little to no information available on what they have in store for the future. :ugh:

Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

Space Monkey.

17th Sep 2011, 16:15
Thanks for posting that.

I had wondered why it was missing from the TV screens.

17th Sep 2011, 16:22
I heard there are no plans for 2012, but there are evalutions going on for 2013.

17th Sep 2011, 16:42
Here is the official word from Red Bull themselves:

Red Bull Air Race GmbH confirmed that for the future success and development of the sport, the World Championship will take a one-year break in 2011.

The organization will use this opportunity to fast track the technological advancements currently in the making which would further improve the already high levels of safety.

There is a need to revise the main organization and commercial areas to realize the full potential of the sport including the development and reinforcement of strong host city partnerships which would secure a long term race calendar.


surely not
17th Sep 2011, 17:03
Perhaps it will re-invent itself as the Red Bull UAV Air Races with all the aircraft controlled from team caravans in different parts of the world.

This would take away the risk of the pilots killing themselves and push Red Bull as a brand associated with cutting edge technology..................


17th Sep 2011, 18:17

An innovative idea but until the UAVs can operate with a certified "sense and avoid" system (which at present doesn't exist) which will ensure that they do not collide while airborne with either other race participants or any manned aircraft, its unlikely to happen unless someone is going to give Red Bull segregated airspace to exclude manned aircraft and be free of habitation in case one or more UAVs do collide.

If Red Bull would like to PM me I'll be more than happy to start work on it!

17th Sep 2011, 18:58
......having watched it in Perth WA three years ago from the nice environs of King's Park it's about as exciting as watching paint dry.

IF, if one was IN one of those little aircraft it would be an absolute blast.

But without all the hoopla on TV and the blonde reporters with the big teeth big hair and big bouncy bits having orgasms in a two seater (OMG OMG OMG in a crescendo) and the hysterical commentary, it's just not very interesting.

The Ancient Mariner

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surely not
17th Sep 2011, 19:18
TCAS Fan I wasn't thinking of them racing against each other a la Reno Air Races, but racing as per the current format, one a time against the clock.

Perhaps Qinetiq in Aberporth could host the UK leg of the racing as I read in Flight Global that they have just managed to get 500 miles2 of closed airspace and they are looking for more users........:ok::ok:

I think the different style of racing at the venues around the world meant some races were more exciting for the spectators than others. I thought the races at Abu Dhabi were fine and held my interest throughout.

18th Sep 2011, 14:08
Thanks everyone for your replies!

@Chronistin: Yeah I had heard something similar... hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later.