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tony draper
16th Sep 2011, 22:53
Item on Newsnight just now, six Scientists in Italy are being charged with manslaughter for failing to predict a Earthquake?
Gonna be a lot of scientists up in front of the Beak when the Ice Sheets start to advance.
Seriously, I did not catch the whole thing,surely there had to be more to this than a faiure to predict the unpredictable,anybody else see this?

17th Sep 2011, 11:53
Here we are Mr D.

Italian scientists charged with manslaughter for failing to predict earthquake | FP Passport (http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/05/27/italian_scientists_charged_with_manslaughter_for_failing_to_ predict_earthquake)

17th Sep 2011, 13:02
The Italians are crazy. They successfully put Air Traffic Controllers in prison for a pilot error completely outside of their control:


17th Sep 2011, 13:41
Naughty Italians :=

In legal terms an earth quake is considered "An Act of God" for which no one can be held responsible. The scientists didn't kill anyone, it was mother nature. The earthquake would've occurred whether or not the scientists predicted it.

Condolences to the families of the victims, but this is unjust. Thanks Tony for posting this.

17th Sep 2011, 13:50
Perhaps the Scientists are getting the "know-it-all" treatment.

Surely the Popes should be held to a similar or greater degree of accountability! But, if that were to happen, one can imagine they would plead such works are the doing of a Higher Authority.

17th Sep 2011, 14:11
This is absolutely ridiculous. There are certain things that are difficult to predict and it is not right to hold people accountable for them.

Forward this around, this is absolutely absurd

17th Sep 2011, 14:25
Put Blair and Brown in jail for failing to predict.... well, take your pick, just name it!

17th Sep 2011, 16:10
it was the committee's reassurances that persuaded them not to leave their homes ahead of the quake.

Not failing to predict, but failing to properly assess the risk and advise an evacuation.

However, had they advised an evacuation and nothing happened they would still have been catching it.