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14th Sep 2011, 18:57
not for a long time. I was just sent it again and for those of us that lived in this time, it brings back a lot of good memories. Even thought I was living in England then until 1962, I can remember all of this very well. After all, I knew about the Beatles before the 'British Invasion' of the US in the 1960s. :ok:

The music alone brings back great memories.

Take Me Back To The Sixties (http://objflicks.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm)

14th Sep 2011, 19:30
Thanks connie! :ok:
Damn, that '62 Chizzler was one great looking car. '63 Chevy was no slouch either.

14th Sep 2011, 19:36
Fabulous !

Lots of memories - including feeling Glad all over (I think that was her name) . . .

15th Sep 2011, 10:31
I was mentioning to some friends last night that, back in those days, I remember well saying to my new wife that when petrol reached 5 bob (25p) a gallon I would pack up driving 'cos we couldn't afford it. I'm paying £6.20 something now.

15th Sep 2011, 10:57
First time I noticed petrol prices would be in the 1950s, on holiday in Orkney. We borrowed my Uncle's car (he was a farm worker there) and my dad put four gallons in the tank. Ten bob, it cost! I probably pay more than that in tax on every litre I use now. :{

15th Sep 2011, 12:34
Very first gig I ever attended..

Headliner was Del Shannon, in his heyday
First support was a once-great Rock/skiffle band now past their sell-by date - Joe Brown and the Bruvvers
Second support was a brand-new folk/pop trio - The Springfields (featuring Dusty...)

15th Sep 2011, 13:24
Summer of '69. Twas a mere 11 years old. Mom and Dad took me and my two sisters for a summer vacation "upstate New York". In the Catskill mountains.
Stopped over night at a village called White Lake.

I very fondly recall sitting outside our motel room with my Dad and suddenly hearing this bizarre sound coming from the distance. i swore at the time it was
an "oddly" played version of the Star Spangled Banner. I recall Dad saying "Someone must be practicing on one of those electric guitars. Sounds like the Star Spangled Banner. " After a few moments Dad said "Yup. Star Spangled banner it is. I wonder who that is playing? They sure are good."


15th Sep 2011, 13:29
Yep I recall Neil Armstrong on 20th July - I was at school in
Adelaide and the whole class sat down at the BW to watch it.

Didn't know McDonalds was a 1940 invention. Live and learn.

Donna Reed was bloody boring! Much preferred Patti Duke.

Small hand-held transistor radio - I bought my first one when
I was 7 after saving up my allowances. Man I thought it was
really hi-tech!

We had absolutely real yummy TV dinners in Oz - perfect for
when the folks decided to skedaddle out for a nice restaurant
feed. Rest of the night was spend grazing from the Peters ice
cream trough watching Bonanza.

A Chrysler with push-button transmission? How the hell did
THAT work?? :bored:

15th Sep 2011, 13:33
Lonnie Donegan, Last Train to San Fernando. Circa 1961? Or earlier?

15th Sep 2011, 16:35
A Chrysler with push-button transmission? How the hell did
THAT work??

Not very bleedin' well, that's why they stopped making it after a year. :p

(My father-in-law owned a Chrysler dealership and my wife remembers all the problems they had with that transmission, said her dad hated that model. A lot of them were sent back. It wasn't as bad as the Edsel, but real close.)

G&T ice n slice
15th Sep 2011, 20:10
Ah, c'mon.. I thought the Edsel was a great looking car.

but I was only 8 in 1958

16th Sep 2011, 08:34
Was listening to a sixties record show last night … you forget how much crap there was around too. At one stage they played this sequence, pure sublime-to-the-ridiculous:
Kinks – Sunny Afternoon :) :ok:
Byrds – Mr Tambourine Man :) :ok:
Beatles – The Night Before :) :ok:
Beach Boys – I get Around :) :ok:
Allisons – Are You Sure :yuk: :yuk:

16th Sep 2011, 11:41
Perhaps you were listening to 'Solid Gold' (or whatever it's called) ?

They seem to have a talent for mainly playing the worst. It's claimed to be requests, but I don't believe all those airings of Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark and Cilla Black have been asked for.

16th Sep 2011, 12:37
It was a French-language Belgian station, so there were some dire French covers of American hits.

The Belgians have some odd tastes, they love Joe Cocker and Herman’s Hermits (we were treated to ‘Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter’ last night)

16th Sep 2011, 14:23
SSK , I saw Del Shannon too, one of the many one-night stands I saw at the ABC cinema in Carlisle (remember when big names weren't too up themselves to play small venues?). Saw The Beatles there, for which I paid 8/6d (42 1/2p) for a balcony seat! My then girlfriend was shrewd enough to hang on to her ticket, and flogged it to a crazy Beatles memorabilia collector for £50 a few years ago. Threw mine away the next day I guess :(

16th Sep 2011, 16:01
Bill Hayley and the Comets!!!

Goodness me!!! They were DIRE!!!!!