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11th Sep 2011, 16:34
BBC News - Five arrests in 'slavery' raid at Greenacre travellers' site (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-14871318)

We believe that some of them had been living and working there in a state of virtual slavery, some for just a few weeks and others for up to 15 years ...

"That's the worse case. Some are treated a little bit better, but they were told they could not leave and if they did they would be beaten up and attacked.

"But in fact some people did leave and told us what was going on and when we looked back since 2008 we were aware of 28 people who had made similar accusations."

... it does make you wonder how many reports the police have to have to act on an on-going, easily provable crime .. :cool:

11th Sep 2011, 16:42
Makes you wonder why they didn't go through the whole place with a fine-toothed comb and acted on every illegal thing they found there.

Oops, sorry. We're talking about "travellers" here......

11th Sep 2011, 16:48
28 people had made similar accusations since 2008??

Makes me wonder if the Police weren't actively involved to
keep down the number of local dossers?

I mean, 28 accusations? WTF?

DX Wombat
11th Sep 2011, 23:15
That is sickening. :(

11th Sep 2011, 23:24
I wonder if all the handwringers who never miss an opportunity to remind us that this country was once involved in the slave trade, even though she was one of the first to outlaw it, will be protesting about its re-emergence in the pikey community.

You don't think so? Neither do I!

11th Sep 2011, 23:29
Was at a car meet today. Got talking to a fellow car owner chap who lives in the very close proximity to this incident. He was initially prevented from leaving his farm property, which was searched extensively and given the all clear by police early this morning. He was told he couldn't return home until this evening but he did eventually get a call from his wife to give the all clear. He got away slightly earlier than he had expected. He had no real idea of what had happened until the phone call.

Words fail me about this appalling crime. :\

galaxy flyer
12th Sep 2011, 00:50
In the multi-culti world, it's just a lifestyle choice. Please do not make judgments about people's choices.

In the country that gave us abolition and William Wilberforce, he would be appalled.


Metro man
12th Sep 2011, 02:34
If the travelers want to drop out of main stream society and live according to the "old ways" that's fine by me, as long as that doesn't include claiming benefits and they obey the law.

Range Rovers and big screen TVs are hardly traditional and the general public shouldn't have to accept a rise in petty crime when they set up camp.

"Morning guv, we was passing and noticed your roof needs fixing, do the job for you nice and cheap."

12th Sep 2011, 03:12
and I was about to congratulate Galaxy Flyer on a deliciously sardonic posting!

Solid Rust Twotter
12th Sep 2011, 05:50
Still rife in parts of Africa and the Middle East.

12th Sep 2011, 07:13
I can't wait to read the incisive explanation and excuse for this from Racedo.

12th Sep 2011, 08:06
Leaving aside the fact that plod have known of this for three years, and have allowed it to continue, therefore being guilty of "aiding and abetting" or some such, does anyone know why, in a country where slavery has been abolished for many years, these pikeys are being charged under an act of 2010? Why was it necessary to change the law last year?


12th Sep 2011, 11:55
Why don´t Irish Travellers travel any more?

12th Sep 2011, 11:58
They can't afford the fuel?

12th Sep 2011, 12:02
They do travel occasionally, Boris and you'd better watch out when they arrive in your area. The biggest troublemakers are the 'British' Irish travellers. They sometimes come 'home' and give the locals a bad name.

12th Sep 2011, 12:03
They could all **** off back to their mother country although they might not be able to claim quite as much from their government to support their wasteful lives.
To hell with the lot of them................

12th Sep 2011, 12:09
boris: they do come back to the mother country a lot. Partly because the benefits they can get here are quite generous. Our liberal-lefties (in particular the Irish Times) are big supporters of the traveller cause, especially thier campaign to be recognised as an "ethnic group": total nonsense as they are nothing if not 100% Irish.

On refelction if ethnic status were to mean that they weren't Irish after all, then right on!

12th Sep 2011, 12:37
When is Vanessa Redgrave going to appear on TV to tell us that keeping slaves is part of 'traveller' culture, and we are the ones who have got it wrong?

12th Sep 2011, 12:38
Still no sign of racedo. Anyone got that animated tumbleweed gif?

12th Sep 2011, 12:42

This was from another forumSlavery | Myth Busters | Strange Days (http://www.forteantimes.com/strangedays/mythbusters/3985/slavery.html) and sounds a reasonable although unverified by me. I read somewhere that this all came to a head after the deaths of the 21 Chinese cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay in 2004 :
Holding a person in slavery became illegal in the UK on 6 April 2010. Nineteenth-century legislation made slavery illegal, in stages, throughout the British Empire, but the status of slave had never existed under English common law. Therefore, since slaves did not legally exist in this country, holding a slave was never made specifically illegal – until now. Section 71 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 makes it an offence in the UK to hold a person in slavery or servitude, or require a person to perform forced or compulsory labour. The maximum penalties are seven and 14 years imprisonment respectively. Modern anti-slavery campaigners say that there are currently 27 million slaves worldwide, in various categories, and that the use of undocumented migrants as forced labour is common in Britain. They argue that it’s only in countries where slavery has been criminalised, as opposed to merely “abolished”, that the prosecution of slaveholders becomes practical.


Correspondence with the pressure group Anti-Slavery International
'Government takes steps to erode slavery (http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/index.php/news/content/view/full/82855)', Morning Star 5 November 2009
Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2009/en/ukpgaen_20090025_en_1.htm)
'Slavery Abolition Act 1833 (http://www.anti-slaverysociety.addr.com/huk-1833act.htm)', Anti-Slavery Society
Anti-Slavery (http://www.antislavery.org/english/)

Lon More
12th Sep 2011, 12:52
For MagnusP

12th Sep 2011, 12:58
Grazie mille.

12th Sep 2011, 13:26
go through the whole place with a fine-toothed comb

Given the state of some of the alledged victims, this is quite an apt statement.

Pikeys make my bloood boil!

12th Sep 2011, 22:01
The story just gets better.

It turns out that 9 of those "rescued" are refusing to help the police and one even went as far as to say he was "happy" being paid £50 per day and had lived on the site for years ( Rescued 'slave' criticises police raid at Bedfordshire caravan site | UK news | The Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/sep/12/rescued-man-criticises-slavery-raid) ).

Well, I'm sure that the police, DSS, Inland Revenue, Immigration, etc, will be able to find the "right" thing to do with him and those who refuse to cooperate........

12th Sep 2011, 22:43
It 'amused' me when a politician was interviewed and decried the fact they the had been kept in horse boxes and kennels, beaten and 'had their mobile phones removed'.

Not that I should be surprised at that which a politician considers as 'reprihensible'.

12th Sep 2011, 22:59
So that's how they can afford a big fat gypsy wedding:rolleyes:

13th Sep 2011, 02:27
Don't have a problem with slavery per se, but do draw the line at English slaves. That's atrocious. Aren't there enough indigenous peoples left in the colonies to fill the need? Probably need to send a gunboat somewhere. Any suggestions?


Airborne Aircrew
13th Sep 2011, 12:52
Probably need to send a gunboat somewhere.

Can't... There's none left...

13th Sep 2011, 12:59
Don't have a problem with slavery per se, but do draw the line at English slaves. Aha, that's ironic, Irish Travellers keeping English slaves.

13th Sep 2011, 13:30
Can't believe it, some of you guys who didn't know slavery existed must surely be married ?

13th Sep 2011, 13:48
Probably need to send a gunboat somewhere.

Can't... There's none left...

Could probably lease one from Somali pirates.

13th Sep 2011, 14:37
As a non-Brit I'm lost. What exactly is this "'traveller' culture"?

13th Sep 2011, 14:43
Traveller culture?
It's a contradiction .
They travel very little, unless pursued by the Police,
and have virtually NO culture to speak of.

13th Sep 2011, 14:51
Travellers: A certain group of people who live in caravans (mobile trailers in the US)., taking advantage of legislation designed to accomodate Romany gypsies. Travellers are known for their offers to do work for cash driveway resurfacing, tree surgery etc, then extorting larger sums with threats of menaces having done the job usually to a very low standard, and often requiring someone to finish it off or put it right. They generally flout the law but when challenged will use the law very effectively to their own advantage.

Traveller culture regards ordinary people as a source of income and no more. Travellers lack empathy for non-travellers and for their surroundings. Leaving a mess behind for others to clear up is normal.

Worrals in the wilds
13th Sep 2011, 16:13
Out of interest, are many of these people ethnically Romany?

13th Sep 2011, 16:18
Absolutely, totally, NOTHING to do with Romany people AT ALL!!!

Generally just Irish tinkers.

None of the above
13th Sep 2011, 21:43

As a non-Brit I'm lost. What exactly is this "'traveller' culture"? Apparently they're not unknown in Georgia:

Irish Travelers Perpetuate a Tradition of Fraud. (http://web.archive.org/web/20100718080749/http://consumer.georgia.gov/00/press/detail/0,2668,5426814_94800056_94847127,00.html)

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