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bugg smasher
9th Sep 2011, 19:39
According to my calculator, that's 5416 times/month, or 180 times a day, or 7.5 times per hour. Every 8 minutes.

Dutch woman calls ex-boyfriend 65,000 times - Yahoo! News (http://news.yahoo.com/dutch-woman-calls-ex-boyfriend-65-000-times-085036542.html)

9th Sep 2011, 19:48
Sounds like she hasn't got over him yet :rolleyes: Strangely one has never had much contact if at all with any ex's due to many factors, but in general, after things have gone TU would you really want to have much contact ? Either you still want them :{ and have to deal with them moving on to pastures new or you don't wish to have any more contact and they keep turning up in varied mutual social circles. People rarely both decide to split up and be good with that. All power to those who did and have though.


9th Sep 2011, 19:55
from a personal perspective, i wouldn't p1ss on my ex if she were on fire in the desert.

9th Sep 2011, 20:06
once the line is drawn.

The line is drawn:E

or are they avoiding me ?

9th Sep 2011, 20:24
from a personal perspective, i wouldn't p1ss on my ex if she were on fire in the desert.

So it ended on a sour note then Mr Stuck ? :ouch: ;)


9th Sep 2011, 20:40

what gave you that notion ?

9th Sep 2011, 20:42
Got dumped by the ex.
He promised there wasn't another woman involved.
I discovered later that there was, and we had overlapped by about 4 months.
Karma's schweeeeeeet....

A few years further down the line we're in reduced but friendly contact again after I discovered that she then dumped him for a carpet muncher in Hong Kong, taking the engagement ring with her, and leaving him with a huge mortgage and an unsellable flat. :E

He's now going out with a really nice girl that I knew way back when and all's cool now. And the flat's just been sold - finally. Oh yeah, and I married somebody else.

We've both moved on. :ok:

9th Sep 2011, 20:46

what gave you that notion ?

Oh, probably my razor sharp, finely tuned spiderman perception :}


9th Sep 2011, 20:51
Wholigan's a lucky chap :ok:

I've moved on, now very happily married, the ex is still psycho (as i understand) but still wouldn't p1ss on her if she were on fire in the desert. there's somethings that are simply reprehensible and the court of stuckgear finds the ex guilty as charged.

Me bitter ?

nope not in the slightest, if it wasn't for the ex's shenanigans, i wouldn't have been in the situation to meet a girl 15 years my junior that is now Mrs stuckgear and my chief cheerleader (uniform on request) with wisdom that exceeds my decade and a half advantage.

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Sep 2011, 21:20
Never. Got nothing to say to her.

sea oxen
9th Sep 2011, 21:27
Sometimes I consider some plastic tubing and a couple of hungry rats.

There's no need for me to ruminate on such things, though. Her current indolent, hubristic, penniless and unemployed beau visits every form of revenge I could wish upon her, daily - and far better than ever could. My urine is boiled somewhat by the fact that he's spending my money.

We stay in close contact because her father was stupendously agreeable to me and I remain in touch with him, owing to my proximity. We still have a kind of love as she's the only one stupid enough to really love me and I'm desperate enough to go for a mental case. Plus, she looks like Michelle Pfeiffer. Especially with her kit off.


10th Sep 2011, 01:26
No hear, no see, 37 years and counting. Seems safe but you never know.

10th Sep 2011, 02:02
Huh, never. Hell, can't remember any old girl friends and only have one ex-wife. But I do see her from time to time at my son's farm/ranch/race car place.

10th Sep 2011, 04:27
I will give the opposing view.....I have more than one ex.... One of them is the mother of my daughter. We still call once every couple of weeks----even though my daughter in over 21 and "on her own".

Life is too short to hold grudges---we discovered a long time ago that we were not compatible to live with each other...but we had something special once....no need to ruin a good friendship over it. Our respective new partners are brought into the mix and all is good.

Move on and hold no grudges I say.....

10th Sep 2011, 05:07
It is when your huge-titted beautifully-arsed poutingly-lipped
girlfriend leaves you for another woman that you know there's
no way either of you will be contacting each other ever again.

Even if you just wanna watch. :(

10th Sep 2011, 08:59
See my post #8 Slasher.... :E

10th Sep 2011, 10:57
Slasher, it's your own fault. You were warned about cross-dressing at the weekends. ;)

Glad you're over it.

10th Sep 2011, 21:09
The only way I want to contact my ex is through a Medium!

Takan Inchovit
11th Sep 2011, 02:29
I was stalked recently on 'My Face' by an ex GF from 35yrs ago. Time is not kind to our outward appearances. :\

11th Sep 2011, 03:17
Yeh, but Radar66 did she ever let your ex watch her and the
HKG eat each other's carpet racks? Despite all my desperate
crying and begging and pleading mine didn't - not even just
a little peek! :{

The ex-girlfriend's housebitch was about as stunning as she
was. What an absolute bloody waste.

Rwy in Sight
11th Sep 2011, 21:44
Funny this thread started today. An ex gf ( with all the right size mmm... forward attractions) has her birthday today and I called her. She was unavailable to take my first call so she did return it. She remains to my liking but unfortunately she is married also because of my mistakes. I do call her on her name day and Christmas as well.

I think as I am not currently in a relation, an ex is a very important woman. Companionship, a person to go out with and so much more.

Rwy in Sight

PS. Slasher: there is always hope for something bigger

12th Sep 2011, 09:59
I never phone them.

I usually just nudge them to one side with my walking cane as I approach my front door; those that are kneeling or completely prostrate (these tend to be of the Catholic persuasion) I help to their feet. The weeping ones get a loan of my silk handkerchief, of course, no need to be entirely brutal.

Once at my door, I usually turn and smile at them, so they may return to their own pitiful lives with a modicum of joy in their sad neglected souls.

12th Sep 2011, 11:22
First ever (Dutch) BF and I have a good 2 hour phone chat about every other month or so. Been doing that for almost 40 years now so I am guessing that won´t change. When my Mum almost died in a Spanish hospital some years back, he dropped everything, closed his practice and flew in. As my parents did when he tried to off himself age 22.
I needed support and he came through. My Dad needed another medical man to talk things through with, and he was there. His calm assurances helped my Mum to stick with treatment and she made it.

Second (Italian) BF keeps in touch in a more haphazard fashion, but we stay abreast of low and high points in each other´s lives. Recently had his older brother and friends around for the day when they did a Norway tour. Great fun was had by all.

Third (Scottish) BF is another life long friend. I was his best man when he got married in Vermont, and he and his wife came over from the States for a week´s visit not long ago. Great mates, both of them.

Exes are the only people in the world who will see right through all your bullsh!t, so there´s no need to engage in any of it. They know your worst so you never disappoint them, and your shared frame of reference makes them comfy to be around.
Since they´ve been there and done that, my Wiking doesn´t feel any competition; it all makes for happy, solid friendships.

I do like my exes. :ok:

12th Sep 2011, 16:28
How many times do I phone them? Are you kidding?

In my experience, these departures are most dramatic....and enduring.
A broken collarbone, 30 ccs of phenobarbital, two cases of whiskey, busted furniture....and someone fleeing in the night.

'tis the only way I'll have it, actually. :ok:

12th Sep 2011, 16:59
I was married for thirty years and my marriage was the be all and end all of my life. Me and the ex speak on the phone quite often and see each other every couple of weeks. We get on very well and it is a great way to go. She is a great looking woman and would not want asking twice should she ask me to stay over. My only worry is that I would be comparing her to all the fantastic women I have met these last few years and she would be way down the list.
In my more melancholy moments, usually after one too many vodkas, I dream of how things could have been. To get over these thoughts I think back to what a cold, devious, scheming, thieving, two faced cow she had become and soon get over it.

12th Sep 2011, 23:08
Don't get Mad - get Even