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7th Sep 2011, 20:35
I have been enjoying the doomsayers' stories on Comet Elenin, Planet X, Nibiru and the like, and was sorry to see Elenin break up and stop a lot of the forecasts of death and destruction (wait; what is wrong with me that I take pleasure in this? Never mind...).

Of course this is all crap, but some of it has me shaking my head. Such as Inuit reports of changes in the position of the setting sun, and higher sun angles, an hour more daylight than normal in the Autumn and Spring seasons. The winds are no longer predominently Northerly, but are now Easterly, as demonstrated by the snow drifts. Those people know their environment and if they say things are changing that fast I would believe them. The residents of Greenland have reported similar things, and the moon seems to have "tilted". I have read that all of this is explainable by the normal variations in the Earth's axis of rotation, but these changes seem to an ignoramous like me to be excessive.

Is all of this conspiracy theory, and totally made-up nonsense, or is there really something going on?

tony draper
7th Sep 2011, 20:45
The only way the position of the setting or indeed rising or midday sun can change is if the Earth's axial tilt altered,I think the thousands of Solar observatories and the chaps who man them and the computers that control the angle of the heliostat mirrors would probably have noticed this first and would have been fighting each other to the death to get to a phone and a possible Nobel prize,
Well the chaps would not the computers
Likewise the Moon,a lorra very smart people would notice it long before those feckwits.

7th Sep 2011, 21:36
I'd have to agree with Mr Draper, in that although the indiginous peoples have a wonderful relationship with mother nature and notice changes long before 'we' do, the major changes of the Earth axis tilting, Moon orbit changing would be noticed quick smart by the astronomical community and trumpeted to the world.

Who's to say that some celestial body won't drop by in our lifetime, but if it does let's hope that it's friendly :)


7th Sep 2011, 21:50
Well our friendly neighbourhood sun has fired an X class flare our way.

SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids (http://www.spaceweather.com/)

Geomagnetic storms and Auroras due 8th-10th Sept.

7th Sep 2011, 22:03
I was totally convinced the earth's axis had tilted the other evening! Especially after quite a few glasses Jameson's! (hic!) :)

8th Sep 2011, 00:10
That might explain it. Makes more sense.

8th Sep 2011, 04:53
As a gyroscope Earth therefore wobbles a bit in its axis, known
as the Chandler Wobble, which is a free nutation given Earth is
not a perfect sphere.

No big deal, except it causes some minor variation in weather
patterns over periods of a decade or so. Obviusly GW fcukwits
will not accept this.