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7th Sep 2011, 00:51
G'day, all,

This is a query of purely academic interest to SWMBO and myself.

In 1997, during the Jubilee shenanigans, I bought a commemoration plate, (#215 of 3000), and we wondered if it would have any commercial value?

There is NO intent to get rid of it, even though it is a reminder of the postings(2) I least enjoyed of my 22 years' service! :ugh: It is in perfect condition, even having survived the transition to Downunder, and is intended to have pride of place following our renovations and redecorations.

Any ideas, anyone?

Kind regards,

Edited to correct a "Senior's moment", i.e. the Silver Jubilee was 1977!!



7th Sep 2011, 04:29
If it was the Silver Jubilee that would be 1977 not 97...

7th Sep 2011, 04:39
You're quite correct, Chris, my thanks to you, edit inserted!



7th Sep 2011, 05:45
I doubt it has a huge commercial value but I would suggest doing some searching in Google on the key words and I think you would come up with a few examples.

The alternative is to ask one of the Auction Houses.

If you are thinking of selling it, then you might have more interest next year for obvious reasons. I certainly wouldn't sell it this year with 2012 just around the corner.

Toddington Ted
7th Sep 2011, 05:55
I saw an item about royal wedding and royal jubilee memorabilia/ephemera on TV relatively recently and the general view of the experts (I presume) who were discussing the artifacts (which varied in age from Queen Victoria to our current Monarch) was that is was all regrettably pretty much mass-produced "tat", even the special edition stuff. Its value was relatively nil.

However, what was of greater value was ephemera or commemorative material saved from dinners, wedding breakfasts etc which would have only been in the possession of invited guests - these were much more sought after. The general opinion was that the rest of it was worthless, even the 19th Century stuff. What would be of greater value would be items to commemorate something that never happened or that had spelling errors etc, but even these would be relatively worthless - a little surprising but thats what these "experts" all agreed.

7th Sep 2011, 06:29
I normally have a look for similar items on e bay and track them to see what they sell for. As has been mentioned, next year would be a far better year to sell, particularly on e bay.

7th Sep 2011, 06:48
The Silver Jubilee? Ah! I wonder who nicked my silver jubilee medal from my pigeon hole and awarded it to himself? Whoever it was, they are welcome to it. I doubt if its worth much on the antiques roadshow. :)

7th Sep 2011, 07:32
Oh, the Silver Jubilee Medal. I think our ship got 3 between 260 odd chaps. The Skipper got one, the most baby sailor got one and I'm sure the other was raffled off. I do still have a small plastic commemorative keyring given out by the Yorkshire Grey and a engraved pint pot from the Fleece (liberated).

7th Sep 2011, 08:07
I've dealt with this sort of stuff for over 30 years. Current value of a genuine Silver Jubilee Medal is around £150, surprisingly enough, although as it's quite a scarce medal I suppose it's understandable. On the other hand china commemoratives have really stagnated in price. I started collecting them in the early 70's, and put together a little collection going back to Victoria and Albert's wedding in 1840. The fact is I could still pick up equivalent pieces for no more than I paid for them 30 plus years ago, a considerable price drop in real terms. I don't know your piece Nightowl, but I would be very surprised if it is worth any more today than when you bought it.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I had to disappoint many people with similar news in the years I had a shop.

7th Sep 2011, 08:07
I see that you had some rather unhelpful answers to the same question 9 years ago.....

Anyway, there are similar items on eBay here:

1977 silver jubilee plate | eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/items/__1977+silver+jubilee+plate_W0QQ_dmdZ2?rvr_id=262959105836&clk_rvr_id=262959105836&crlp=8346484375_228459_228459&UA=WXI8&GUID=2e8568041310a0aa14c7e397fe909292&agid=2139676015&tm_kw=1977+silver+jubilee+plate&siteid=3&MT_ID=10&tt_encode=raw&keyword=1977+silver+jubilee+plate&geo_id=21&ff4=228459_228459)

and also on another specialist site here:

defined.co.uk jubilee (http://www.defined.co.uk/GetSearchResults.php?Query=jubilee&catID=39634&siteID=3)

Now if you'd had something really special such as the 'Elvis Presley Dambusters Clock Plate of Tutankhamen'.......

7th Sep 2011, 10:04
Thanks, BEagle, I had forgotten my earlier query, is it really nine years?

I have no idea what I paid for it at FY, but I do know it was a damned sight more than some apparently comparable items are worth on your E-bay link!

Never mind, it will sit well with my 226OCU coffee mugs and my whisky decanter and glasses from my last posting at Lossie.

Best regards,


Pontius Navigator
7th Sep 2011, 13:12
Now I have a Royal Air Force medal in its decrative display box. It is certainly worth more than it cost me. The medal is silver coloured and has the RAF badge on the front. On the back I have no idea as I have never taken it out of its mount and it is stuck too tight for a casual pull on the tape to remove it.

It is supposedly in aid of the RAF museum and IIRC was issued for the 90th. I got it free as a sample to market to the troops. Neither troop was interested so I kept it. :)

Google - looks like £15s worth although mine has the RAF Crest and not the aircraft.

7th Sep 2011, 14:09
A couple of years back I went to an aviation industry event hosted by KLM. You may know of the little blue Delft china houses they give away to business class passengers, they are numbered, I think there are currently 90 in the series and there is a thriving community of collectors, although they change hands for relatively small amounts.

Anyway, as well as the little houses, KLM has occasionally produced one-off special editions and that is what they did for us. The one I have is bigger, it’s an iconic building for the Dutch – the Ridderzaal in Den Haag – and I believe only 75 were made. It took ‘the trade’ quite a while even to learn of their existence and the very few which have changed hands have been for escalating amounts. I believe they are into four figures (€) by now. As an artefact it’s worth peanuts, its value is in its rarity, but also that among the thousands of little-blue-house collectors out there, who as business travellers are likely to be an affluent bunch, there are a few obsessive ‘completists’ who have to have the full set, come what may.

Incidentally, mine’s at home. There’s a spare one just sitting on a desk in my office :eek:

tony draper
7th Sep 2011, 14:20
I still got me Coronation mug,all we street urchins got one.:)

2 sheds
7th Sep 2011, 17:40
In the South, one received a teacup, saucer and plate, as one recalls - presented at school. One also recalls that the plate was the last surviving item, used by Charlie the cat!

2 s

Lon More
7th Sep 2011, 18:52
If it's got Elizabeth II printed on it you might be able to sell it in Scotland as a mis-print.:E

7th Sep 2011, 20:06

Good news! In 100 years time it will still be worth what you paid for it. :p

tony draper
7th Sep 2011, 20:28
We usta dream of cups and saucers.:(:rolleyes:

Sir George Cayley
7th Sep 2011, 21:07
Lucky bastards. We had to drink from puddles int road.

FL 'appen

tony draper
7th Sep 2011, 21:09
Roads!! you had roads?:uhoh:

8th Sep 2011, 05:47
We didn't have any roads, we just dreamed of 'em. All we had
were well-trodden dusty pathways that'd take a full week for
the postman to cover.

You were truly a pack of lucky bastards Mr Cayley.