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6th Sep 2011, 23:08
Yesterday in Sydney CBD there was a small but all-day hostage incident and this morning's news replayed a Q&A media interview with an attending police commissioner. In typical media fashion, rapid fire questions were put to the commissioner mainly by male media reps and he quickly responded to them. However, interjecting in all of this was a female voice asking similar short questions but on every occasion she spoke he had to ask her to repeat. I couldn't understand what she was saying first time around either. Thinking about it later, Australian media seem to have more and more people who are not clearly understood, who thrive in lithping, mumbling and bastardizing an already bastard of a vernacular.

Is this peculiar just to this country or has it spread?

7th Sep 2011, 00:30
Is this peculiar just to this country or has it spread?

I thought that lithping was spoken mostly by norwegians who played piano

7th Sep 2011, 01:35
Looking at who's supposed to be in charge of this country and the way she speaks why are you so surprised?

Arm out the window
7th Sep 2011, 02:02
Orl Ostroyans should be proud to spoik loik Jooolya, preferably with flight-attendant style arm gestures and monotone delivery.

7th Sep 2011, 07:18
Nah it happens elsewhere other than in Oz osmo -


tony draper
7th Sep 2011, 07:34
Something that has struck me of late the American west coast accent as spoken by the chaps sounds more and more effeminate,they lisp like ladies frock designers,they cant all have turned fruit can they.:rolleyes:

7th Sep 2011, 07:45
There seems to be a growing tendency in the TV world to copy younger members of American films, series, shows in their rapid, unenunciated wordsmithery, a controlled slurring if you will, that makes it quite hard to get the gist first time round, "Eh, what, come again luv!" :8 No matter, by the number of people that nearly walk into me every day as they are busy texting/internetting on their smartphones, we will soon be a non verbal species only making grunts and groans as the occasion demands.


Worrals in the wilds
7th Sep 2011, 12:15
In typical media fashion, rapid fire questions were put to the commissioner mainly by male media reps and he quickly responded to them.

Similar to the questions put to the Qld Fire and Rescue Service officers that responded to a nasty fatal house fire here recently.

Eleven people killed in house fire in Slacks Creek, south of Brisbane | Herald Sun (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/fears-for-11-people-in-kingston-house-fire-south-of-brisbane/story-fn7x8me2-1226120876772)
Sample question from the TV meeja (as recalled from the broadcast) who were huffy about their access being restricted while the gas explosion risk was contained...what, no pictures of the Unfolding Tragedy? What is this? We're the MEEJA! :yuk:
[Stupid twentysomething vapid journo to the Incident Commander, waving a mic from one of the major networks]
How did you feel when you went into the burned building?
Sample answer:
[Incident Commander] HTF do you think I felt? Called out from Woodridge QFRS on what was an ordinary night shift to unimaginable death and destruction. Not a damned thing we could do to save them. Maybe if I drink a bottle of whiskey a day from now until my death I'll forget how it felt, in the meantime I feel pretty crappy. Thanks for asking. :mad:

Of course the QFRS Incident Commander didn't say that, they never do. They're well trained in Media Repsonse, but it was still a stupid frigging question.

tony draper
7th Sep 2011, 12:23
Same here tother day,the lad who survived the Polar Bear attack that killed his friend being interviewed by empty headed feckwit bimbo from tv news,
"What do you feel about your friend being killed"
Where do they dig these creatures up from,

7th Sep 2011, 15:16

That was funny when it happened but then apparently it turned out to be something entirely different.

"I knew something wasn't right as soon as I opened my mouth," Branson added. "I hadn't been feeling well a little bit before the live shot. I had a headache, my vision was very blurry. I knew something wasn't right, but I just thought I was tired. So when I opened my mouth, I thought, 'This is more than just being tired. Something is terribly wrong.' I wanted to say, 'Lady Antebellum swept the Grammys.' And I could think of the words, but I could not get them coming out properly."

Serene Branson Opens Up About 'Terrifying' Migraine (Video) - The Hollywood Reporter (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/serene-branson-opens-up-terrifying-101504)

Doing OK Now though.

Serene Branson CBS Los Angeles (http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/personality/serene-branson/)

Nothing like melting down on a live spot though. :ooh:

7th Sep 2011, 19:30
For CBS reporting it sounded quite normal to me Fan!

7th Sep 2011, 21:25

Indeed Sir, Indeed.