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6th Sep 2011, 16:04
Hi there,

I've been looking into contracts with Vietnam Airlines on the ATR72. I know every firm may have slightly different contract requirements, but it seems like lately firms are asking for ATR-72-500 time (very specific ATR time). If you have ATR-72 time but not 500 time, is that accepted? I am even surprised most contracts would not even accept 42 time. In most countries the ATR type rating is treated as a blanket rating for the 42/72, and there is very little differences between the types. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated, or any additional information about Vietnam Airlines ATR operations.


7th Sep 2011, 18:53
Not in Vietnam you need to be qualified on ATR 72
But I d ont know if you need to be qualified on ATR 72 500
I will check and come back
In the mean time check with Parc Aviation

7th Sep 2011, 22:42

One of my mates was there recently on interview, and passed the selection process, thousands of hrs on the ATR and was knocked back after returing home to pack and move,, because he didnt have ATR 72-500 time...

10th Sep 2011, 14:52
I would imagine this requirement of 500 time is based on number of applicants? I've seen different companies ask for 72 time in the past for Vietnam Airlines, but never 500 time. Unless maybe it is a new insurance requirement? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

11th Sep 2011, 15:30
It was never like this, until very very recently... so im guessing as mentioned, its the number of applications that determines it ;)

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