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5th Sep 2011, 23:25
You have no chance!


5th Sep 2011, 23:36
Very deep meaningful lyrics.

Mike X
5th Sep 2011, 23:39
Charismatic lead singers ?

The 5th September is Freddy Mercury's birthday.

Bad timing, mate.

5th Sep 2011, 23:43
Why do the masses celebrate the birthdays of dead people?
Wouldn't the anniversary of their demise be more relavant? :rolleyes:

Capn Notarious
5th Sep 2011, 23:43
That makes me feel old. I saw Focus twice in a small venue.
As for charismatic lead singers: seen a few.

Mike X
5th Sep 2011, 23:49
I think either birthday or deathday is relevant.

We celebrate their genius.

Edited to say : If they weren't born... ?

6th Sep 2011, 00:06
Mike X - challenge?

Slasher - challenge?

Mike X
6th Sep 2011, 00:12
Cragg : pour another, my case is clear.

6th Sep 2011, 00:31
Mike X. When it's 6pm in my part of the world, I'll pour one to mark the untimely death of Your icon. Why not start your own thread about FM?

6th Sep 2011, 00:41


Sorry but in a one on one with your selection this wins hands down every time, go check the YouTube hit counter :ok:

6th Sep 2011, 01:59
I still have a really, really hashed LP of 'Moving Waves' somewhere in the basement. :\

Thijs Van-Leer is pretty famous for his 'vocal percussion' which he displays on several Focus tracks. Jan Ackerman also pretty charismatic too. His guitar solos on Hocus Pocus are particulary spine tingling.

I wonder what the other band members thought of touring with Van Leer. I suspect that he got first pick of the groupies! :p



6th Sep 2011, 03:22
Slasher - challenge?

Charismatic lead singers right?

Gimme a day or two to think about it. I prefer to pick one who
is still breathing.

I think either birthday or deathday is relevant.

Yeh but people celebrate a birthday when one is still alive - ie
the day one was spat out and one's life started. What is the
relevance of celebrating same when one is a dead and rotting
buried corpse (like Mercury, Jackson etc)?

I have never been a fan of either, but remembering their obit
would be far more relevant than their birthdays.

6th Sep 2011, 09:24
Bit of a schoolboy error mistaking a two octave range & an ability to talk like a baby for charisma. Still, each to their own.

I prefer my charismatic frontmen in the here & now.

Vintage Trouble Live at Tar Pit / Los Angeles - YouTube

6th Sep 2011, 09:33
Charismatic lead singers with deep meaningful lyrics...

I present Napalm Death


6th Sep 2011, 09:33
The Tar Pit

Those two were doing vertically, what is usually done horizontally:ok:


Call me old fashioned but.....................


6th Sep 2011, 10:11
If it's really charisma we are talking about then this guy was the one. fantastic band as well.

6th Sep 2011, 12:23


6th Sep 2011, 13:28
Spinal Tap At Freddy Mercury Concert - YouTube

There are rock stars and there are Rokc Stars :8

For animal charisma, Dereck Smalls of Spinal Tap is right up there, the one peice stage outfit and all. Even for a 100% straight guy like me, I'd consider jumping the fence for Dereck :}