View Full Version : Steven Seagal killed my puppy.

2nd Sep 2011, 07:50
Steven Seagal killed my puppy, says man raided in police reality show - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8736667/Steven-Seagal-killed-my-puppy-says-man-raided-in-police-reality-show.html)

Sorry, one couldn't resist, it was just too good a title and content to pass up :}


2nd Sep 2011, 07:57
What a load of nonsense - imagine anybody actually believing that Steven Seagal can write...

tony draper
2nd Sep 2011, 08:39
I like Mr Seagal in the movies,tiz much more believable watching a big bloke thumping shite out of people than some skinny Chinaman but watching his Sheriff progs I get the impression in real life he is not the brightest bulb on the block.

Noah Zark.
2nd Sep 2011, 12:34
It's a pity the pup didn't get in first!

Effluent Man
2nd Sep 2011, 13:07
I'm with Drapes on this.Always rather liked Seagull.Tongue-in-cheek sort of filums.

2nd Sep 2011, 14:30
If his name appears in the credits I don't watch the film.

Mind you, there's quite a few others on that list.

west lakes
2nd Sep 2011, 14:39
Always rather liked Seagull

But what about Nedeeee and Bluebottle?

Airborne Aircrew
2nd Sep 2011, 15:35
Maybe it looked like this:-