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1st Sep 2011, 08:06
According to boilerjuice in the last 10 minutes the price of oil has rocketed 10p a litre! Either the site is wrong or if it really has ring your supplier now and fill up before this gets passed on to the consumer!!!!

1st Sep 2011, 08:16
Hang on a minute. Slight autumnal chill in the morning and central heating being flashed up = heating oil price rises. During the worst of last winter an independent oil supplier we used to use increased his prices from about 58p/l to 89p/l. His customer base is now very much depleted. We managed to get 1000 litres at 55p/l a couple of weeks ago. With a bit of luck it should see out the worst of the upcoming winter.

Windy Militant
1st Sep 2011, 08:51
Be wary where you get your oil from! My mum used to get her oil from this lot but changed to another supplier last year after they put their prices up. Oil company fined 51,000 (From Tivyside Advertiser) (http://www.tivysideadvertiser.co.uk/archive/2011/08/26/County+news+%28wtel_news_county%29/9219703.Oil_company_fined___51_000/)

1st Sep 2011, 08:56
There has been adverse coment in the press about Boiler Juice accusing them of ignoring cheaper suppliers .
Syndicates are the way to go .

1st Sep 2011, 09:09
I've bought from Boilerjuice about twice in twenty oil purchases, in Suffolk and in Norfolk. In the other 18 cases, the local supplier was cheaper.

We're now in a bulk purchasing syndicate, which is scary in that you have to fit into the syndicate's buying schedule, but comes out very well "on the day".

1st Sep 2011, 12:12
I only use boilerjuice as a monitor, just put 2350 litres in the tank at 52.6 per litre after calling several different suppliers which is what I always do. I am a terror for getting a deal and usually the suppliers don't mind a bit having a haggle.

1st Sep 2011, 17:03
I've always rung round locally, and for the past couple of years Boilerjuice has been the cheapest. Never the quickest, but always the cheapest.

Maybe it's the area, and that I only ever buy 500 litres at a time...

(just checked and it's 57.4p/litre at the moment for a "standard delivery" to my house).

1st Sep 2011, 17:51
Gawd, I've been putting this off for some time, but it will soon be time to order again. Our problem is that we need the small tanker, rather than the standard one hence the lack of good deals for us.

The last time we filled up, it disappeared after a couple of days. Sods law, we had a leak, and lost around 400 ltrs. Wasn't worth claiming from the insurance either.

1st Sep 2011, 18:18
The last time we filled up, it disappeared after a couple of days. Sods law, we had a leak, and lost around 400 ltrs. Wasn't worth claiming from the insurance either.

Ouch !

Heating oil thefts are on the rise also. When the boiler needed replacing we were thinging about going the oil route (about 2 years ago) but the cost of digging up the ground and laying gas pipe worked out only slightly more than putting in a oil boiler and tank.

If the cost of gas keeps going up, i'm going to switch to burning old tyres.

1st Sep 2011, 18:30
If you check the Boilerjuice graph (it'll show 2 years of data) it seems that this is usually the cheapest time to buy oil.

Anyone got any experience with buying syndicates? There's one locally, but they get topped up every quarter.

I get 10 month's use from a refill and like to choose when I buy.

Mr Optimistic
1st Sep 2011, 19:44
Just paid 60p/litre using local syndicate (yobco) for 600l.

1st Sep 2011, 22:08
Right, people, let's get a couple of things straight. Boilerjuice.com is owned by DCC, an Irish business that owns GB oils & some 40 other oil suppliers in the UK.

It has been heavily criticised for it's buisness practices including running multiple oil suppliers from the same office ( made a few calls for quotes? Think on that) and operating what amounts to a cartel in the UK. If you put your trust in boilerjuice, you are effectively feeding one business.

2nd Sep 2011, 07:01
Hi Sprogett - might be just me, I'm not entirely sure I see your point...the cheapest quotation I get is from Boilerjuice (however they operate). Direct calls to the other local suppliers give me quotations several pence per litre higher, so I go for the least expensive option. I'm not putting my trust in Boilerjuice as such, just paying them to supply me with oil.

Are you simply pointing out that it's like the supermarkets doing the small businesses out of trade by undercutting them? If so, it's a good idea in theory to support the independent retailers, but in reality I've got a family to feed (and attempt to keep warm!)

2nd Sep 2011, 10:20
Agree with blues and twos, not interested where it comes from only the total at the bottom of the invoice.... no pun intended.

17th Sep 2011, 15:26
Prices as of 9 Sep were 63 point something ppl from our usual supplier, and 57.39 ppl with our new supplier for > 500 litres.

600 litres plus VAT came to just over 361.

We weren't sure if their 4 wheel tanker would make it up our steep track, however they said they'd 'have a go', which they duly did with success.

So farewell to our old supplier with their ridiculous prices.

17th Sep 2011, 15:56
In our Chedburgh syndicate we are paying 54ppl +5% VAT Sounds good to me.

17th Sep 2011, 19:06
I had 500 litres delivered on 7 Sep. The bill was 321.15 plus 16.06 VAT (64.23p per litre before VAT)

18th Sep 2011, 15:53

Some years ago I replaced my metal tank with a plastic one and piped it in myself. The new tank was guaranteed for 10 years, what a laugh! After 5 it split AND, I'd also just had 900 litres stuck in. Luckily I noticed pretty quickly and got a local agricultural engineer to come and drain the remainder below the split and then make me a new metal tank, the plastic supplier having ceased trading. Oh, by the way, oil tank supplier average price about 900, this chap, 600. That included pumping out, tank removal, manufacture of new tank and plumbing in and refilling.

I little tip I learnt from the company that I get my oil from, get a block of hard kitchen type soap and rub it liberally over the split, forcing it into it, and it may not only slow the leak, but as in my case I had a little luck, it actually stopped it! Even though it was Imperial Leather..... But, beware, it's only a temporary fix.

Another tip I picked up was about a sticker from the manufacturer of the tank placed in a prominent position: "If you suspect your tank to be leaking, ring this number for urgent attention." I pointed this out to the engineer who supplied my new tank and he asked if I'd tried to ring the number. I said not because I knew him and he could sort me out. I was quite surprised (no not really) to find that "urgent" sticker carried not the number for a tank replacement service, but indeed the part of the Environmental Agency that on my call, would have arrived and removed a heap of the deck around the tank and most likely have fined me up to 5000 for soil contamination!!!


Fancy! Further enquiries suggests that if you buy a property and find that the soil has been contaminated by a previous owner, YOU are responsible for the clear-up bills.


18th Sep 2011, 16:34
MTB is dead right about leaks.

Aged aunt & uncle in Lincolnshire had a leak from their old metal tank while they were away one weekend. A neighbour reported it to the friendly Env Health :mad: Gestapo who, for their comfort and convenience, staged a full Show Trial, rolling out several hundred rules and regs against them. Talk about a self-justification exercise from a lot of under-employed pencil pushers.

Insurance didn't want to know. Said it was a failure to maintain the tank... though how an 80-year old is supposed to spot a small rust patch around the pipe on the underside of the tank is beyond me.

With clean-up, has cost them well over 10 grand to date.... and almost killed them with the stress of it all.

(One idea, if your tank is on a concrete pad, might be to get your local Polish brickkie to build a small bund-wall around the tank.)

18th Sep 2011, 21:47
I'd heard the rumours about Boilerjuice, and they haven't been the cheapest quote for some time. They also took to bombarding me with invitations to ask for a quote - when it got to one a day, I unsubscribed.

Their best price today is 58.88p + VAT. I just ordered from the syndicate at 53.15p.

The syndicate has grown like Topsy - when I joined a year ago, there were under 200 members. Now, it's more like 1,000. I suspect that provides more leverage on the price.

Loose rivets
18th Sep 2011, 23:40
Ooooo:ooh: Makes me glad to be old.

Used to have a 500 gallon tank in the integral garage! One night I had a terrible dream about flames coming through the floor near the nursery. That did it, converted to gas and used the space for a little engineering corner with lathe and drill etc. Nice that was.

Garage ceiling and doors were lined with asbestos.

Shame that, 500 gallons at 12p a gallon. I even got green shield stamps. Not kidding! Mind you, that was 1970-ish. Can things have changed that much?

24th Sep 2011, 16:14
Just took delivery of 990 litres of the region's best! Only 550.00 Most likely last until 1st January 2012, then it will have arisen magically to 900 like it was 1st January this year! No gas in the village, so no duel fuel scams to boot! As..if it would make any difference!



24th Sep 2011, 19:39
What exactly is this term oil ?

Is it that stuff that goes in the chainsaw?


24th Sep 2011, 20:14
I suppose you have an electric chainsaw?

24th Sep 2011, 21:01
No...have to be portable!

the red oil gets mixed with the petrol, and any 'eld muck goes in the chain sump. Once had to use sunlower oil, chain's ok, but the lounge stinks of chips.:)

5th Oct 2011, 16:23
Would any of you good people know of a recommended supplier or syndicate in the Northwood, Middx area?

6th Oct 2011, 16:13
Aaww Gingernut,

That photo reminds me of the pile of split logs I always had stacked in a shed a few years ago. A right bugge* to move them from the point of delivery to store but when the stove was fired up it was warm, comforting and far more enjoyable than looking at a CH boiler.

When Mrs Driftdown and I sat down and planned the rebuild of our house the only thing I really wanted was having a wood burning stove. Damn near gave myself a hernia trying to offload the stove from the delivery van.

House is rented out but one day we will return to enjoy it again.

7th Oct 2011, 01:14
Actually gingernut, veg oil is perfectly fine for chainsaw bar-oil.... just strain the bits of chips out first! An outfit near us builds traditional log cabins - the veg oil leaves no ugly red stains on the logs.

Now you know. :}

7th Oct 2011, 21:18
Max enjoying them :)

dog gone ! - YouTube

17th Apr 2012, 18:38
Here's a little challenge for Gingernuts.... :E

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/554791_352347204817615_189287804456890_1081369_2093834618_n. jpg

7th Jul 2012, 22:35
Finally ordered 500l at 55.2 ppl last Wednesday. Unfortunately, we can't join the discount schemes as we have to have the smaller lorry.

Nervous SLF
7th Jul 2012, 23:40
Within 5 minutes of lighting our first fire this winter these appeared from no-where. :)


B Fraser
8th Jul 2012, 09:46
I was chatting to a bloke a few weeks ago who told me that there are biomass boiler schemes that attract government grants that make a huge difference to heating costs. Does anyone know anything about it ? I have an oil fired boiler and am thinking about replacing it. Wood pellets seem to be the best option as I have plenty of space in which to build a hopper system and they have a controlled moisture content.

Thoughts ?

15th Oct 2014, 17:33
My annual question

Anyone bought heating oil lately? Has the price come down at all?

Windy Militant
15th Oct 2014, 17:52
B Fraser
My Cousin has just had one installed at her farm. Apparently it heats the whole house and heats the water cheaper than their Rayburn used to heat the kitchen and water. They now have a power shower rather than a dribble! However it's not all plusses it's hopeless for making Welsh cakes! ;)

15th Oct 2014, 18:02
Anyone bought heating oil lately? Has the price come down at all?

Well, if crude continues with its impression of a vomiting giraffe then there may well be a reduction in price (wouldn't expect much though given all the middlemen taking a cut before it reaches you !)


15th Oct 2014, 18:13
Start (http://www.stalmir.com.pl/).

Month ago was visiting some friends in Poland and they in midst of a full house refurb.

On the Saturday we were in Obi (B&G / Home Depot store) and the above company had displays on sale. Mate looking at them a guy who buying some spare part told my mate about the one he had installed 2 years ago, I understood not a word.

Completely programmable with Hopper for fuel and he says in summer he refills hopper once every 5-6 weeks, depending on how much hot water they need, in winter and remember it gets -30 sometimes he said its maybe once a week but reckons every 10 days to refill but that is to keep it full but reckons it would empty in 20 days from full in bad weather.

Cost for biggest one was PLN 7,500 which translates just under 1500......

Looking at them and doing a touch and feel exercise it was clear that there was no flimsy construction here.

Might ask mate next time we chat whether he could ask if they have a Uk installer.

15th Oct 2014, 21:28

500 gallons at 12p a gallon. I even got green shield stamps. Not kidding! Mind you, that was 1970-ish.In 1967 I remember paying 1/9 a gallon. The price of heating oil started going pear shaped in 1973 with the Yom Kippur War.

15th Oct 2014, 22:01
On Monday I had 1300 litres delivered (Aberdeenshire) at 52.5p a litre including 5% VAT. I rang around 5 suppliers and they were all within a couple of pence. Cheapest was my local independent surprisingly. Boilerjuice were charting 54p incl VAT that day for Scotland.


15th Oct 2014, 22:51
Hi Helol, domestic oil buddy...(!)

Boilerjuice is currently quoting 51.9p/litre for 500 litres with standard delivery. I'm in South Oxfordshire.

This is marginally less than I paid a couple of months ago.

Ah the fun of it.

16th Oct 2014, 12:55
Had 700 litres delivered by Highland Fuels yesterday. 57.53p per litre, total 422.85 including 20.14 VAT. Not bad considering the tanker has to come across from Kirkwall on the ferry (the company usually waits until they have several deliveries to make)

16th Oct 2014, 13:02
What the hell is Domestic heating Oil???

(Ignorant Sub Tropical Antipodean Scum that I am)

B Fraser
16th Oct 2014, 13:27
1,400 litres of oil at 48p a litre - check

27 builders dumpy bags of logs split, stacked and stored - check.

2 dozen bags of smokeless - check.

A freezer filled to the brim and a full wine rack - checked and quality controlled.

All I need now is to be snowed in for months and we'll be fine.

16th Oct 2014, 14:39
What the hell is Domestic heating Oil???

Probably unknown to you Aussie types given your Winters are the equivalent of a European summer. :E

16th Oct 2014, 14:40
All I need now is to be snowed in for months and we'll be fine.

I understand we're in for a heatwave, thanks to that! :p

16th Oct 2014, 15:31
.....I was quoted 52.9 +VAT/lt about 20 mins ago, but after a bit of a chat and quoting from the graph/price in C16's post got it for 50.5+VAT! Not quite as good as C16, but better.

The Ancient Mariner

16th Oct 2014, 15:32
Fliegenmong said What the hell is Domestic heating Oil???

Kerosene (paraffin).

B Fraser
16th Oct 2014, 16:07
I understand we're in for a heatwave, thanks to that!

The wine cellar will need restocking regardless of the weather ;)

16th Oct 2014, 18:53
mixture contributed: Probably unknown to you Aussie types given your Winters are the equivalent of a European summer. :E

Hmmm. From the BBC today (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-29630610): The Australian state of New South Wales has been battered by a massive storm which has left thousands of homes without power...


But at least the (female) kangaroos can stuff their cold paws down into their front pocket in innocence (the creamy-white stuff in the photo above being snow)... :E

17th Oct 2014, 18:26
Thanks chaps. Some good prices there, compared to the last couple of years.

Yes B&T's, we're in the same location. I may try Lovells, they are local...