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30th Aug 2011, 06:04
Yet another new system with words like honeycomb, gingerbread to overcome!! Anyway I've just bought a Packard Bell liberty tablet. Great little machine that plays movies without being slugish, and I can even tether using my iphone. The problem I have is it won't accept Microsoft Silverlight so I can watch Sky news live, TV catchup etc. The manual is next to useless as is their customer service.

The other problem is some pages say they want Adobe flash installed to open, but I've installed it and they still won't work.

Any ideas how to overcome these problems?

30th Aug 2011, 09:23
Don't think that Silverlight runs on Android 3, although it may do shortly courtesy of THIS (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1207785)group.

And this from a Droid forum: The Silverlight for Linux is a Mono project called Moonlight. It lags a bit behind the Windows release, but apparently Microsoft is actually helping to some extent with the project.

Have you tried THIS (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.adobe.flashplayer&hl=en)page for Flash install ?

30th Aug 2011, 09:37
Thanks for your comments. Yes I've installed Adobe flash using the Android Market and it say's installed.

I think it's a Silverlight issue and hope that they will sort it out asap.

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