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27th Aug 2011, 05:29
Hummmm....From Russia with Love:O

Moscow - London flight grounded by 'erotic dances' | LOCAL | The Moscow News (http://themoscownews.com/local/20110826/188965018.html)

Krystal n chips
27th Aug 2011, 05:45
" “The woman was drunk, and started troubling other patients. They had to complain to members of the crew,” sources in police said "

Ignore the "lost in translation" apect.....the lady is credit to the nursing profession.....;) :E

On the other hand, this adds a whole new dimension to the term, customer service....as for the IFE aspect, well routine servicing could not, I feel, be entrusted to the avionic fraternity when clearly, sensitivy and finesse ( the prime characteristics of the airframe/ engine discipline ) would be essential to ensure lubrication of the IFE in question....and for any modifications that may be required once installed on the aircraft.

27th Aug 2011, 05:59
Russian flights! All the agents, Tupolevs and sex as well!


Pity about the music!

27th Aug 2011, 08:54

Christ....I'm joining THAT mob! http://serve.mysmiley.net/evilgrin/evilgrin0027.gif

27th Aug 2011, 09:03
Can you imagine an advert like that being allowed in the politically correct EU (it is an advert isn't it?)

27th Aug 2011, 09:12

It isn't but it should be! ;)

Here's some more from "les Girls"!


Lose Mr Bond ladies!


27th Aug 2011, 10:18
OI! K&C! IFE is avionics territory matey! stick to your Hydraulics pumps and let us handle the technical stuff!

27th Aug 2011, 11:49
Ah yes. Russian flights. I can't say any more. ;)