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Al Fakhem
24th Aug 2011, 07:42
Just noticed how product placement is making its way into even the BBC news.

Today, one of their reporters from Tripoli came on live wearing a Polo shirt. During his entire broadcast, the camera never zoomed in to show a head and shoulders view; instead, it had him in a frame going right down to essentially his waist, making sure the Polo logo would be prominently displayed as long as he was on air.

Considering the generous remuneration available at the BBC, there must surely be less crude ways of making ends meet.

24th Aug 2011, 08:00
The BBC also seem more than willing to display the blatant advertising of sponsors backdrops when interviewing sportsmen/women and managers. Recently they even allowed one interview, where as well as the backdrop, there was a tablet PC in front of the interviewee, cycling through the various sponsors logos.

Thai Pom
24th Aug 2011, 08:17
Berghaus has been the standard "uniform" for a long time now.

Flap 5
24th Aug 2011, 08:42
The BBC are continually placing adverts for the TV licence, ad nauseam. Programmes often finish two or three minutes early followed by TV licence adverts, adverts for programmes tomorrow or next week, etc.. Gone are the days when a programme would finish and the next one start straight away. Even when a programme is late starting they still fit in these short 'information' slots.

24th Aug 2011, 09:06
That's because Channel 5 take all the Apple slots (Mainly the Australian soaps) :P

Mr Grimsdale
24th Aug 2011, 09:11
They never, ever, ever have any Apple products in view.

24th Aug 2011, 09:24
They get some things right, then ;)

24th Aug 2011, 09:26
Berghaus has been the standard "uniform" for a long time now. Yes. The BBC buys its uniforms from Berghaus.



24th Aug 2011, 12:55
And of course they love doing 'period' pieces (such as the 50s The Hour) which give opportunities for non-stop smoking by all and sundry. Find it quite distracting, myself.

24th Aug 2011, 13:22
You are quite correct there Flap 5, but you are simply pointing out the misapprehension that many have that the BBC regards itself as being there to serve viewers/listeners.

They largely run it to suit thamselves, and if that doesn't fit in with your expectations, then tough.

24th Aug 2011, 16:51
Berghaus has been the standard "uniform" for a long time now.

Totally wasted on me - I thought Berghaus was where Hitler used to live ;)

Mind you as my annual budget for clothes is about 20 quid I doubt if the advertisers/product placers are bothered by my ignorance.

Scotbill - the reason the non-stop smoking is so distracting is that it is way overdone - with the actors dragging away every 10 seconds or so. A A Gill the tv critic reckons that actors need lessons in how to smoke, as most of them have obviously never done it in real life.

24th Aug 2011, 18:32
Brethren! Let us not forget The North Face, who have kitted out many of the foreign correspondents of many of the channels, including the Beeb when on assignment in places cold/wet/windy :8

I think that most large corporations end up migrating towards self-serving and self-platituding edifices after a while, no matter how principled they started out. Thing is with the BBC is that it is viewer funded, so it sticks in the throat when they go their way.


Dan Gerous
24th Aug 2011, 21:10
I find the reverse of this situation more irritating. I get hacked off when watching programmes, where the programme makers have pixelated out, or blurred, any form of logo on clothing or in the background.