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23rd Aug 2011, 15:34
A long time ago (maybe 20 years) I flew to Istanbul and had two boys visit the flight deck. Their father was a well known ex player who was then managing a Turkish club. I also remember, just previous to this, he had a well publicised divorce leaving his wife for a girl who looked very similar to his ex.
For the life of me I cant remember who this was.
Can anyone at PPRune help me out?

Alloa Akbar
23rd Aug 2011, 15:37
Sounds Like Graeme Souness, managed Galatasary in the early 90's, twice wed and with numerous kids including 2 step kids.

23rd Aug 2011, 15:38
Possibly Graham Souness, Managed Galatasary in 95/96

23rd Aug 2011, 15:45
That's the one. I have been trying to remember for ages! Thanks