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23rd Aug 2011, 10:45
No not the usual standoff between those of a more liberal persuasion and the Genghis Khans of the threadisphere, I am talking here about left handedness or even chirality.

Are you left handed, heaven forbid? Are regarded as sinister by many and ignored by the manufacturers of the gizmos that we use in modern life?

In my experience, the world ignores your dexterous requirements. Scissors don’t work, can openers attack you. A childhood spent with fountain biros results in exercises smudged and whippings from right handed teachers!

Today even flying can be a pain! Try and transcribe an air traffic clearance with your left hand while holding the receive button on the left hand side of the yoke!

Of course, being left handed isn’t all bad. You are naturally better looking, more intelligent and urbane than the right handed majority! ;)

Lefties are very modest as well.

If you are a left handed PPRuNer, stand up and admit you are a southpaw.

We are a great minority.

A Vast Left-Handed Conspiracy (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/03/AR2008070303202.html)

What do Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar, Napoleon, Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Paul McCartney, Bruce Jenner, John McEnroe and former U.S. President Bill Clinton all have in common? You guessed it. They are all southpaws.

http://www.fightbeat.com/article_detail.php?AT=57 (http://www.fightbeat.com/article_detail.php?AT=57)

Caco (the sometimes cack-handed one)

http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-cac1.htm (http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-cac1.htm)

Scott C
23rd Aug 2011, 10:52
I'm a lefty and proud...although I can write reasonably ok with my right hand as well.

Whenever I fly the Robin DR400, it's stick in the left hand, throttle in the right!

23rd Aug 2011, 11:07
Yep a molly duke (Ozspeak for "lefty" to differentiate us from
the bloody commies). I can't write all that well with my right
but its legible if I do it slowly.

23rd Aug 2011, 11:08
I am a bit left handed - but not ambidextrous. As a kid I used to hold my knife and fork the "wrong" way round, and fought Southpaw in playground scraps. If I pick up a pen in my left hand I can right backwards (mirror image) although its a bit untidy. Can't write normally with my left hand at all. Weird.

Early thread drift - but whats to be proud about being left handed? No more logical than being proud of being male/female, gay/straight, black/white - you can't be proud of something that's an accident of birth.

23rd Aug 2011, 11:10
As a very left-handed person I do sometimes daydream about a parallel universe where all the gadgets are designed for us, and the righties have to get used to, for example, levers on the left hand side of a fruit machine, or the push buttons on my desk phone being on the left hand side of the console.

23rd Aug 2011, 11:14
I swing both ways, as it were, in Golf terms but right handed generally. If I played cricket I would a left handed player. I am right handed but left footed. I'm all mixed up. However my eldest son is clearly left handed and left footed. While the youngest is right handed.

On the point of lefties. I was once part of a group who essentially represented the best of each of four shifts sent to the US to learn a new process and introduce it back to our plant. Of the ten sent in our group, no less than six were left handed and if you include me, a left footer, then it's seven. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Maybe it's because in a right handed world, lefties must work harder on even routine tasks and that's carried forward throughout their life?

23rd Aug 2011, 11:15
James A. Garfield (1881) 20th
Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) 31st
Harry S. Truman (1945-1953) 33rd
Gerald Ford (1974-1977) 38th
Ronald Reagan (1981 -1989) 40th (actually a right-handed writer)
George H.W. Bush (1989-1993) 41st
Bill Clinton (1993-2001) 42nd


11 - 13% of population

And teachers aren't allowed to do that anymore... a teacher tried to do that to me once... but only once!

23rd Aug 2011, 11:15
I'm a lefty, god help me I thought I would never admit to being a lefty ([email protected] I don't believe in God, sod it, it'll do any way).

p.s since you put the bait out their, Genghis doesn't have to be considered a righty.:E see link

Who was the most right-wing man in history? (http://www.catholiceducation.org/articles/politics/pg0177.htm)

23rd Aug 2011, 11:18
Left handed here and proud of it. Rubbish hand to eye co-ordination but good spatial awareness. Forget what I was saying half way through sentences, uncomfortable with emotion, Making ruthless decisions not a problem. Enjoy sorting through data. If I were to be compared any well known person I imagine I'd be like a cross between Howard Hughes and Donald Rumsfeld....... I wonder if either were/are a 'corrie fister'?

23rd Aug 2011, 11:19
Me is left handed... :ok:

Use knife and fork the correct way (or should that be fork and knife?), spoon in left hand. Write left handed but use a mouse with me right. Use biros rather than fountain pens and "write from above" to avoid smudges...

Have driven both left and right hand drive cars with no bother, and flown C152s from left and right hand seats just as happily...

However, when flying gliders I got a belt round back of t'head from my instructor for flying left hand on stick and right hand flapping uselessly in the breeze!

Having knackered my left shoulder at the weekend I'm presently finding some naturally left handed tasks which require stetching or roating said shoulder a bit tricky to accomplish with my right hand. No, not that Slasher, I meant combing me barnet, etc...

Edit: oh yeah, golf/cricket I play as a right hander, not that I do play either...

23rd Aug 2011, 11:20
Who was the most right-wing man in history?

Thanks for posting that link rh. :ok:

23rd Aug 2011, 11:26
I write left handed and (many years ago) when playing football my right foot was only for standing on. However, I seem to be "orthodox" at everything else:
Fork left, Knife right but spoon left handed
Cricket.....batted, bowled and threw (the ball) right handed

Guess I've got some wires crossed. Ooops, just remembered an activity at which I'm ambidextrous:ok:

23rd Aug 2011, 11:26
You know RH200, old Genghis may have been left handed... Interesting link you posted.

I have been doing some work on Genghis recently, to see if he is a suitable subject for a biographical essay in my next book, Monsters. On a personal level he is badly documented, and no interesting person emerges. He did two unusual things: he codified tribal customs in a written system of law, and he devised a fast and efficient messenger service. Both are (as a rule) desirable things but not particularly conservative, let alone ultra-right-wing. However, Genghis was philoprogenitive to perhaps a unique degree. In 2003 a DNA survey suggested that 16 million men can probably claim descent from Genghis Khan. That is a remarkable fact, if true. But what does it prove about the Khan’s political affiliations?

23rd Aug 2011, 11:27
and former U.S. President Bill Clinton all have in common? You guessed it. They are all southpaws. Not just Mr Clinton. Most of the recent US presidents have been left-handed: Gerald Ford, G H W Bush, W Clinton, B Obama.

Hoover, Truman & Reagan probably started as left-handers but seem to have been forced to write right - or became ambidextrous.

In the 1992 election, all three major candidates – George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ross Perot – were left-handed. The 1996 election also involved three left-handed candidates: Clinton, Perot, and Bob Dole, who learned to use his left hand after his right hand was paralyzed by a World War II injury. Additionally, both major-party candidates in the 2008 presidential election – Barack Obama and John McCain – were left-handed.

So says Wiki......

23rd Aug 2011, 11:27
I, ahem, dress to the left, and am a left-handed (cricket) batsman.

The rest is right handed.

The latin word for left is 'sinister'.

23rd Aug 2011, 11:29
Only thing I do right handed is shoot.. and that is sinister.

23rd Aug 2011, 11:32
I'm a leftie for many things, writing for example, but I can also temporarily write right handed if necessary, such as when I had a hand injury.

I used to have problems writing at school when "dip-in" inkwell pens were in use. The problem was that the ink didn't dry before my hand passed over it and smudged everything. I used to be in trouble for that. So I used to wait a few seconds until it dried and got behind everyone else; I got in trouble for that, too. Thank God for Biros!

I have always held a knife and fork "right handed". I can't use left handed scissors (such things do exist).

I can play racket games with either hand (no longer due to advancing years and rickety spine). I used to swap hands as required; my wife used to call me a cheat for doing that because I never needed to do a backhand shot!

At one time I was an RAF helicopter instructor on an operational conversion unit. There were five of us on the unit. We were all left handed.

23rd Aug 2011, 11:37
Me – predominantly a leftie but, really, all mixed up

Left – shooting, fishing, writing, dessert spoon, hammer, spade

Right – cricket (even bowling and fielding), golf, ‘puter, grooming (horse)

Mechanical tools – ambidextrous.

Mentally, a little farther to the right than Genghis :E

23rd Aug 2011, 11:40
"If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then left-handed people must be the only ones in their right minds."

tony draper
23rd Aug 2011, 11:54
Mr Knopfler is a lefty but he learned to play guitar like a proper person.:rolleyes:

23rd Aug 2011, 12:02
Traitor...if he had stuck to left hand he might have been a better guitarist.

Local Hero (HD) - YouTube

23rd Aug 2011, 12:06
At my first school I was forced to use my right hand for writing, today, I can do perfect joined up mirror writing using my left hand.
Left handed at snooker but, held a rest with the left hand and the cue with the right.
Left handed with a rifle and shovel but right handed with a golf club and cricket bat, bowled and threw right handed.
Strictly left footed at football and later refereed from left wings (linesmen on right wings) both halves of a match.
I have clipped right side wing mirrors of LHD cars when driving in narrow European streets. A truly mixed up bunny!

23rd Aug 2011, 12:09
Bit of a mixture

Write with right but could manage with left if needed (both equally untidy)
Throw - left
racket sports - either
cricket - bat right - bowl left
tools - either
football - right
spoon - left
drink - left
computer mouse - right
Eating an apple - left
Orange - hold in right so can peel with left

23rd Aug 2011, 12:19
I'm naturally left-handed but find I can usually do most things right-handed as well (the only think I can't do at all with my right hand is write). Very useful at times it is - if using a scew-driver or hammer in a corner for instance. And when I used to play squash I never played a back-hand shot, just swapped the raquet to my other hand. Confused hell out of my opponents usually.

tony draper
23rd Aug 2011, 12:33
Hmmm, tiz strange, one wonders why evolution did no just go for total ampidexterity in us talking monkeys? why evolve one side to be dominante over tother? don't seem to be any survival advantage,just the opposit in fact,perhaps it takes up less prossessing time in the brain using one hand most of the time.

23rd Aug 2011, 12:44
Left handed for writing, right handed/ambidextrous for anything else.

23rd Aug 2011, 12:54
Left handed for writing and eating but mainly right handed for much else.
Oddly shoot a rifle left handed but a pistol right handed.
Snooker left handed, darts right handed.

The bane of my life are cash machines. I seem to end up with my arms wrapped round each other. My bank supplies me with left handed cheque books where the hinge, so to speak, is at the other end of the cheque from normal. It really scews up the cashiers when they try to open it up.

23rd Aug 2011, 13:01
Natural right-hander for most things, but shoot a rifle left-handed, pistol right-handed, operate a breast drill and eggbeater LH. Played tennis RH, but squash either hand, not changing mid-game, and preferred backhand shots either way.

keyboard flier
23rd Aug 2011, 13:02
Write - lefthanded
Any one-handed sport, tennis, etc - left
Tow handed, golf - Right handed
Right footed
Right Eye dominate so shoot righthanded - rifles and archery

Mr Grimsdale
23rd Aug 2011, 13:03
Apparently masturbation with the left hand feels like it's someone else doing it. Apparently.:O

23rd Aug 2011, 13:03
Changing hands midway through a squash match will give you a big advantage.:)

Mr Grimsdale
23rd Aug 2011, 13:09
...now there's a euphemism.

23rd Aug 2011, 13:24
Apparently masturbation with the left hand feels like it's someone else doing it. Apparently

Only after one has sat on it for 20 mins Mr G....um, so I've heard.

Changing hands midway through a squash match will give you a big advantage.

I'll vouch for that! My squash matches as you call them can then go on for hours.

23rd Aug 2011, 13:29
I'm left handed as well, gave one quite an advantage in racquet sports. :)

23rd Aug 2011, 13:49
Apparently masturbation with the left hand feels like it's someone else doing it. Apparently. I read or heard somewhere that the computer generation often use the left hand in that situation saving the right for the use of the mouse.

23rd Aug 2011, 13:57
Waste of a right hand IMO, unless its clicking through p0rn site clips....

23rd Aug 2011, 13:59
Started off life as a left hander, but was trained out of it in infancy by my dear mother.....sometimes however, I find myself doing things with my left hand for no apparent reason (except writing).

23rd Aug 2011, 14:03
They apparently tried that with me Loki but they didn't becos
early 60s conventional wisdom said if I was forced to use my
right hand, in later life I would be suffering from all sorts of
weird psychotic and bizarre......

Oh never mind. :\

23rd Aug 2011, 14:06
Explains a lot in my case then.....

23rd Aug 2011, 14:15
Ex-GF was a leftie and also my fencing practice partner. I used to enjoy leftie opponents' surprise when I could parry their sinister tricks.

I've mentioned it before, but the left-handed banjo-playing busker in the Lawnmarket is proof that you lefties are the devil incarnate. Except, of course, for the ex-GF who had, shall we say, a heavenly touch. :E

23rd Aug 2011, 14:15
I'm a lefty, definitely not in the political sense though.

We are gifted, creative, talented, charming, intelligent, and a total pain in the arse.

23rd Aug 2011, 14:21
The golfer Phil Mickelson is right handed, but plays from the left.

Mr Grimsdale
23rd Aug 2011, 15:13
Ex-GF was a leftie and also my fencing practice partner. I used to enjoy leftie opponents' surprise when I could parry their sinister tricks.

Slight thread drift but I worked with a chap who said a "friend" of his who fenced would engage in "elaborate sword play" in the bedroom with his girlfriend as foreplay.

23rd Aug 2011, 15:15
And I guess if she said NO, he was foiled again.


Mr Grimsdale
23rd Aug 2011, 15:20
Only after one has sat on it for 20 mins Mr G....um, so I've heard.

What if someone else sits on your hand for 20 minutes?

23rd Aug 2011, 15:23
Depends on who she is Sir! :E

23rd Aug 2011, 15:48
And how quickly you waggle your fingers.

23rd Aug 2011, 17:50
and if you include me, a left footer,

Just to let you know someone spotted that Corsair :ok:

Do you know the origin of the term by the way? I don't.

23rd Aug 2011, 17:52
I think it's cockney rhyming slang for poofter.

tony draper
23rd Aug 2011, 17:55
No it is not, Left Footer is slang for a Roman Catholic,some prunners did post the reason for this term once but I forgot what it was now.
Oops! apologies Mr V a quick google proves you are also correct, it is indeed also a slang term for a chap who is not as other chaps.

23rd Aug 2011, 20:52
I think that using the term "left" in whatever context identifies someone/thing as being different. I used to work with a bloke who referred to masons as, "left handed bricklayers".

tony draper
23rd Aug 2011, 21:01
Port is used to define Left at sea because if you are facing the blunt end left would be on the right.
Yet the command 'Port your Helm' means make a turn to the right.
That command can run you into a iceberg if you are not cognizant with it.

23rd Aug 2011, 21:11
No it is not, Left Footer is slang for a Roman Catholic,some prunners did post the reason for this term once but I forgot what it was now.

Not only Catholics, there is a chunk of Oirland that refers to Proddies as "left footers" too.

23rd Aug 2011, 21:16
Left-footer (Northern Ireland) (West of Scotland) Catholic (Northern Ireland)[9] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_religious_slurs#cite_note-8) (Lancashire) Used by Protestants to describe Catholics or a supporter of Celtic F.C. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_F.C.). From the myth in Glasgow that Irish Catholic labourers pushed spades into the ground with their left foot and kicked footballs with the left foot. It is also used in south Cork to describe Protestants.

tony draper
23rd Aug 2011, 21:17
Hmmm, wonder what they call we followers of the Left Hand Path.:E

23rd Aug 2011, 21:20
One thing about being left-handed is the amusement it can bring at dinner tables. Since we automatically pick up the glass to our left it leaves someone sitting opposite us drinkless and puzzled looking. (And we get two rolls and butter).

tony draper
23rd Aug 2011, 21:37
Wonder how being a lefty effect Americans? they already use knife and fork in a weird inexplicable way,cutting up the food in a normal civilized way then swapping the eating irons over using the fork in the knife hand.

23rd Aug 2011, 22:16
Good point....had me wondering about being left handed in the southern hemisphere....any issues there perhaps?

23rd Aug 2011, 22:38
Have they discovered knives & forks yet?

tony draper
23rd Aug 2011, 22:48
Oddly enough one of the most famous American lefties Mr William Bonney was not in fact left handed,that legend came about by misinterpretation of a photograph of Billy,it being printed back to front.

24th Aug 2011, 00:16
Confused :sad:

Write right handed

Kick left footed

Bowl (cricket) left handed but bat right handed

throw left handed

Tennis/Squash etc - left handed

Can shoot either side - ie - aim left or right eyed - but a bit better right eyed than left :rolleyes:

24th Aug 2011, 00:46
Very similar Scran, i write left but can manage right if required. Mouse right and right only, left mouse throws me for a loop.

Tennis, squash - left - cricket bowl and throw left, bat right, golf right. Soccer could play either but 50% better with my left, cant kick a rugby league ball with my right at all.

My best mate is almost the opposite though, writes and considers himself a right hander but plays all his sport left, and what's worse the prick is one of those naturally gifted bludgers who is good at every sport he turns his hand to.

24th Aug 2011, 01:54
Re: Your mate who is "skillful" at sports:

There was a book called "The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant" which was the basis for the film "D*mn Yankees".

Could that explain your mate?

henry crun
24th Aug 2011, 04:25
I am like others here, a bit of both.

Write left handed, eat left handed, bat right handed, and instinctively use the right hand for the mouse and to pick up any object.

24th Aug 2011, 04:28
As a left-handed captain I could easily write shit down on my
pad on the side window area of the Boeing, while holding the
control column with my right.

Now I'm on a bloody gamesticked Airboos! :ugh:

sea oxen
24th Aug 2011, 19:16
Reformed into rightie. Comb, dial telephone = left. Torpedo punt = left; anything else = right. I think it's because the torp likes a bit of wobble and being off balance put more into it.

Thankfully I was complete sh1te and still possess one knee and and elbow - not all ligaments and joints necessarily on the same limbs.


24th Aug 2011, 19:45
I knew a right hander, whose left eye was the dominant one....being an archer he was therefore a left handed archer....holding the bow in his right hand.

28th Aug 2011, 03:33
Writing was a misery, even tho allowed to pursue it from the git-go as a mini-lefty. Took to holding me paw in a hover over the page to keep from turning blue, but that set real limits on thru-put, so one gravitated to the left-270 style wherein one's wrist & arm assume the shape of a jai-alai scupper invading from the left but then snakeing down from 4 o'clock on the right to commit the scrivening deed. An advantage of this position is that one can transition quite directly to a nap using he arm as pillow -- with no evident change of style..... and sometimes no change of content, either.

Around age 17, clambering over an aged wood fence for no good reason (except to get to the other side), the top rail gave in and dumped one's left wrist into a great world of hurt -- just as exams - mostly essay - were about to come on.

Result was a 24-hour conversion to right-writing -- never previously attempted, but surprising that it worked at all. Really tiring though, for lack of muscle conditioning. A side-effect of that was essays, etc, written with an heretofore missing degree of conciseness - which captured top grades - an interesting but subsequently largely ignored clue to one of life's great secrets, maybe.

On a whim, tried mirror-writing during that same period. Worked out that one could write mirror-style (scribing lines from right to left) in essentially the same script as was normal. This worked with the right hand, and also worked with the left one when it healed up. Very interesting to ponder how all that could be a no-cost option in the mind's pathways, but clearly it was.

With tools, weapons, sports, etc., one considers it futile to resist the whims of right-wing ergonomic optimizers. Have never tried golf with lefty clubs, but it probably would not be an improvement. Golfers often seem inclined to the right anyway, eh?

Being a lefty as a kid almost certainly made me early on quite aware of spatiality as a dimension of perception and transformation of objects, places, and concepts - and the joy of abusing ideas by applying them in all sorts of places where they shouldn't, by convention, be applied. It likely fostered an edge in whacking the occasional unfortunate rodent, with thrown rock or slingshot or rifle. Am still fully prepared, in principle at least, to go after any space rats that may emerge -- with lasers or ballistics or both, thanks to the sacrifice of them early mentors.

Being not right, by definition, is quite liberating. It certainly opens the question as to whether and how one may aim to be clearly not right and not clearly wrong, while still finding answers that serve useful purposes. Also opens the door to provocative questions about just how wrong one can be on certain points -- without noticeably breaking the important things.

And then there's the propensity for doing things backwards: It started with thumbing back to front through magazines, then books, then reports and studies and such. Now is easily possible also with music and video. Really saves time if ya find out the denouement before the miles and years of slogging introduction and development. Not sure what good there is in saving time... except that it gives one a few more tries to figure out what is really really right.

28th Aug 2011, 17:04
I am ambidextrous, that is to say that I am equally clumsy with both hands.

tony draper
28th Aug 2011, 19:21
Strange that with guitar playing for right handed people tiz the left hand that has to have all the knowledge and training and the right just has to waggle about a bit,different if you play finger picking style though,both have to be equally cunning.

28th Aug 2011, 20:45
I'm right handed, but my brother is left handed, my Mum is left handed and her mother was left handed.

However, as was the convention of the day, Mum and my Nan had it "beaten" out of them. :(

Mike X
28th Aug 2011, 23:59
Only when writing and eating.

Those damn fountain pens in junior school !

29th Aug 2011, 03:05
Those damn fountain pens in junior school !

Tell me about it! :(


29th Aug 2011, 06:48
You're just showing off, Slasher.

One could not write a freehand line so straight as that, even if all the Saints and Angels were assisting!

29th Aug 2011, 09:54
I write with my left and have the mix of handedness for different functions alluded to by other folks. I bat with my right and play snooker with my left. I fly with either hand as is necessary. Kick with my right.

But you should see me try to play the drums - what a mess! :uhoh: Kit is set up conventionally to allow my feet to do bass drummy/hi-hatty things. But my hands bugger everything up. (Now you're supposed to practise everything to favour the weaker hand, but I taught myself as a kid and I didn't do that.) When I play a roll of (say) semiquavers (16ths) around the kit I lead with my left. That means I am moving round to the right from snare to toms to floor tom but leading with my left. <Click - click, sh*t, where'd that stick go....> And I have way more facility with my right than my left. I use it for all the fancy funky bits. What a nightmare.......:rolleyes:

30th Aug 2011, 06:20
I write normally, as normally as any righty would do. Can't figure the problem.

In fact, instead of having to drag words across paper, I lead them.

sled dog
30th Aug 2011, 16:49
Leftie on the golf course ( used to be cricket as well ) right handed everything else. Wife says i still have a safe pair of hands.......:}

Rob Courtney
30th Aug 2011, 16:53
Leftie for writing and also left footed (although I can use the right a bit as well). I play all club sports, eat and use scissors right handed though, I guess thats because when I was a kid the only golf clubs around where right handed and we could only play cricket a certin way in our street.

I did try to learn guitar right handed but gave up and bought a left handed one.

30th Aug 2011, 22:13
I'm left-handed, I can write legibly with my right hand as well (I'm slightly ambidextrous).

30th Aug 2011, 22:14
lefty me'self :)

Possessed by The Devil I reckon':ok:

tony draper
30th Aug 2011, 22:42
You will be,for it is written.:E

Mike X
30th Aug 2011, 22:47
for it is written.

By a lefty.