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tony draper
22nd Aug 2011, 18:05
Glum looking television talking head experts on riot, civil disorder, police tactics, and disaffected youth, milling around sad and suddenly unwanted outside the 24 hour TV news studios,striding up the road toward em with big smiles on their faces are ten thousand talking head experts on the sandy places, ayrabs, civil war, oil and Gadaffi.

flying lid
22nd Aug 2011, 18:15

All that matters these days.


22nd Aug 2011, 18:37
if it bleeds, it leads...

22nd Aug 2011, 19:55
We've got tons of barrels. You don't need Lib.

Sir George Cayley
22nd Aug 2011, 21:18
Don't tell me. The experts are goin to riot :ok:


22nd Aug 2011, 21:24
ahh yes, the experts!! In the words of the late great Derek "Blaster" Bates and expert is described as " ex" as in has been and "spurt" as in a drip under presuure!!!!

23rd Aug 2011, 16:59
I'd love to see rioting experts.
But it would take them MONTHS to decide who did what,
and when they did it.

23rd Aug 2011, 22:18
and, what happened.
Piccie of a young lady journo riding to fame today, on the crest of a rebel push into the capitol.
The news bringers are, again, the news makers.
They must really miss Kate Adie. Whoever rammed that helmet on the poor lass knew what he was doing.

23rd Aug 2011, 23:45
I'd love to see rioting experts

I'd love to see expert rioters. That last lot were a bunch of amateurs, looting Poundland, Lidl and all that.

Didn't a whole load of lawyers riot in Pakistan a few years back, or did I dream it? If it really did happen, it would have been a sight to behold.

24th Aug 2011, 00:16
l remember that and the law cracked down hard ...... on the law.
God bless democracy.
l wonder where all those notarised letters finished up.