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21st Aug 2011, 16:44
Any BAE 146 air / ground crew out there with access to maintenance or operators manuals for the BAE146 fitted with the later avionics package?

I'm in the throws of re-commissioning the test rig used by BAE, and donated to Cranfield University as part of my MSc project. Finally got the thing powered up, and thankfully most of the systems are working.

However, despite receiving a lot of techincal information with the rig, it didn't come with any operator or maintenance notes, so although I can figure out a lot of things, I'm struggling with many aspects - not least what configuration it is in!

FMS and IRS information is what I'm most desperately looking for, and any help or advice will be gratefully received.


21st Aug 2011, 21:08
glum, is this a maintenance test rig or a development and certification test rig?
For the latter I fear that you will struggle to find any operator’s notes or maintenance information specifically for that rig, as one of it functions was to create / evaluate such information.

Which rig do you have BAe 146 or Avro RJ?
IIRC there was an integration rig for the BAe 146 upgrade to EFIS – with analogue avionics (Arinc 400?). Then there was a similar one, possibly the same facility, for the Avro RJ.
For the RJ, the basic 146 flight deck structure was used, but the rig incorporated updated digital equipment (Arinc 700?), although some analogue interfaces were retained.
Most maintenance and return to service functions for the RJ were within the flight guidance computer and accessed / displayed via EFIS.
This rig was integrated with the aircraft systems rig which enable the autopilot to fly the aircraft control system, with electrics, hydraulics, etc, all functioning (the iron-bird). The iron-bird did have its own flight deck for controlling the aircraft systems, and enabled some rudimentary manual flight.
There was a large (at the time) supporting simulation computer (DEC?) which provided facilities for a Monte-Carlo analysis of the autoland performance.

The Avro RJ autoflight, EFIS, ADC, Rad Alt, and IRS were described in a stand alone document published by Honeywell; this was integrated with the manufacturer’s manuals.
The initial FMS was a GNS-X.
There was systems CBT package, I recall one being available on-line; also there was a complete rewrite of the crew manuals circa 2003-2005 which may be available electronically, but no idea where.

21st Aug 2011, 22:48
Thanks Safetypee, We have that very rig.:)

It was originally comissioned in 1990, and used to develop the Cat 3 autoland systems, then the EFIS and other upgrades for the RJ'X' program.

I have plenty of wiring diagrams and some engineering change notices, which are very useful but nothing in the way of operating manuals for the systems. I've contacted a few likely sources for help, but not heard anything back yet.

There are five switch panels fitted, which allow us to change all kinds of parameters. If only we knew what they all did! :eek:

I suspect it will be providing research opportunities for a few years to come...

3rd Sep 2011, 23:02
Is it the Collins/Smiths GNLU-910 FMS you are trying to operate or has the rig been reverted to the GNS-X?

Capt Pit Bull
4th Sep 2011, 09:36
At the risk of stating the obvious, have you asked BAe?

Failing that, I am responsible for the content of the recurrent training package used at an RJ operator. There are licencing issues so I can't just unilaterally decided to give you access or documentation. However perhaps with some supporting documentation (maybe a covering letter from the academic supervising you?) I could approach the necessary parties and see if I can get the OK to give you a hand. PM me if this is of interest.