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19th Aug 2011, 23:17
According to http://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23QantasBudgetCuts (http://twitter.com/#%21/search?q=%23QantasBudgetCuts) , a twitter thread Wil Anderson started.

Sad really.

20th Aug 2011, 00:41
Don't know about the budget cuts, but the jokes are hilarious!

20th Aug 2011, 01:37


It's all going crazy, the support for Qantas from the Australian public is soaring, the social media is working overtime.

20th Aug 2011, 02:01
Trust the Irish to f*** things up. Look what they did to their own country.

20th Aug 2011, 02:09
And this report from the mainstream media putting more pressure on the Qantas management.

One straight shooting politician from Queensland get stuck into the Qantas managers at the end.

20th Aug 2011, 08:17
For what it is worth I have flown in my working life and socially for nearly half a century on hundreds of airlines and my best ever flight was on Qantas. It would be tragic to see the name lost or damaged in any way.

20th Aug 2011, 08:31
I have only flown Qantas a couple of times, also did some contract work for them at Mascot, and found the whole experience most enjoyable. I would be sad to see the 'roo and The Spirit of Australia disappear from the skies and from airports around the world.

Great country, great people, great airline - at least from an outsider's perspective.

20th Aug 2011, 09:24
Great country, great people, great airline - at least from an outsider's perspective.

That's because Aussies and Seth Effrikans are culturally equal
Cape - we both like having barbies (braais), drinking heaps of
piss and disliking kaffirs (you lot didn't shoot yours).

20th Aug 2011, 10:34
I spent 26 years with AN and was very proud to be part of the Airline. It subsequently saddened me to see the rape of a once great airline. On that basis I feel for the dedicated QF people who have been part of another great airline for a long time to see 'johnny come latelies' come in and mess it up ! The corporate hi flyers of this world ultimately only have their roots in one place...their bank accounts.

20th Aug 2011, 21:20
What was that airline that used to fly the world the way the world wanted to fly?

Oh yes, I remember.

Different set of circumstanxces I know but if an aviation giant like Pan Am can just disappear, there's no guarantee that the same couldn't happen to QANTAS.

Good luck to them anyway - dont you just instinctively distrust that Alan Joyce!

Um... lifting...
20th Aug 2011, 22:21
Flew Qantas MEL-LAX long ago. While drifting in and out of sleep, the captain came through the for his mid-flight stroll. Red-faced, white-haired, stout old buffer having an ice-cream lolly the hosties had recently handed out. You could see the outline of his Jacky Howe through his uni shirt.

"Now that's what a Qantas 744 captain should look like...", sez I to self, as I nodded off until the descent.

20th Aug 2011, 22:30
Alan Joyce translates to me as being prat of first degree. If ever someone did not deserve to be a CEO of an airline - look his name up in dictionary. (Note I risk being banned for calling someone a prat in the first degree, don't care, he is ruining the airline...and I don't even own stocks... did that with two previous airlines... and never again, but have flown Syd - Sfo and aside from all male FA's - was ok. Who does that, all male FA's?

Pan Am...............coming to a TV screen near you soon... well ... depending on region......maybe.

Hmmm..., OK was best I could come up with!

24th Aug 2011, 01:47
Dailymotion - New Spirit? Not - a News & Politics video (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xko4zs_new-spirit-not_news)

Al Fakhem
24th Aug 2011, 09:33
I have always held Qantas flight deck crew in high regard - but the CC are a mixed lot.

On a morning flight from MEL to BNE, I was sitting behind a pax who had his seat back reclined. When breakfast was served, I asked the hostie to request the pax in front to put his seatback upright, as it was impossible to even put the breakfast tray on my table. She said she could not help me, as the guy in front was asleep (in broad daylight). Obviously, his comfort was more important to her than my discomfort. She seemed genuinely surprised when I woke the guy myself. Needless to say, that was my last flight with them.

24th Aug 2011, 11:06
Fakhem you should've asked that dumb tart how she expected
you to eat your brekky otherwise. Her reply would've been most
noteworthy to post here.

Al Fakhem
24th Aug 2011, 11:27

She had no useful thoughts on that subject. Her main concern was the guy in front could not be woken. Serious!

And she was a female dumb tart, just in case you were wondering :D

sea oxen
24th Aug 2011, 18:06
Al Fakhem

Should have asked her to hold the plate between her knees whilst you ate.


1st Sep 2011, 00:36
Alan Joyce translates to me as being prat of first degree.Yep he is, and not going down well in Australia with the punters, he is considered a bit of a joke.


8th Sep 2011, 01:51