View Full Version : Mouse grounds SAS plane in Stockholm

17th Aug 2011, 21:35
Hmmm ! a very clever mouse indeed, I like the comments of Mr. Roach:)

"American travellers James Roach and Marie Alswager told the website they had been waiting more than five hours in a line that is moving "six feet an hour". "This is the most expensive mouse in the history of humankind," joked Mr Roach."
Well SAS should use Mr. BUG TERMINATOR to take care of the Roaches and Mice :}

Link to the story:
BBC News - Mouse grounds SAS plane in Stockholm (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14556408)

17th Aug 2011, 23:50
American traveller James Roach
I doubt he was allowed on board either.....


18th Aug 2011, 00:01
This never happens on Cathay.....


Airborne Aircrew
18th Aug 2011, 01:21
Darn.... I thought this was about "Them" being scared of mice... :hmm:

18th Aug 2011, 02:02
Seriously, the mouse (rat?) should have been detected by security......

Think about it, could have been a vicious Al-Qaeda suicide rodent attack. :E

We need more scanners!

Rwy in Sight
18th Aug 2011, 05:04
Or have a cat units in airport to chase birds and rodents that delay flights.

Rwy in Sight

18th Aug 2011, 05:08
Or have a cat units in airport....

Yep, and armed to the teeth!


Krystal n chips
18th Aug 2011, 06:01
As any cat will tell you, a perfect example of what happens when such mundane tasks are sub-contracted..... and entrusted to humans...