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17th Aug 2011, 19:11
Charlotte Church explaining in the Daily Mail today why she was photographed in public with her knickers down

Charlotte blamed the consumation of a bottle of wine and claimed all the cubicles at the outdoor event were engaged.

I suppose that makes a change from actually drinking the stuff.

Charlotte Church red hair: Singer looks washed out as she pops out in Cardiff | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2026995/Charlotte-Church-red-hair-Singer-looks-washed-pops-Cardiff.html)

17th Aug 2011, 21:33
I was going to write:

Looking kinda rough, isn't she ? Not a good hair colour

but decided not to as I know I'll only get flamed.....darn it, where's that "EDIT" button ?

17th Aug 2011, 23:36
Charlotte Church wears knickers ? :eek:

You're kidding.................right?:E

18th Aug 2011, 01:26
Clicked on the link expecting 'tother sort of hair.:E