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16th Aug 2011, 12:14
Hi all of you guys,

Could you please give me an advice on this?

Do you think that the go-around is subjected to the noise abatment regulations?

I.e. in Italy in every single airport for take off we have to perform "Procedure A" which means thrust reduction at 1500' and accelaration at 3000' agl. In case of go around can i accelarate at 1500' agl or do i have to apply the same noise abatment procedure as for the take off?

Thx to all! :ok:

16th Aug 2011, 15:30
Generally safety trumps noise abatement.

But what kind of plane are you flying? If you started the missed approach soon enough you might be able to be "neighbor friendly".

But your first concern should be the safe operation of the aircraft.

16th Aug 2011, 16:21
Its a topic I have searched through ICAO docs and also local CAA regs and cannot find anything to give a definitive answer - and I would be very grateful if anybody knows where its written?

My own conclusion was that firstly noise abatement is referred to as a Departure Procedure - hence NADP. So I don't believe its applicable in this case. Some airports will specify their own Noise Abatements for arrivals (i.e when to select gear and flaps etc).

The only thing I can logically reason is that its considered you would commence a go-around at minimums - lets say 200ft for a Cat I. Therefore you are climbing and accelerating largely over the airfield, so by the time you reached the end of the runway you would have normally gained reasonable height thus reducing ground noise further away.

16th Aug 2011, 17:03
If there is nothing written, then there is no need for noise abatement procedure in the missed approach, IMHO.

Missed approachs are rare. Noise is not a problem. Besides, they can publish a procedure that avoids densely populated areas if noise is a concern.

17th Aug 2011, 02:19
Generally, Takeoff's start near the end of the runway.
G/A's generally start near the beginning of the runway.
Just consider what height you will be at when reaching the end of the runway during G/A's.

Most of the noise will be disbursed over the airport, not the noise sensitive population near the other end of the rwy.
Therefore, Noise abatement would be not on my mind during a G/A