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14th Aug 2011, 18:01
There seem to be few postings I've made connected with the Villa Below us On The Mountainside that have not driven some members of the JB Community to incoherent rage: screaming kids, teenage girls, topless teenage girls, nude men, blue-white to brilliant-red in 24 hours inhabitants.... but here's one that all ecofreaks will love: the English family (it's only ever rented out to the English) who arrived two weeks ago and immediately turned every exterior light on, STILL have every exterior light on and all the lights have been on 24 hours a day, morning, afternoon, and night for 14 days.

Speaking as a grumpy old man who turns off all the lights and appliances I can find when they are not needed, I really wonder: is electricity free in England ?

14th Aug 2011, 18:05
Maybe they forgot where the switch is to turn them off? :p

14th Aug 2011, 18:56
I really wonder: is electricity free in England ?

Maybe the electricity they use in the villa is all inclusive, and they are just getting their own back on the rip off prices that England has to pay foreign companies for the electricity they use.

Takan Inchovit
14th Aug 2011, 19:39
Security! Lights are usually left on to keep the thieving locals away.

14th Aug 2011, 20:10
And also to attract the wives of foreigners who wander lonely and disconsolate the streets of our community while their husbands philander and carouse all night among the fleshpots of Roses....

14th Aug 2011, 20:38
their husbands philander and carouse all night among the fleshpots of Roses - what was the address again?

14th Aug 2011, 21:17
And also to attract the wives of foreigners

So thats why Cape has been quiet :cool:

Flap 5
14th Aug 2011, 21:58
Maybe they think they're at Aston Villa. :}

15th Aug 2011, 07:03
It's international (not very wide-spread - specimen have been spotted, though). Could be called 'rentee's rage' - you/they own the place and humiliate me by me having to pay for staying here? Well, you'll see!
I'm quite sure all the kitchen gadgets, radios, TVs etc. are also on.
And don't ask me why they won't stay home. No extra lights there, of course. Maybe that's why.

15th Aug 2011, 07:21
Renters rage - once upon a time, after moving to a new house here - couldn't sell old one for a year so rented it out as holiday-let via agency. Most renters were civilian staff supporting UK Military - very nice people.

One time when it was empty I was approached by French family directly - they had dog (oh oh) and were smokers (oh oh) - but let them stay for a week - they extended this by another week. After they left our house was IMMACULATE. Neighbours said they spent last two days scrubbing the carpets out on the terrace, pruning tree and shrubs in pots, kitchen appliances sparkling, inside cupboards spotless, bedlinen had all been cleaned. House looked like new.

Some months later was asked by them via agency if they could stay again. Boy, could they ever ! And once again they left the house in the same superb state.

But they are not all like that. I have heard stories....well, won't go into it here.

15th Aug 2011, 09:51
It's when you arrive to find a hole in the patio roof and on the floor a long-dead sky-diver whose canopy didn't open that you've got troubles......

(An apocryphal story from Empuriabrava, one of Europe's largest drop zones. Not sure I believe it but I have seen the damage a human body can do to brickwork when the canopy doesn't open).

15th Aug 2011, 18:20
Early in my career as a corporate pilot I went to work for an emerging company of convenience stores, cleverly called 'Sav-n-Go'. Which is long out of business.

Anyway, along with being the only company pilot, I was also an area manager of a group of these stores. Some of which I used the company aircraft (a Navajo Chieftain) to visit.

In one small town we had purchased a convenience store that included a small trailer park housing area next to the store. If I remember correctly there were twenty trailers in the park, all owned by the company, that we rented.

I usually visited the site about once a month. However, one month I returned, on a different matter, about two weeks after my last visit. I had some extra time, so I decided to visit the store and trailer park. Got a bit of a surprise when I did.

I was intending to just make a courtesy visit, but when I walked into the store, the manager, who also managed the tailer park, turn pale and became very nervous. As this rather aroused my curiosity I decided to check the books and ledger of the store. Everything appeared to be in order, but the manager was still nervous as hell. So I decided to go check out the trailer park.

Let me tell you something, the manager did not want me to do that. He all but tried to physically stop me from leaving the store. I finally got by him and walked over to the entrance of the park. As soon as I walked around the corner into the park, I noticed something was amiss.

One of the nicer, larger trailers was gone. All there was left was an empty cement pad where the trailer used to be. At that point I was pretty sure I had discovered the reason why the manager was so nervous. About at that time I heard a vehicle leaving the store parking lot at a high rate of speed.

Sure enough, when I went back to the store, the manager had disappeared. Well, no surprise there. Took all the cash as well. So I called the Sheriff's office and told them what had happened. Then I closed the store, fired the clerk that I found hiding in an out building and locked the place up until I could bring in a new manager.

So I have the distinction of having a rental home stolen from me, literally. :p

As it turned out, there was a single woman living in the trailer, she and the manager came up with a plot where they would steal the trailer, he'd leave his wife and children so they could move the trailer to a different state and they would live together. It didn't take long to find them, the local Sheriff discovered the name of the company these two idiots hire to move the trailer and the Texas Highway Patrol caught them two days later. We got the trailer back and they went to prison.

16th Aug 2011, 01:59
Hace un dia precioso veras como viene alguno y lo jode. :E

16th Aug 2011, 09:17
True sisemen very true.

Shouldn't it be "preciosa" in this context though?

16th Aug 2011, 09:54
No, it shouldn't.

17th Aug 2011, 11:25
So thats why Cape has been quiet

Not really, just had such pathetically slow internet speeds in SA that most attempts to access or post here have resulted in

Gateway Timeout
The following error occurred:
[code=GATEWAY_TIMEOUT] A gateway timeout occurred. The server is unreachable. Retry the request.

Please contact the administrator.

17th Aug 2011, 12:26
Update on villa: lights still on, three weeks now. Surely time for a change-over of renters ? Ostras !

17th Aug 2011, 16:38
Oops sorry, wrong thread! I thought this was a place for wishful thinking by Birmingham City fans.