View Full Version : Idiot goes joyriding in pickup truck in creek and gets big fine!

12th Aug 2011, 13:38
Calgary man fined $2,000 for (http://www.calgaryherald.com/travel/Calgary+fined+joyriding+trout+spawning+rural+creek/5243437/story.html)

12th Aug 2011, 14:17
Similar idiot in Edinburgh last year tried to drive his car along a frozen canal. Only got 200hrs community service, though.

BBC News - Frozen Union Canal driver given community service (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-11790895)

Edit: Sorry; just west of Edinburgh.

Takan Inchovit
12th Aug 2011, 20:37
The eco nazis are at it again. :rolleyes:

North Shore
15th Aug 2011, 16:57
Eco-Nazis? That's a little rich.
If he was caught wantonly vandalizing a public building/library, etc.., then he'd be punished accordingly; yet when he's willfully destroying endangered species habitat (presumably so designated by the Provincial government) then it's 'eco-nazis' and buddy gets a free pass from you. Nice.:rolleyes:

G&T ice n slice
15th Aug 2011, 17:03
he gets a big fine... what???

15th Aug 2011, 17:09
Eacott said the federal government has been looking for an opportunity to use the act in Alberta to prosecute this type of offence, in large part to deter others.

I thought I smelt something funny about this story.

15th Aug 2011, 17:48
Similar to a story locally, a young man decided to go chasing rabbits in his 4x4, he managed to get it stuck in a ditch,then had a brainwave by going to the local Toyota dealer and asking to take one of their 4x4's for a test drive. He then used it to try and tow his vehicle out of the ditch but managed to somehow cause 5000 worth of damage to the engine,gearbox and the bodywork. The salesman got suspicious when upon his return it was making graunching noises and bits of mud and grass were plastered all over it. :rolleyes:

Richard Taylor
15th Aug 2011, 18:35
So he was up the creek without a big enough paddle? :ooh:

Takan Inchovit
15th Aug 2011, 19:14
Pity nobody can see the outdoors anymore. I wonder how many thousands of fish he killed. :hmm::rolleyes:
The rabid eco nazis are living in fairy dairy land.