View Full Version : Will we ever be able?

tony draper
10th Aug 2011, 21:16
To have control over the weather?
Assuming the technologically scientifically advanced sector of humanity survives the present slings and arrows.

10th Aug 2011, 21:20
Someday I think we will. Course some say the Russians already have. :p

Oh, that would be the commie Russians, not the Russian, Russians. ;)

10th Aug 2011, 21:29
The atmosphere soaks up an ENORMOUS amount of energy from the sun. In a single thunderstorm, approximately 510exp8 kg of water vapor are lifted, and the amount of energy released when this condenses is 10exp15 joules. This is on the same order of magnitude of energy released within a tropical cyclone, and more energy than that released during the atomic bomb blast at Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. (according to Wiki)

About 44000 thunderstorms occur daily.

No way will we ever be able to generate enough energy to push that sort of output around. :)

10th Aug 2011, 21:36
I have on many occassions been catapulted to thousands of feet high in the atmosphere on a 20m2 sail, sometimes at rates of more than 10 metres per second. Can't see us ever harnessing that kind of power - we couldn't build a factory big enough to make the batteries to power the fan.

10th Aug 2011, 21:49
Well, the Starship Enterprise could control weather on planets. :p

tony draper
10th Aug 2011, 21:52
Didn't Tesla reckon we could? but then Swift reckoned we could get to the Moon by harnessing Swans to our spacecraft,so no good setting my time machine to a thousand years in the future then.:(

10th Aug 2011, 22:04
You guys haven't heard? Ol' President GW Bush had a weather machine he used to create hurricane katrina. At least thats what i was told..... by someone.

10th Aug 2011, 22:20
Is that a black helicopter hovering over your house? :E

10th Aug 2011, 22:27
Well, a bit of lunar caustic properly applied will extract the moisture from a cloud in certain circumstances.

After an excellent landing etc...

10th Aug 2011, 22:57
I hope not sir, t'would lead to a multitude of divorces and maybe a couple of wars. Unless of course everyone could have their own micro-climate. Some of us can't agree what temperature to keep the living room at.:rolleyes:

10th Aug 2011, 23:26
l keep the temperature under my duvet just perfect thankyou.
Mind, my eyes water a bit sometimes.

10th Aug 2011, 23:46
If we turned all the world's wind generators to face West, and powered them up, would it make the Earth spin faster?

10th Aug 2011, 23:46
It seems we've already taken control, if one believes Global Warming is due to human activity.

10th Aug 2011, 23:52
If we turned all the world's wind generators to face West, and powered them up, would it make the Earth spin faster ?

Anyway, there would be an impact.
Instictively, I would say that a secondary effect would be to invert magnetic poles, due to the magnetic field that would create.

10th Aug 2011, 23:57
... and if we ever did succeed, that damn butterfly would flap its wings in Brazil again :eek:

tony draper
11th Aug 2011, 00:06
Well we could try correcting this awkward 23.5 degree tilt from the vertical our planet has,that would be a start,no more seasons.

11th Aug 2011, 00:12
Zooker, and other gentlemen.
Unfortunately, Mr Newton had it cornered in that each action has an opposite and equal reaction.

tony draper
11th Aug 2011, 00:20
Then there is the Moon of course,get rid of that buggah and we have no more tides the oceans would stablize energywise with no great temperature gradient,much less energy in the wind system,positivelly balmy the climate would be.
Dunno why I bothered asking you lot question when I got it all sussed meself.

11th Aug 2011, 00:22
Overrun,each action has an opposite and equal reaction.
Don't worry about that. First, Newton wrote the rules more than 3 centuries ago : he's not up to date anymore.
Plus (if he's still right... one never knows), the Moon is here to compensate.

Ok, let's go:

Invert the poles... check
Move 23.5 degrees .....check

The butterfly is no more in Brasil. You can find it in Beijing, now.
Does the butterfly effect still work, or do we have to consider that in regard of Chinese politics, the effects from it's wing's movements will be contained inside China ?

Edit : OOOPS !:eek: crossed with Mr D.
So, do we keep the Moon, or... ?

11th Aug 2011, 00:37
I thought that was what HAARP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Frequency_Active_Auroral_Research_Program#Conspiracy_th eories) was for?

Will write more after I get back from opening the door. Wonder who's knocking at half past midnight...

11th Aug 2011, 00:41
Be careful, Bombay Duck, it's not half past midnight !
That's what they want you to believe...

11th Aug 2011, 00:58
Who is it ?

11th Aug 2011, 01:03
lf it`s some bloke selling butterflies tell him l`ll have two, the first always falls off and drowns in the bath.

11th Aug 2011, 01:09
No, no... they're the Moonians.
They've decided to attack when they saw we were thinking about getting rid of their planet.
Up to now, they were laughing at us trying to change the climate.
I reckon they're scared since we moved the butterfly from Brasil to China.
"That's serious, they're stong now !" say they, talking of us.

I reckon they try to take an advantage by attaking first.

11th Aug 2011, 01:42
the first always falls off and drowns in the bath.
Take three : the second always burns against the lamp bulb.

11th Aug 2011, 03:44
Will we ever be able?

To have control over the weather?
Of course! We have it all under control right now, with taxes! :}

The weather dare not come up with another catastrophic event, because we'll tax it into submission! :eek:

(this ad brought to you by Penny Wong, the Greens, Al Gore, and thousands of scientists and employees of the Global Warming religion group)

11th Aug 2011, 09:01
If they could make all the rain fall a night, that would be fine by me.

tony draper
11th Aug 2011, 09:46
Or just all fall in one big lump SPLOOSH!!then it's all over, tiz the constant drizzle that gets on one's tits.

11th Aug 2011, 10:03
That'd be a feature of living in the dreary north east. Come to the sunny south coast where we have palm trees and sunshine.

On second thoughts, don't. No room.

11th Aug 2011, 10:13
Then there is the Moon of course,get rid of that buggah and we have no more tides
I recall a Sci Fi short story from my youth - when I read such things - that was written as a scientific report by a Martian scientist commenting on the probability of intelligent life on planet earth.

The conclusion drawn that it was not possible, because the close proximity of a moon would cause daily tidal fluctuation in the seas flooding all the land masses and the weather was far too violent and unpredictable to allow higher life forms to develop.

T'was probably Clarke or Asimov.

11th Aug 2011, 10:21
Next up a thread on the perpetual motion machine :rolleyes:

tony draper
11th Aug 2011, 10:31
The trouble with deleting the Moon is it would apparently cause the precession of the axis to become somewhat chaotic,we might have wall to wall sunshine here but the earth could be going round the sun lying on its back,giving the matter some though, would that make any difference?the earth would still rotate day and night would still be forthcoming as usual, what matters it if the sun rises in the south and sets in the north?,hmmm, or would it be tother way round.

11th Aug 2011, 10:35
FSL: all you have to do is replace your incandescent bulbs with energy-saving, and you'll reduce the temperature of the planet by a gazillion degrees. Or at least that seems to be what the warmistas claim. ;)

tony draper
11th Aug 2011, 11:10
Prefer to use the lecky Bulbs we invented up here,one is a tad surprized the Cousins haven't claimed that plagiarist conman Edison invented these useless low energy things as well

11th Aug 2011, 11:40
Mum-in-law needs bright light as she has macular degeneration; a 150W bulb in her standard lamp and she was happy. F:mad:g EU plonkers have banned them, of course. However, my local emporium-of-all-things-hardware now stocks 105W halogen bulbs in a standard bayonet fitting, and it's just as bright. 3 a pop, but worth it to help support her quality of life.

Eurocrat barstewards.

12th Aug 2011, 01:11
I replaced a 300W halogen bulb by 3x20W energysaver bulbs. The result is almost the same (as bright). Just a bit more yellowish. I had to replace the dimable switch with a "on-off" one : I couldn't dim the light anymore, otherwise the lamp was flashing as in a night club.

The problem with energy saver bulbs is that butterflies don't burn as rapidly as before : we don't have the smoky, smelly, fast execution of these potential meteorological catastrophes anymore. They often survive and they still are able to change our climate whenever they want (except the one we've already moved to China).

In an attempt to save our planet I'll replace my old energy saver bulbs with new high temperature halogene bulbs (if I can find any...). :ok:

PS, Magnus P : I saw the other day bulbs they call "Eco-Halogenes". On the paper, they say a 70w bulb is as bright as a former 150w bulb. :confused: They're not forbiden yet.
The bulb looks like a normal bulb (the big ones), but there's another halogene bulb inside.
There are baillonettes and screws. Maybe you could have a try.
Hope it helps.

12th Aug 2011, 01:30

f they could make all the rain fall a night, that would be fine by me.

Oddly enough, you would be surprised how much that happens here in Southern California. Not always of course, but it is a bit uncanny that the rain will stop just before the morning commute and then start up again in the late evening.

That is when it actually rains here obviously. Typically February through May and a few Summer thunderstorms.

12th Aug 2011, 09:25

As a teen one had a chance to meet an illustrious personage who actually could do the deed -- he was a meterorologist involved in some famous doings (including calling the date for D-Day) and then, tired of waiting for it, one reckons, he went into the business of making weather to order, at which he succeeded well enough to have some religious folk righteously upset, for nearly a half-century.

Mr. Irving_P._Krick (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irving_P._Krick)

12th Aug 2011, 10:56
Methinks the key to controlling the weather is tapping into the power of the butterfly effect. A bit of flatulance in the right direction at the right time can trigger a tempest.

Otherwise the only other way to control the weather is to pack your bags and head to the places that have the weather you seek.

12th Aug 2011, 11:01
A bit of flatulance in the right direction at the right time can trigger a tempest.

Depends whether your other half has her/his head under the duvet at the time . . . .

12th Aug 2011, 14:31
Mind you, Methane is much more greenhouse-effective than many other greenhouse gases (CO2 being an exemple). I've read (or heard) somewhere a theory after which dinosaures disapeared because they flatulated too much.
Never mind the attack from outerspace when the Moonians threw a big rock against our planet in an attemp to invade us.
Finally, they couldn't come on Earth because life wasn't possible anymore, then they forgot their invasion plan...

Living close to the sea, I've noticed that weather is almost always worse during low tides and gets better when tide goes up again.
Sinchronising the moon so low tides would happen at 2am eveverywhere around the World would certainly make the rain fall betwen 1 and 3 am.

The position of the Moon should be just between us and the Sun at noon. Everyone would benefit a daily eclipse of the Sun during hottest hours of the day : Fresh breaze, no more sunburns, enough water for the plants, no need to install expensive automated water ducts anymore, no need for umbrellas,...

Now, the question is : do we have to increase the speed of the Moon, or should we slow it down? Will the Moonians agree with that ? How will we convince them ?

tony draper
12th Aug 2011, 15:10
There is a flaw in your plan Mr BrAtco,speed the moon up and it moves further away, ergo its apparent diameter would get smaller and eclipses would not be total.
Someone with functioning calculator batteries could work out thel velocity of a object completing a orbit half a milion miles across in 24 hours,one suspects said body would be heading toward proxima centari before it even completes one orbit.

12th Aug 2011, 22:15
Errm... Well... Yes... There's a possibility you're right, Mr Draper. :O
I thought it was a good plan, though... Let me try and improve it.

In three steps :

First step : invade the Moon and get rid of these nasty, creepy, little Moonians. They deserve it ! They killed our lovely little dinosaurs and (even worse !) they kidnapped BombayDuck two days ago, at half past midnight. I saw it ! I was here !

Second step : grow spiders (on the Moon ! I don't like them too much, and we'll need a lot of them) and build a cable with their slik. Spider silk is well known for being light and solid.

Third step : When the cable is long enough, link the Moon to the Earth, so the Moon stops before Proxima Centauri.

As to a "smaller" moon, this could be fine : Only the countries situated close to the equador would benefit the eclipse. Countries far enough South and North would keep the sunlight at noon, which would keep the warmth where it's needed.

tony draper
12th Aug 2011, 22:25
Well eventually if we are patient enough the Earth will stop rotating,or at least its rotation period ie one day will be the same as the moons orbital period ie one month so the moon will always be overhead,if we can arrange this so the moon is also betwixt us and the sun.

13th Aug 2011, 01:49
Mr d, don't you go be messin' with the seasons now. After several years in a climate where there were only 2 I am now enjoying having all 4 back. :ok:

13th Aug 2011, 07:58
Over here, we've got only one season per year, but four seasons per day.

Just by looking through the window, I know it's Automn O'clock and I'm almost sure the sunset will be at half past Summer. Depends on the tide.
Very easy to dress everyday... :rolleyes:

13th Aug 2011, 10:31
US East coasters tell me that there are 4 seasons in California - Earthquake, Mudslide, Brush fire and Riot.

13th Aug 2011, 11:23
Will we ever be able to limit thunderstorms and showers etc
to between 2-3am local time everywhere, inconveniencing no
one except maybe late-night pizza deliverers, some milkmen
and the odd pimp? I envisage a band of longitudinally-aligned
squalls running from 85N to 85S moving W at 15deg/hour, so
as to arrive between 2-3am local time everywhere every day.

Along the Equator this would mean places like Singapore etc
would only get a brief heavy rain for about minute or two since
the weather is moving at 900 kts, but who gives half a shit
about them?

Everyone gets nice sunny days, aircraft travel with less fuel
by not having to cater for bad weather (assuming there'll be
a common ban on airport movements between those hours).

But we'd have to have legislate to have all typhoons banned
though - like mosquitoes and bedbugs, no bugger anywhere
wants any of those around.

13th Aug 2011, 13:56
US East coasters tell me that there are 4 seasons in California - Earthquake, Mudslide, Brush fire and Riot.

With some fair bit of time in Calif., one would say the seasons are but two: Fire and Flood.

Earthquakes and tsunamis are an infrequent recurring enhancement to the weather, which otherwise tends to be quite dull, while Riot is more or less the prevailing condition of the State Legislature, the variants being Dunken, Liberal, and Fiscal -- with all the possible combinations appearing quite regularly.

13th Aug 2011, 17:12
US East coasters tell me that there are 4 seasons in California - Earthquake, Mudslide, Brush fire and Riot.

Actually, it's Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer and Next Summer.

13th Aug 2011, 18:01
Slasher :
I envisage a band of longitudinally-aligned
squalls running from 85N to 85S moving W at 15deg/hour, so
as to arrive between 2-3am local time everywhere every day.

This could be a solution !
We just have to implement a variation of Zooker's idea :

If we turned all the world's wind generators to face West, and powered them up

Turn them facing West and power them up in a 900kts sequence.
No doubt, after a few days, a 900kts high pressure wave will appear, followed by the low pressures we want.

In order to help a bit, we should implement cameltruck's solution :

A bit of flatulance in the right direction at the right time can trigger a tempest.

I come to think that 6 billion people together would help more than we could expect...