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Just a spotter
10th Aug 2011, 13:20
From Aero-News, 10th August 2011

CBP says the pilot mistook the Laredo, Texas International Airport, which has three runways, for a single landing strip in Nuevo Laredo, apparently missing the Rio Grande as it was crossed, a pretty significant error in pilotage.

Mexican Military Violates US Border - Again | Aero-News Network (http://www.aero-news.net/index.cfm?do=main.textpost&id=434d523a-e21d-4aca-8f99-e6f2602d1556)


10th Aug 2011, 13:46
Sounds like an error in typing-in the airport name into the GPS/autopilot.

tony draper
10th Aug 2011, 14:32
Dont those Mexicans have a Sextant?.:rolleyes:

10th Aug 2011, 14:38
Mexican Military Violates US Border - Again | Aero-News NetworkMakes it sound like they're preparing for an invasion. 'Violates' is a bit over the top. It was a navigation error for heaven sake. Too much reliance on GPS.

The article is a bit paranoid.

10th Aug 2011, 15:00
Landing fees? You wanta tequila or smack gringo?

Lon More
10th Aug 2011, 16:16
If a civil airrcraft does it it's normally considered a navigation error. if it's military it's a violation.

10th Aug 2011, 16:19
Apparently the Mexicans didn't even realize it until they turned to Ground and heard "Advise ready to copy a phone number."

10th Aug 2011, 18:26
Ha, reminds me of the story way back during one of the Israel vs. the entire Arab world wars, when supposedly an Israeli F-4 landed on one of our aircraft carriers.

As the story goes, the Israeli F-4 pilot was out of fuel and ideas when he spotted a US aircraft carrier that was landing a flight of US Navy F-4s, so he just fell in line and landed in turn.

After he landed, he was asked 'just what in hell did he think he was doing?'

His answer; "Oh sorry, thought this was one of ours."


10th Aug 2011, 18:29
ahh con, but at a distance they all look alike. :}

10th Aug 2011, 18:36
so he just fell in line and landed in turn.

He had a tailhook?

Found this. It's an F-16, but it has one.


IAF F-16A Netz emergency landing sequence, cable and tail hook Israel Air Force | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/xnir/2368631132/)

10th Aug 2011, 18:42
He had a tail hook?

This story has been around since what ever war it was, at first it was reputably a true story, but as time went by it appears that it was just that, a story with no foundation of truth.

However, from what I've been told, all F-4s were delivered with tailhooks, including foreign sales.

I think. :\

DX Wombat
10th Aug 2011, 18:45
What, apart from the countries involved, are the differennces between these airfields? Are they close to each other and aligned in the same direction? I am sure such a situation exists in NI (Belfast? Derry?) and that at least one commercial flight has landed on the wrong one. If a similar situation exists between these two airfields then perhaps this is partly to blame.

10th Aug 2011, 18:49

I suspect you are correct. :ok: I just found a Luftwaffe with one . Man, you would think I would know that too. :ouch:

Google Images (http://www.google.com/imgres?q=F-4+Phantom+tailhook&um=1&hl=en&biw=1199&bih=654&tbm=isch&tbnid=3wBFUgxOQF3XQM:&imgrefurl=http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/AWA1/101-200/walk173_F-4_German/walk173.htm&docid=XtPLNhbdYYfjvM&w=750&h=514&ei=6cNCTo-FF_HKiALbxPG0BQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=185&vpy=268&dur=601&hovh=176&hovw=257&tx=143&ty=63&page=3&tbnh=127&tbnw=186&start=27&ndsp=15&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:27)

16 pages of searching but I found this. It's a model, but the tailhook is there.

Iaf f-4 phantom image by cenciotti on Photobucket (http://media.photobucket.com/image/IAF%20F-4%20Phantom/cenciotti/2010/Airspace%2520violations/F-4E_IAF1.jpg)

Now, what the hell were we talking about?

10th Aug 2011, 19:02
DX, I've landed at KLRD more times that I can possibly remember and I think just once or twice at MMNL.

However, the differences are major.





tony draper
10th Aug 2011, 19:44
One of our Harriers once landed on a Spanish Cargo Ship when it had problems, I think the cheeky buggas claimed it as salvage,only right I suppose.

10th Aug 2011, 19:48
On approach, your aim point is where you are going to thunk, by design. No flare required or desired.

Too bad "The Thud" was already taken.

10th Aug 2011, 20:10
If he had landed the Harrier with the weapony bits pointing at the bridge, perhaps the pilot could have claimed the container ship as salvage ;)

10th Aug 2011, 21:15
When I were a younger lad stationed at a secret airbase near a well-known golf course in Fife, one of the sqns - the fighting cooks, went 'D' for a tail hook. Not a prob, got one in stock, have it in 5 minutes. Couldn't find the bloody thing. SEngo 43 getting uptight at OC Supply and threatening him with deletion from the xmas card list, so OC Supply decides to personally take matters in hand. Storms across to the store, trips and stubs his toe on the door stop ---which looks suspiciously like a Phantom tail hook. 'Found it straight away' he triumphantly tells SEngO 43. 'Who put that there?' he asks. 'You did sir when you came over this morning for the CO's inspection' was the reply.

tony draper
10th Aug 2011, 22:38
It is only since I started using Google Earth that I realized how difficult it is to pick something out from above even in a familiar area.

galaxy flyer
11th Aug 2011, 02:33
There's a technical word for when a military plane violates another nation's airspace--invasion. Nations, even nominally neutral ones, get quite uppity about such violations.

My brother, on cruise in the IO, had a Tomcat from another ship trap on his ship in error. Quite easy, the numbers on the side of the island are quite big, but cannot be seen overhead, the numbers on the flight deck are also large, but only up front and not visible from the final. So, the set up--lead, a visiting Pentagon type is leading the section. He breaks, lines up and is waved off after a poor approach. As they go by the island the back seat, notices the wrong number on the island and tells the pilot to go find the ship they catapulted off of. Two is already on final for his umpteenth trap, having been on cruise for months, flying everyday. Boom, they trap, look right and go, " oh, ****!". The flight deck erupts to hoots and hollers. The wayward crew are held in the brig overnight until the ice cream ration is sent over. By the time, the F-14 was shot off the next day, it had so many zaps and messages posted it looked like a NYC subway car.


DX Wombat
12th Aug 2011, 12:16
Thanks C-P, there are one or two little differences which even I might notice. ;)

12th Aug 2011, 12:54
There's a technical word for when a military plane violates another nation's airspace--invasion. Nations, even nominally neutral ones, get quite uppity about such violations.

This is something the US wants to be careful about defining. On that basis the SR-71 invaded multiple unfriendly countries for years... countries now in a position to cripple the US economy if they so wished.