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9th Aug 2011, 20:01
Dear Gents,

Im Isidro, Im from Spain. Im very interested in to apply for a job vacancies through the Emirates Careers (Engineering). Is a dream for me to join Emirates. Currently Im working with permanent position in one EASA 145 company here in Spain. Im Unrestricted Licensed Aircraft Engineer EASA B1.1 & B2. I have A320 Family Type rating in my license and also B737 CL & NG Theorical type training, at the momen Im cat (A) for Boeing 737. I have experience in both fleets. Current experience in both philosophies.

I have tried to looking some info about Licensed Aircraft Engineer through the internet and iterview process was very dificult for me. I read in one forum that there are vacancies for Aircraft Technicians and Licensed Aircraft Engineers but for Aircraft Technicias Emirates offers Grade 6 or Grade 7 and for Licensed Engineers must have at least 5 years experience as a certifying engineer on any of the following Emirates fleet type such as Airbus A330, A340, A380 or Boeing B777. At the moment Im have not those qualifications.

I have some questions that I wonder, Could you help me with it or give me some advice.

Do you know if there is a Grade between grade 7 and Licensed Engineer with types. Under your point of view, which of the offers would have to apply in my case. Aircraft Technician or Licensed Engineer?

For me doesnt matter start from the begining. Do you know if Emirates Engineering provides the Type Training curses for their employees??

Please if somebody is currently working for Emirates like a Engineer or Technician please help me!!

Kind regards,

9th Aug 2011, 23:23
See my pm.

16th Aug 2011, 11:56
If you do you will regret it.........Stay away and stay sane!!

Matmax.......please tell him!!

You need to explain why, I could say don't do it but I have no knowledge of the operation, terms condidtions etc, please quantify your statement.:eek:

17th Aug 2011, 17:11
Spanners , you know the reasons already ...

17th Aug 2011, 17:15
Isidro amigo mo, hgase un favor, el desayuno-que la idea de la cabeza ... son mentirosos, ladrones, etc ...

17th Aug 2011, 18:45
no sir , no problem sir ...

17th Aug 2011, 18:48
Spanners , you know the reasons already ...

Yes, but an unfounded statement to somebody who doesn't know any different is of no use really, explanations are needed.

17th Aug 2011, 18:59
many explanations had been given thousand times here ... just go through some other threads and you will see ......... 20% of whats going on there !

17th Aug 2011, 19:09
Spanners , as an example , i think that you will agree with me and i hope so : is it "normal" or "acceptable" for Engineers to go from an A/C to another one just to sign the releases with Mechanics who are not even doing the engines oil servicing at base ???!!!
I am doing more in outstation alone !!!

17th Aug 2011, 19:14
and i was nearly forgetting , thats ramadam , we have to do weekly checks in outstations ... waiting for A checks to be done ...

18th Aug 2011, 08:37
Spanners , as an example , i think that you will agree with me and i hope so : is it "normal" or "acceptable" for Engineers to go from an A/C to another one just to sign the releases with Mechanics who are not even doing the engines oil servicing at base ???!!!
I am doing more in outstation alone !!!
No different to HAECO, although they do do the oils, on the ramp in HKG.

18th Aug 2011, 09:27
Spanners , thats why i told them "no thank you" after the interview after they told me that i will have around 15 A/C per day ...(another factory !).
Anyway , i should be naive as our job nowadays is just to sign releases and not to do a proper job ... quality is really gone ... killed by business !
With ek during ramadam , Shift Managers will ask to muslims guys if they want some more days off ... then what will happen to the non-muslims ? simply more A/C !
A world of privileges ? no , absolutely no ...

18th Aug 2011, 12:11
In advance , sorry for the drift.
Aviochap , where are your posts ?
Now , i will stop with ek if they are reimbursing me all the money that they had stolen from me , all this was caused by one guy named john howard who is acting unfairly as he is a liar and a thief !
The message is now clearly sent.

Terry McCassey
21st Aug 2011, 05:05
Matmax - I believe you need to think long and hard about what you post on a public forum.

21st Aug 2011, 10:58
Thank you Terry , but i am just posting some true facts ... just the truth.
What's wrong with it ?

21st Aug 2011, 14:02
I totally agree whats wrong with the truth i have few more names if any one is interested

Safety Concerns
21st Aug 2011, 14:54
madmax I am starting to like you

21st Aug 2011, 23:06
Dear Sir C,
I am the kind of guy who is always finishing what he has started...
The named guy , in particular , had put the taste of bitterness in my mouth...
Who sows the wind will get the whirlwind...
EK2EY , maybe it is not necessary for the time being as i guess that some other names will come shortly when they will do the same thing with the Guys from Glasgow and Gatwick ...

23rd Aug 2011, 16:02
Sorry guys, for me It doesn't matter if I work too hard during ramadam, The only think I want is improve my skills and my english lenguage.
he only think I need to know is if with the salary Ill can survive in Dubai.

Thanks everyone for your advices!!