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8th Aug 2011, 20:56
I want to go back to the 1970s.. :{:{:{

tony draper
8th Aug 2011, 20:58
1960s for me Mr ORAC,:)

8th Aug 2011, 21:03
I like now, I just want to build a big wall along the Cornish border and shut the door.

8th Aug 2011, 21:04
With the concession of an Ericsson phone, an IBM laptop and a internet connection, I never left them.


8th Aug 2011, 21:08
Interesting days that's for sure.....This is only amateur criminality, should the economy go really t!ts up, well then it really might seem like the end of days for those of us too young to remember the second world war.

That said to go back to the 60's and be a man about town might not be so bad.


8th Aug 2011, 21:12
Nostalgia - it ain't what it used to be.

The 1970's for example, not a great decade to be an Irish family living in England, take it from me.

Vuka Nkuzi
8th Aug 2011, 21:26
I would like to go back to Soweto

8th Aug 2011, 21:31
The 1970's for example, not a great decade to be an Irish family living in England, take it from me. I was, father from Thomastown, mother from Mullingar, a lot of evenings down the Irish Centre in Camden.

I'd still like to be back then than now... :sad::sad:

Sir George Cayley
8th Aug 2011, 21:32
sorry, I thought you said 'the end of Dave' :rolleyes:


tony draper
8th Aug 2011, 21:44
One could still get proper bacon in the 60s,and Two Way Family Favorites was still on the wireless.:(

8th Aug 2011, 21:46
Open the box!


8th Aug 2011, 22:27
Summer 1962 - just before my teenage days - but steam at its post war zenith on every main line, and a time of optimism overall - because we didn't have a clue what was coming!

8th Aug 2011, 22:33
Summer 1962 - just before my teenage days - but steam at its post war zenith on every main line, and a time of optimism overall - because we didn't have a clue what was coming!

I'll drink a Dandelion and Burdock to that.

8th Aug 2011, 22:42
The sweet little towns just west of the ranges in NSW, Australia were the nicest places i ever went...try Tumbarumba, Tumut,Tamworth,Scone, Mudgee, or Cowra. Polite people: you know everyone, no life in the fast lane. A liitle airfield if you want to jump in Cessna and go to sydney for the day.....4 Proper seasons, a golf course..

Riots? They don't exist...

8th Aug 2011, 22:51
I like now, I just want to build a big wall along the Cornish border and shut the door.

Are you in Cornwall or out of it, Groundhog?

8th Aug 2011, 23:26
And these days, I wish I was six again.... Oh make me a red cape, I wanna be Superman.


8th Aug 2011, 23:36
Dublin, 1968 to 1971, the best years of my life. 1972, puberty etc, etc. It all went downhill from there. There were six weeks in 1989 which were fun. That was in the USA but even then................

If it came down to it, it would probably be a few weeks in and around the moon landings in 1969. They were magic times.

It's sad to lose your illusions.

Buster Hyman
9th Aug 2011, 00:52
80's was my era, but I see where you're coming from.

Then again, I wouldn't worry, you only need put up with this for another 16 months...:rolleyes:

9th Aug 2011, 02:34

Exact word I was searching for.

Buster Hyman
9th Aug 2011, 02:37
Someone's been reading Taliban Weekly....

Buster Hyman
9th Aug 2011, 03:36
Mate...only Taliban insult John Travolta!

Buster Hyman
9th Aug 2011, 04:25
When I will have kids I will tell them: no you don't have any super power, and you won't have any. You were born an human being, and will die like one.
That'll be a fun household.

9th Aug 2011, 04:59
Indeed. Tell them like it is.

You fall out of the womb, then crawl across hostile territory to an open grave.

9th Aug 2011, 05:13
Back to the days when I owned this,

Buster Hyman
9th Aug 2011, 05:30
More mature and funnier than loosing its illusions.
lol...you have NFI.

Ace Rimmer
9th Aug 2011, 06:35
KAG: Jeeze what'd poor old Ed Mitchell ever do to you?

9th Aug 2011, 06:42
Life's a bitch.

Then you end up not marrying the one you should've.

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Aug 2011, 07:16
No doubt just the usual long winded anti US dribbling and wittering, Mr Rimmer. Like a stuck record...

The "ignore" function is your friend.

9th Aug 2011, 08:46
RJM - The clue is in my profile west of the Tamar.:ok:

Lon More
9th Aug 2011, 10:05
Cheerio wrote Open the box!

Zapping through the Sky Channels I came across a new version of this. Sorry can't remember who presented this so it must have been as memorable as before.

tony draper
9th Aug 2011, 10:40
One could sup ale until one was rat arsed have a twenty packet of Woodbines in yer pocket and enjoy a fish supper as you tottered home, all on a quid.

9th Aug 2011, 11:19
‪Monty Python- Four yorkshiremen with Rowan Atkinson‬‏ - YouTube

Lon More
9th Aug 2011, 12:58
Innuendo a great car until you had to change the rear end . First rmove the rear window so that you can take out the petrol tank.

Much prefered my Elan S2 convertible although changing the water pump was equally complicated on that.

9th Aug 2011, 13:05
Servicing and maintenance issues were unlikely to rank high in cars designed by an engineer trained in another, less relevant discipline. Colin Chapman was a qualified Civil Engineer ... ;)

Ace Rimmer
9th Aug 2011, 13:53
Well then gosh KAG I guess I'd have chosen a more archetypal astronaut if I wanted to make that point - the guy you picked on was probably more of the most liberal hippie free thinking types in the Corps....ask Mrs con pilot's cousin if you don't believe me...

Ancient Observer
9th Aug 2011, 15:15
Mr More,

Pleased to converse with a fellow S series anorak.

By and large, the water pump was fine. it was the nasty little ceramic bits (so-called bearings) that went. Once they'd worn a tiny bit, pressure from the pulley pulled the pump in ways that Mr Ford had never designed it to be pulled.
I never knew he was a CivEng. No wonder he put ceramic bearings at the front of the water pump. The technology to do that effectively came out about 20 years later.

BTW. Saw on the tele the other night that some clever folk near Norwich have come up with a special UJ to replace the doughnuts.

Taking out petrol tanks was a doddle on S3's, S4's and Sprints. It had to be as they rusted too easily.....just before the front chassis normally.

9th Aug 2011, 15:22
"all on a quid."

Which was about a weeks wages...

tony draper
9th Aug 2011, 15:30
A pound a week?,you must be talking about the South East.:rolleyes:

9th Aug 2011, 16:06

Of course, a guinnea if you work in town...

tony draper
9th Aug 2011, 16:39
I think my first wage packet was 3 7/- 6d but remember most of us started our working life at fifteen in those days not at twenty eight like they do nowaday.
That's what a lot of today's troubles are about, forty year olds walking the streets with the minds of fifteen year olds and fifteen year olds walking the streets with the minds of toddlers.

9th Aug 2011, 16:56
Mr D,

May I say I read your posts with such admiration. I can remember how good the 1960's-70's were for me on a personal basis. Singapore was a revalation and one to which I remember very lovingly!! Coming back to Old Blighty I had, at7 yrs old, no inkling of what was to happen!!
I would now, having lived in England since then and having seen what "IT" has become would dearly love to go back to those halcyon days where people respected each other, talked to each other, made friends with each other etc, etc. Need I go on. All I see now is my, MY country, being totally "jobsworthed"!!!Which of course leads to all the trouble that we are in right now (if ya know what I mean!!!). No one is able to sort it out for fear of getting cited, killed, sued, again, need I say more!!
Rant over!!

9th Aug 2011, 17:36

IT hasn't changed, you have! What is this nonsense of 'halcyon days'? People respected each other? What tosh! People still talk to each other, people still make friends. As I stood in a large group of people holding hands as a sign of solidarity before starting our riotclean up at Hackney Central this morning I couldn't have felt more proud of my fellow humanbeings, black, white, brown or yellow, they were all there.

It reminded me of the remembrance event for 7/7 in Trafalgar Square where I stood arm in arm with 2 Muslims and a Jew and wept silent emotional tears, out of grief for those killed in the tube and bus bombings, but also out of pride and emotion at a City coming together in adversity.

This is still a cracking City and country, I would not be anywhere else other than here right now.

9th Aug 2011, 17:40
...where I stood arm in arm with 2 Muslims and a Jew and wept silent emotional tears...

How many arms have you got then? :confused:

9th Aug 2011, 17:51

Good point well made. Ever heard of a circle?

9th Aug 2011, 18:16
The '60's were our best years. A tour in Cyprus then Malaysia. Our three children were born and we bought our first house.

9th Aug 2011, 18:53
I think you may have read my post not as I intended. I was talking about my days in Singapore and my enjoyment of them!! Hence halcyon days to me!! I am not in any shape or form knocking what you may feel I am just making a personal point that things are not what they used to be as I remember them!!
High horse, get off!!
I applaud the majority of people trying to sort out this total mess. If I could help I would however, I feel that ones hand is very well tied!! Not for want of trying!! Always turned away.

Lon More
9th Aug 2011, 19:07
AO I hated that water pump with a vengeance. There was never a guarantee that even after changing it it wouldn't leak. I ventually got a conversion kit which used a 2" wide toothed belt, without tensioners, which cured the problem caused by the sidewards loading. Made by Burton IIRC

The easiest way I found was to take the engine out completely, however, removing the 4-2-1 exhaust manifold was impossible whilst the engine was in-situ and the engine wouldn't come out with it place. You had to get the engine half way out and then ferkle it. Once the engine was out, drop the sump and lift the head, then it was possible to remove the timing cover and get at the pump. I could eventually change one in a day.

BTW I suspect the donuts came from an Imp. Certainly the Imp clamp fitted to get them on and off

9th Aug 2011, 19:58

You are right, I did and I apologise.

9th Aug 2011, 20:28
Imp doughnuts? That takes me back! That Boooooiiiinngggg feeling..... Great cars. Did they not also have a connection in the engine dept? The Elite had that neat 'Godiva' logo on the rocker cover IIRC.

9th Aug 2011, 20:35
Lon,I briefly owned a Europa (Renault).. 'nuff said, explains my subsequent outook on life...

Lon More
9th Aug 2011, 21:11
Did they not also have a connection in the engine dept?
Coventry Climax engines developed from the power plant widely used by the fire brigade to power their pumps
The Imp was 875cc. The Elite 1179 (?) I think.
I've changed donuts on an Imp at the side of the road. The space under the Elan was a bit more restricted.

Chapman sometimes delivered wierd things. The original Europa had no opening windows IIRC. Could be fun trying to get a ticket at a car park.

I've still got a 1963 vehicle, a Chevrolet C10 pickup which is in need of a new gearbox and a respray.

8th Sep 2011, 09:45
The '60s started off just fine, great era, but they ended with
a Mrs and two kids.( 3rd arrived in '71.)
Dunno how that came about at all.

No regrets though.

flying lid
8th Sep 2011, 17:26
1968 - The end of - STEAM


Yes I was an anorak back then, chasing the last steam hauled trains in the NW of England. Romantic places like Carnforth, Lostock Hall (Preston), Rose Grove (Burnley), Springs Branch (Wigan).

One year later, age 17, left school, started work, and dad was learning me to drive one of these


Fantastic days indeed.


tony draper
8th Sep 2011, 19:12
Spookily 'The Last Days of Steam' 9pm tonight on the freeview Yesterday Channel Mr Lid.
One shall be watching eyes streaming tears:{
Strangely enough none of my generation who came forth right at the end of the war wanted to be Spitfire or Lancaster Pilots as you would think,we all wanted to be Engine Drivers.

8th Sep 2011, 19:32
1968 - The end of - STEAM

That be the 15 Guinea special. 15.15s/0d in old money or about three parts of a good weeks wages. Cant quite place the location but it could be heading northbound starting to climb Shap Fell.

Admiral, I will be watching as well.

flying lid
8th Sep 2011, 21:10
The location is Ais Gill, the summit of the Settle-Carlisle line. Mountain in the background is Wild Boar Fell. I think the train is the 15 guinea special, though many specials ran in the weeks leading up to the end.

Thanks for the info re TV prog Mr Draper - very interesting.

I lost alot of my interest in railways when steam went. Though I was 16 at the time, and at that age there where many other things of interest.


9th Sep 2011, 09:09
The 70s shaped me. I remain an extreme right wing hippy. ;)

9th Sep 2011, 09:15
One of life's great pleasures as a lad was to get the bus into town, head down into Princes St Gardens and stand on the footbridges over the lines between Waverley and Haymarket. Smoke, steam, cinders, noise and power. Other days, we'd buy a 2d platform ticket and, if we were lucky, get a few minutes to speak to a driver or two. Simple pleasures, no?

9th Sep 2011, 09:21
I was a wuss when I was young, I could have given shrinking lessons to violets.

Oh, I wish I could relive, let's say the second half of 69 to the second half of 74, with the self-confidence that I have now.

Actually I do, regularly, in my daydreams :sad:

9th Sep 2011, 09:29
Never lacked self confidence at all myself.
Quite the reverse really, always been a gobby ghit.
Met my match in the form of the Memsahib though.
I hate losing "Discussions", but I've now adjusted to
the situation.
It's only taken 40-odd years.

9th Sep 2011, 12:31
Gave up train spotting in 1959 when I discovered that girls weren't really soppy sissies. And who could possibly forget 1961, the bottom end gang, Bagsie's shed down by the railway yard and 'Shutt the Slut' - who eventually became a perfectly respectable wife and mother. :oh:

9th Sep 2011, 13:03
I left school at sixteen in 1957 and before rushing off to join the Army in 1959 I worked for British Rail Southern Region. I remember Drum and Tank engines, Utility Engines and a question now, were they West Countrymen engines, with very west country names, shrouded boiler etc. or were they called West Country Class? They did the Portsmouth to Plymouth and Portsmouth to Cardiff run. Loved them all.

As a schoolboy always wanted to be a guard and sit on that little veranda at the back of the guard's van and watch the world go by, didn't know anything about checking signals or only being qualified to operate over quite short sectors within one's own region etc. Thought I would sit there from Portsmounth to Scotland!

9th Sep 2011, 14:35
girls weren't really soppy sissies

NOW you tell me !

9th Sep 2011, 18:20
As for the original topic, I'd have to say the '60s, not '70s.

Alot of great things happened in the '70s to make it fetching.

But nothing nice about the 70s can override these:
LEISURE SUITS (especially those in pastel colors).

Enough said.

9th Sep 2011, 20:08
Ah, but that's in the US.

Those things have only just come into fashion here.

9th Sep 2011, 20:11
what? and miss out on Justin Beiber?

9th Sep 2011, 21:40
were they called West Country Class?

They were indeed or, more usually by us scraggy little trainspotters, spamcans.

SR West Country and Battle of Britain classes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SR_West_Country_and_Battle_of_Britain_classes)


tony draper
9th Sep 2011, 21:51
I remember coming home in the mid sixties being shocked by all the blokes wanding around with long hair like girlies,one's immediate thought was, they should bring back national service.

10th Sep 2011, 12:26
I quite liked the 1950s, mind you I was only there for the last 11 weeks of them but I am told that I was pretty happy and well fed in those days with not a worry in sight, it all went downhill after that.

10th Sep 2011, 12:40
"In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people's home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then Voila! You finish off as an orgasm!"

(Woody Allen)

10th Sep 2011, 13:39
I quite liked the 1950s, mind you I was only there for the last 11 weeks of them Same here though I only saw the last 15 days of them. I did enjoy the sixties too.

tony draper
10th Sep 2011, 13:50
I didn't see a banana until I was 23.:{