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8th Aug 2011, 15:32
The Authorities the Manufactures and Airlines have different abbreviations and acronyms for Extended range operations for two engine and multi engines.

Could some one give me the definitive list of the correct ones?

Also Airbus in their aircraft operations manual call ETOPS important system significant and Boeing in their operations manual primary system and each have different ones , why is this?

8th Aug 2011, 17:12
Engines Turn Or People Swim. :rolleyes:

8th Aug 2011, 19:41
Hehehe. i like that one

8th Aug 2011, 20:55
This one is the one I know: Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards

8th Aug 2011, 21:21
ETOPS is going to become EDTO in the next amendment of annex 6: Extended Diversion Time Operations. I preferred ETOPS...

9th Aug 2011, 15:00
In the Boeing Operations Manual it refers to primary system and in the airbus Operations Manual it refers to significant systems can not every one agree on the significant systems, they have the same definition.
In other documentation for ETOPS they also refer to critical and essential systems and they also have the same definition as above.

Thanks for the replys so far.