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7th Aug 2011, 22:05
Hi All,

Could anybody identify that window-like opening just below the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer?
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7th Aug 2011, 22:14
Oh, sorry for that mess, it's: Photos: Embraer ERJ-170-100LR 170LR Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Embraer/Embraer-ERJ-170-100LR-170LR/0253535/L/&sid=82a715fb35b7132913818962c10d23b4)http://www.pprune.org/www.airliners.net/photo/Embraer/Embraer-ERJ-170-100LR-170LR/0253535/L/&sid=82a715fb35b7132913818962c10d23b4

vickers vanguard
8th Aug 2011, 01:11
haven't touched the ejet for over a year now, but that panel gives you access to the aft equipment area behind the pressure bulkhead. there's a catwalk, around it, you'll find a hyd pump or two....don't remember that well, but also the horizontal stab actuator....a lot of room out there.

Piltdown Man
8th Aug 2011, 06:42
That's the "scary hole". Shine a torch in there at night and the interior appears to be a large void. The scary bit is the screw jack for the stabilizer which you'll see to the rear of the void. It doesn't look big enough nor does it look as if it connected to much. To think that the whole tail (and therefore the entire aircraft) is dependent on this feeble component is VERY scary. However, if you shine a torch so you can see towards the front you'll see why it is open. The outflow valve vents into the void which this mesh covers.


8th Aug 2011, 17:34
Many thanks for your answers. Is it a transparent window or a mesh cover? I can't tell it from this picture. (It's strange that it is not included in the standard walkaround checklist.)
And you mean the main outflow valve is in there? Perhaps on the aft pressure bulkhead?

Piltdown Man
10th Aug 2011, 22:37
It's mesh and the outflow valve is on the rear pressure bulkhead.


FE Hoppy
11th Aug 2011, 16:44
Hydraulic system 3 in there along with that scary HSA. The APU fadec is in there too I think. Unpressurised and allows access to the outside of the rear pressure bulkhead with both the safety valve and the negative pressure relief valve.

The outflow valve isn't on the aft bulkhead. It's in the recirculation bay and opens into the wing/fuselage fairing.