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DX Wombat
7th Aug 2011, 18:51
Just heard the following remark made by the announcer on BBC1 regarding the Antiques Roadshow "Where there is a lot of interest in an empty bottle of wine" :hmm: :confused:
Next please! :)

7th Aug 2011, 18:55
Where is actually meant an empty wine bottle.....

Um... lifting...
7th Aug 2011, 18:58
There's a whole lot of truth in a full bottle of wine, and a whole lot of lies in an empty one.

tony draper
7th Aug 2011, 20:30
Best on I heard recently by a red headed bubble brained bint on SkyNews who shall be nameless.
"The idea was to shoot the aircraft down when they were still on the ground"

7th Aug 2011, 20:40
BBC News 24 this morning, a suited muppet was reporting on the Tottenham riot......

'It is thought that relations between the police and the local population are not as good as they could be.'


7th Aug 2011, 20:48
A few days ago on R4 news some dimwit reporter referred to a "casual link" instead of causal link.

Didn't correct it and neither did anyone else.

7th Aug 2011, 21:54
There was a case in Canada recently where a rather prominent gentleman was murdered. Rumour had it he was hit in the head with an axe. The local police allowed that foul play was suspected.

All together now: "NO SH!T, SHERLOCK!!"

7th Aug 2011, 23:05
Tottenham riots again.....

BBC News this morning; several minutes of video of anti-police mayhem, police car being burnt, missiles hurled at police, locals cursing police, policemen badly injured by locals and being treated where they lay.

Immediate cut to chief Policeman for the area, lots of silver braid, standing in street with a background of wreckage and fires and saying; "Relations between the community and the Police in this district are extremely good."

7th Aug 2011, 23:33
Agree with all of the above, but what got me hurling my walking stick at the telly this morning was on BBC NEWS channel around 0850 when they showed the story about UFO hoaxes. The top screen credit (DOG to us old hands) displayed, and I quote, "British Pathi" !
Wasn't up for long, but instantly showed me the calibre of staff they're now employing..

8th Aug 2011, 00:08
Goes along with cops and their cop-english...

"We were called to an address and can confirm that upon arrival at the address that there was a body, confirmed as deceased. We can also confirm that, the deceased was identified as Jane Bloggs."

What's wrong with...
"We found a dead woman, Jane Blogs, at the location."

8th Aug 2011, 00:27
Watched a quiz prog 'tother night
Q "Who recorded 'Great Balls of Fire?' "
A "Jerry Lewis"

"Correct........ ermmm wrong actually, it was Jerry LEE Lewis, the singist....'tother bloke was a [so called] comic

henry crun
8th Aug 2011, 01:10
One from a long time back by an overexcited commentator "General Marshall arrived at the conference, tall, dignified and uninformed".

Flap 5
8th Aug 2011, 09:53
Police spokesman on Breakfast TV this morning stated that they 'condoned' violence. I think he meant 'condemned'. No one corrected him.

A bit later on Sky News Eamonn Holmes stated that the FTSE was down 1.75% when the screen caption clearly stated 0.17%. Again no one corrected him. It had been down that much at the 8:00 AM opening but had rallied considerably by the time Eamonn mentioned it.

It would seem that quite often things are said but no one at the station is monitoring. They are all just looking to what is coming up next.

I can also remember during the 2003 Iraq War a helicopter landing with a soldier acting as signaller on the ground for the pilot, as is standard procedure. The TV presenter commented that there were some Iraqui soldiers surrendering to the helicopter! I am sure a lot of people shouted at their TV at that one!

8th Aug 2011, 10:00
There's a whole lot of truth in a full bottle of wine, and a whole lot of lies in an empty one


There's a whole lot of truth in a full bottle of wine, and a whole lot of lees in an empty one.

Oenophiles of the world, I thank you.

Krystal n chips
8th Aug 2011, 12:27
Does Steve * far from bright " Wright's comment on his Sunday show..and I swear I only selected R2 to get a traffic report..there is NO other reason I would listen to the talentless ego.. warrant a mention.. he pronounced Llanelli as.....Lan elly.......:ugh:

8th Aug 2011, 12:34
BBC Radio Five noon news bulletin - Cambridge Guided Busway opens - longest driverless . . .

BBC News - Cambridgeshire guided busway opens to passengers (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-14401265)

8th Aug 2011, 12:53
Does Steve * far from bright " Wright's comment .. warrant a mention..

That idiot deserves a whole thread to himself.